Did you know you can take advantage of SAP ongoing releases of Customer Connection Notes and Support Packages for HR that will help address product fixes and improvements.

Here is the list of improvements delivered in 2017 within the framework of SAP Customer Connection SAP Customer Connection works in projects with a fixed product scope and timeline. In these
projects, SAP customers collect improvement requests for SAP products in mainstream maintenance. The SAP team will consider requests with a minimum of 5 supporting (voting) customers, and deliver accepted requests via SAP Notes and Support Packages.  


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Focus Topic NameImprovement ID on Customer
Influence site
Improvement   TitleImprovement Request DescriptionDownload Link for related SAP Note/Help documentRelease date
HCM e-Recruiting 201610365Include an expire date field and a unsubscribe functionality to a job agentWith note1961934 (first customer connection package) the interview booking solution was introduced. When activating the relevant T77S0 switch the functionality is available.

The downside of the functionality is, that it is mandatory for all kinds of invitation activities. As this is beneficial in mass processes it is administrative overhead doing this for single invitations in small requisitions.

The request therefore is as follows:

- Using the interview booking solution shall not be mandatory if activated
  but optional

- Alternatively the usage shall be customizable by activity type

HCM e-Recruiting 20168807Responsible person for assignment from the candidate search

Current Situation:

In Germany the Representative Body for Disabled Employees within a company  has to be informed of any job-application of a person officially recognized as severely disabled (§ 81 para. 1, Book IX of the German Social Code (SGB X)). Severely challenged applicants in principle have to be invited to a job   interview (§ 82 Book IX of the German Social Code (SGB IX)).

HCM e-Recruiting 20168721Jobagent: Switch for Personal profile agentDeliver the  "Tell a friend" functionality for internal publications similar as
for externals  [Description of the Current Situation]The "Tell a friend"
functionality is only available for external publications". Also employees
may send an internal publication to a colleague, e.g. the manager in case of  development for his teammember.
HCM e-Recruiting 201610282Addition of requisition Id, Position id field in the Recruiter's dashboardHCM systems have a security object P_PERNR that restricts a user from editing their own data. This object does not exist for E-Recruiting, but there is a business need for it.241266911-Jan-2017
HCM eRecruiting 20168804"Tell a friend" for employeesAllow email  attachments to be added to the activity either in the process template, or in a backend table, to remove the time consuming manual addition process.245141830-May-2017
HCM eRecruiting 201610267Correspondence:   add iCalender as email attachment

It is difficult for recruiters to filter a requisitions without any unique
fields. It would be helpful if we have requisition id and position id fields
in the recruiter's dashboard.

HCM eRecruiting 20168653Correspondence: New email subject handling

We think the character length of the search request title is too short with
80 characters. According to the field information its capacity is 160 characters  which should be taken advantage of. If we modify this we would have to take reoccurring alerts in SPAU and rework into account.

HCM eRecruiting 20168726Improvements in Free text search for ReferencecodeThe free-text-search in application "erc_a_quick_search" and in
audit-trail-application "erc_a_admin_atr" cannot find deregistered
candidates. A flag on the screen should be inserted in both applications indication that also the pool of deregistered candidates should be searched.
HCM eRecruiting 20168720Job agent: TRM-activity required to deactive/delete candidate job agentsProvide a   T77S0-Switch to de-activate the Personal profile agent.

The switch state should be bind to checkbox CHKBOX_SEND_MAIL in

In addition the switch state should be considered  class CL_HRRCF_AS_JOB_AGENTS to avoid sending active profile job agents (technical jobagent id is  D&U1M2M6Y).

HCM eRecruiting 20168806Printing  all attachments of the candidateIt should be configurable in the customizing that the duration of milestones is 0 and that the milestones' end dates should be used instead of start dates.247981113-Jul-2017
HCM eRecruiting4225Social network connectorsThe customizing "Establish Language for Notes" to maintain a list of available  languages for longtexts and notes is not considered by SAP CRM in the BSP Web UI Client Applications such as BUPA or BT. The dropdownlistboxes for the field 'Language' while creating a new longtext or maintaining an existing  longtext show all available languages of table T002.245806213-Jul-2017
HCM eRecruiting 20168670Zeichenlänge des Suchauftragstitel HRP5125 erweiternWhen we display a saved shopping cart and then chose 'Approval Details',we find that in the backend od /SAPSRM/CL_WF_APV_FACADE=>CREATE_PROCESS_FORECAST is  executed twice,  once below>/SRMNXP/CL_BO_DA_PDO_CART->GET_ALL_APPROVERS and once