Happy New Year! We are excited to be kicking off the first SAP on Oracle blog of the new year.

There are some interesting new SAP on Oracle updates to tell you about. Before we get into those new announcements though, let's do a quick recap on the highlights of 2015. What a year it was for customers that run SAP applications on Oracle! Oracle Database 12c was certified for SAP and soon after, Oracle 12c In-Memory was certified. For more info, see here. Pretty exciting news for customers that want the benefits of the Oracle database and are interested in the potential performance gains that In-Memory brings. Many more SAP customers moved to Engineered Systems during 2015. One of our customers, one of the largest SAP environments globally, told us that moving to Engineered Systems for SAP allows them to now support twice as much throughput with improved stability, reducing their TCO significantly. You can read more about this great story as well as many others, here. 2015 was also the year for some record breaking benchmarks. Oracle's SPARC T7 and M7 Servers set new world records for SAP SD benchmarks. Also, there's a detailed write-up on the benchmark results regarding the benefits of Oracle Database In-Memory for SAP Applications that can be found here.

Moving into 2016, we have great news to start off the new year. There are new Oracle DB12c options certified for SAP! Oracle Database Vault for Oracle 12c, Oracle Database 12c ADO and Oracle Database 12c HCC are all now supported and certified for SAP environments. For more information, customers can reference SAP OSS note “2133079 - Oracle Database 12c: Integration in SAP environment”. Also, stay tuned, because we will have some additional new announcements, including an update on Oracle Multitenant for SAP, coming soon.


As you can see, there is never a dull moment when it comes to the SAP on Oracle space. By choosing SAP on Oracle, customers continue to significantly benefit from ongoing innovations. For the latest updates, be sure to visit oracle.com/sap.

Happy 2016,

SAP on Oracle SIG