For those going to ASUG conference this week safe travels and I'm sure, as usual; we are going to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time. 

Also looking forward to presenting with my colleagues Alisha and Michael our success story at Gwinnett County.


Brief Overview of Presentation


Details key aspects and decision points that were made when Gwinnett County performed an upgrade of its existing SAP CRM V5/ECC systems to version CRM V7 Ehp2 in 2013 within the Utilities environment.

  • The overall implementation strategy, focusing on topics such as becoming a SAP ramp up client and leveraging the SAP enterprise support teams as well as the county's use of Solution Manager.
    Testing tools - what G.C. used to leverage pre and post go-live within the testing cycle/s to minimize the testing effort normally associated with complex utilities projects.
  • Vendor Selection - key attributes we looked for from the prospective vendors.
  • Training approach and change management differences, the need for both and our findings.
  • The 3 options that are available to utility organizations when performing an upgrade in terms of the handling of contracts.


Hope to see you there.

Session ID 3603 Tuesday at 1:45pm Room S210D