What do HCM leaders need to know regarding data governance, fiduciary responsibilities, and compliance as they relate to benefits and ACA across Hybrid/Best in Class Technologies?


ACA’s inception has required highly complex data sets of HR/PR/Benefits/LOA and Time to be mashed together to document the employment status of an individual, eligibility for health coverage, the offer of coverage, MEC attestation, and affordability for an individual and their dependents.


The ACA is really the amalgamation of everything the business is doing.  The data sets come from core HCM rules engines that were designed for one purpose and now that data is being extrapolated for the use of Annual Health Care reporting to the US Treasury.  The result is transparency into how business processes align or have gaps in employee record keeping.


We're tackling these issues in one of our 2018 roadshows: Recharge HR Compliance, Payroll and Benefits February 27 thru March 14.


Join us as experts from ADP help to uncover the following:

  • @Lessons learned from client data who are using Hybrid systems and ADP’s ACA service revealing on average that clients have experienced double digit monthly error rates and measurable 1095-C form error rates when audited down to an individual record before correction
  • How data quality threads into how the IRS is using 1095/1094-C forms in issuing penalty assessments on Form 226J that are calculated on a monthly basis
  • What are the downstream costs of these errors to your people and your organization which can have compounding effect 


As always, we'll be talking best practices. You will learn how to uncover issues and tighten up processes to keep up to date through all key departments to eliminate errors from surfacing on penalty notices, cost leakage, as well as provide the right structure and the right sense of care for your people to be successful.


Register to attend a one-day workshop. The program is designed with ASUG's highest quality standards and will also provide two Professional Development Credits for your SHRM professional recertification.  



Contributed by ADP