ASUG Bridge Membership

Version 3

    Announcing ASUGBridge

    ASUG Bridge extends continuation of membership benefits to individuals who become unemployed; continuing their access and engagement with 38 regionally based Chapters in North America and 90 Special Interest Group communities with active discussion forums and collaboration tools on the ASUG Web site. ASUG Bridge is offered in 2010 to member organizations which are in good standing and provides a unique opportunity for individuals who have come to rely on the value of year round customer-driven education and networking programs and remain engaged in the SAP ecosystem of customers, SAP experts and partners.


    This is a temporary membership for the remainder of 2010, however, ASUG reserves the right to discontinue the membership at any time. This is a special offer of membership for individuals. To qualify for this membership, the individual must be a) the former employee of an ASUG member company in good standing and b) someone who previously had a login identity to participate in the ASUG Community within the past year.


    To apply for this temporary continuation* of membership, please contact ASUG Bridge Membership. The following information should be included in your e-mail: Full name, user name, contact phone number, contact e-mail, name of former employer and date of termination.


    For further information, readthe ASUG press release or listen to an interview with former ASUG member and Volunteer, JoEllen Fiorvante.


    *The program will terminate once the Bridge Member is re-employed, or at the end of the offer, whichever comes first. The Bridge Member must notify ASUG when their employment status changes. Please send changes in employment status to ASUG Bridge Membership.