VE Summit Speaker Recording Instructions

Version 1

    If you have questions about your recording before, during and/or after your recording timeslot, please contact the following individuals via phone or email:


    Alison Alexander



    Lara Brislin


    Please complete these steps to successfully complete your session recording:


    Please note, do not dial into the Audio Conference until you get to that step in the instructions.


    1. Logging Into WebEx
      • Click the host link you receive in your recording email to access the WebEx tool
      • Click on “Login Now”

    o        Enter Host Username

    o        Enter Host Password

    • Click on the “Host a Meeting” Header on the left panel of the WebEx screen to maximize the available choices

    o        In the “Host a Meeting” drop-down, select “My Meetings”

    • Sort by “Starting Time” column to find your session.

    o        It will be listed by the date you are scheduled to record, followed by the session code, primary speaker last name and presentation title.

    • Click “Start”

    o        The secondary screen will open first – keep open for entire session

    o        The WebEx control window will then open

    1. Recording Settings
      • To set up your recording, click “Meeting” in your Meeting Manager toolbar and click “Recorder Settings” to ensure that the default is set to “Record on Server”.
    2. Loading Your Presentation
      • Minimize the WebEx Meeting Manager window then open your PowerPoint presentation on your desktop and have any other applications you would like to share during your presentation open
      • To load your PowerPoint Presentation, click on “Share.” Select “Desktop…”
      • A green box labeled “SHARING” will appear in the top right-hand portion of your screens.

    o        CAUTION: Participants will be able to view your desktop so please make sure that any private applications or pop ups are closed before recording

      • Before you begin recording, please remember to open your PowerPoint Presentation in slide show mode.
      • After your presentation is in slide show mode, please click the tape recorder icon (in the tool bar located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) to load the WebEx Recorder Panel.
    1. Setting Up the Recording
      • When the WebEx Recorder Setup window appears on the screen please select “Record other teleconference” and click “Next >”
      • At this point please dial-in to the toll-free conference call bridge that has been provided to you in your recording information email.

    o        When prompted, please enter the moderator passcode.

    o        If you are presenting with a co-speaker please have them dial in at this time using the participant passcode.

    o        Please stay on this line until you are finished recording your presentation.

    • Enter the conference call bridge in the “Dial-in Number” box

    o        There is no “Greeting bypass digit” so please move onto the next field

    • In the “Pause before user ID” box, please enter the number 7
    • Enter the “Participant Passcode” to the conference call bridge in the “User ID:” box then click “Next >”
    • It will take several moments for the recording device to connect to the conference call line.

    o        Please note that you will still have to be dialed-into the conference call bridge as a moderator to complete the audio recording.

    • Once the “Connection established” window pops up, it will take 15 – 20 seconds for the WebEx recording device to join your conference call line.

    o        You will hear a beep when it has successfully joined.

    • Once you hear the beep, click the “Test Connection” button to complete the test.

    o        You should hear “The host has the recording feature on” then you are ready to record.

    1. Recording Your Session
      • If you are ready to begin recording your presentation click “Start Recording”

    o        After you click the “Start Recording” button, the recording toolbar will appear on your screen.

    o        Please note, once you hit “Start Recording” the system is recording all sound and images from that point on.

    o        Before you begin your presentation, please click and drag the recording toolbar to the bottom right-hand portion of your screen.

    §         If you do not move the recording toolbar it will black out the center of your presentation slides.

    1. Ending Your Recording Session
      • When you have finished delivering your presentation, please click the stop button on the recording toolbar.
      • To stop screen sharing and return to the main WebEx Meeting Center, please click on the first button in the screen sharing toolbar at the bottom of your screen.
      • To end your WebEx session, click “File” then choose “End Meeting. 
      • When the End Meeting window appears click Yes


    Please remember that your presentation should not be more than 45 minutes in length or you will have to re-record your session!


    If your session was not recorded successfully you will be contacted by ASUG staff members to schedule a time to re-record.


    Thank you for your cooperation!