SAP announced the launch of the Expert Chat service – a live chat function that connects SAP customers to technical support experts instantly. The service, which is available for all support levels and almost all solutions[1], went live on June 30 and has already seen success. Eighty-three percent of customers rated their satisfaction at 8 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, 64 percent of incidents were
resolved during the chat and average chat time was 21 minutes.

Unlike any other chat function available, Expert Chat provides a live contact channel between customers and support experts from SAP. This new Expert Chat differs from the traditional ticket-based support in that the waiting time for customers is eliminated. Instead of filing an incident, customers can instantly start an Expert Chat. This real-time interaction with SAP’s support organization creates a faster and more direct route to issue resolution, reducing project and operational costs.


Customers can access Expert Chat through the SAP® ONE Support Launchpad, which provides a central place for users to access all support channels provided by SAP.


For more information, and to learn more about SAP Support Chat, click here.


[1] Currently excluding business network solutions, the SAP Business ByDesign® solution and a couple of cloud solutions. SAP plans to provide Expert Chat for these in the future.