2009 ASUG Virtual Education Summit FAQ

Version 1

    ASUG Virtual Education Summit FAQ


    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: Attendance at the Summit is  included as part of your company's membership. No additional out-of-pocket costs  to you or your company, no matter how many individuals choose to attend.


    Q: Can non members attend too?
    A: Yes. To ensure the  entire SAP ecosystem has access to the 150+ education sessions, we have opened  the event up to non members as well. This is their opportunity to test drive an  ASUG event.


    Q: Can I still register?
    A: Of course! Just follow  this link. You may register prior to, or anytime after the event begins.


    Q: How does one participate in the event as an  exhibitor?
    A: Dave Burnell at 312.673.4809 is the  sponsorship sales contact. Please let him know of any potential sponsors or  exhibitors.


    Q: What are the system requirements?
    For the best  experience, you should have at least:

    • Pentium 4 or Macintosh  G4
    • A T1 or T3 Internet  connection
    • Firefox 3.x or IE7+
    • 1GB RAM

    The minimum system  requirements are:

    • Flash Player 9+
    • A broadband Internet  connection
    • Firefox, IE or Safari  Browser
    • Pentium 3
    • 512MB RAM
    • Windows XP or Higher
    • Mac OSX or Higher

    The  minimum computer screen dimensions are:

    • 4:3 aspect ratio:   1024x768 (length  by width)
    • 16:9 aspect ratio:   1360x768  (length by width)

    Q: Do I need to download any special software to  attend?
    A: Likely not. The event will run successfully through most  Web browsers (see above). You may be prompted to download various media players during the  event, depending on which content items you choose to view.


    Q: What am I supposed to do once I log in on the day of the Summit? I  have not participated in a virtual event before.
    A: Explore and  spend some time getting acclimated to the online environment. Locate the exhibit  halls, find the Community booths of interest to you, and see who the exhibitors  are. And don't miss the keynote presentation "Capitalizing on the Advantages of  The New Reality" by the President of SAP North America, Rob Enslin on September  9 at 9:30 a.m. CDT.


    Q: Will I be able to pose questions to presenters during or after  their educational sessions?
    A: Yes. Sessions are scheduled to last  approximately 45 minutes of the 60 minutes allotted. Most presenters will  participate in real-time Q & A chat following their scheduled  presentations.


    Q: Where do I find help during the event?
    A: Help desks  will be on-screen, where you can chat live with ASUG or technical assistants  about how to navigate the event. You can also