ASUG VE Summit Speaker Recording FAQ

Version 1

    Will a cheat sheet be provided for the recording instructions?

    • Yes, a detailed instruction “cheat sheet” will be provided to each speaker which will be supplied as an attachment when you receive your specific recording logins.


    Will there be an ASUG rep on the line while we record?

    • An ASUG Rep will not be on each recording session. However, if you are having any issues please contact Lara Brislin or Alison Alexander at (e-mail and phone numbers).


    For our scheduled recording time, do we need do all the preparation steps ahead of time, so we are at the 'Start Recording' point at the start time of our scheduled time?

    • Your recording session time is set up for an hour and fifteen minutes which will allow you to take the steps necessary to set up the recording and record your 45 minute session. If you would like to take the time to prepare prior to your allotted time please do so to help your session run smoothly.
    • Please note that you can only use your login and dial conference line during the hour and fifteen minutes that have been slotted for you. If you start before your start time or go longer than your end time you will run into other speaker’s session.


    How does our 2nd presenter join?

    • Instructions will be provided in your Outlook invitation as to how the secondary speaker can participate. The primary speaker will be responsible for forwarding the information to the secondary presenter.
    • Please note that whoever you would like to actually record the presentation should login and dial in using the moderator (primary speaker) user names.


    How will you handle co-presenters who are in different locations?

    • Speakers in different locations will not be a problem. Each speaker will be logging into the WebEx via their own computer and also dialing into the conference via different lines if necessary.


    Can you click on the 'Pause' button during the recording?

    • We recommend that you do not use this feature. It will put a break in your presentation and it will cut into your recording time. Please only use this feature for emergencies.


    Do we need to notify you once we are done recording?

    • You do not need to notify anyone of the completion of your recording. ASUG will be monitoring the system to make sure your recording was successful. You will receive a notification either way if your recording is complete or if there is a problem and you need to re-do your recording.


    How do I back-up/record over?

    • There is no way to back up or record over your recording. Once you begin recording you need to complete your entire session.
    • You may stop the recording and start all over again, but please note that you must stay within you allotted time frame.


    Can we playback our recording to review it? >Is this true? Can’t they just play from their own computer? We do it all the time when we are saving them. Is this because we are using the recorder device that we are able to?

    • Speakers will not have the option to review or play back their recordings. You will be notified once your recording is downloaded if there is an issue.


    Can we rewind, and rerecord at any time?

    • Once you begin the recording you must run through you entire presentation. You will not be able to rewind and start at a random point in the presentation.
    • When you start recording you must go through your entire presentation for the full 45 minutes.


    Will we be given a copy of our presentation?

    • Will they be available to have after the virtual event? It is their intellectual property; can we confirm that we are/are not sending them a copy after Virtual Education Summit is over?At this point, ASUG will not be sharing the recordings back with you. If there is a problem that you would like addressed in your recoding you may contact Alison Alexander at and she will be able to access your presentation recording.


    Can we do a practice run prior to the real session and be able to hear the playback?<this seems to have already been addressed in questions above.

    • Unfortunately no – not on the webex tool. We would suggest you practice yourself as a run through with your co presenters on your own computers to make sure you fit within the time frame. You will only have your scheduled session to record your presentation.
    • If you do have a problem during your session and you do not have time to record your entire session in the time allotted then we would be happy to reschedule you for a another recording time.


    When will we get the login info and dial in for the recording?

    • ASUG will be sending out your specific recording instructions and login information at least 2 days before your scheduled time.
    • This information will be sent out via an outlook meeting invite from the inbox.


    Will we be able to attend other webcasts during the Virtual Event?

    • Yes, as long as you are present for your specific session live Q&A chat then you are welcome to attend any other part of the event during the two days.
    • Please note all speakers must register for the event.