9 out of 10 participants at a Recharge HR Innovation Roadshow would recommend the event to friends. (The 10th guy was out getting coffee.)


"This is exactly what I needed. I want to create a new technology roadmap for Armstrong – and I need to understand the possibilities for HR and how to position those with the rest of our SAP Roadmap also under development. I got a lot of answers today [at Recharge HR in Philadelphia] and good contacts to assist with the next steps in that process and building the business case to pursue it."  ~ Elaine Mazzur, Manager HR Systems and Technology, Armstrong


Here's six insights from ASUG's Recharge HR Innovation Roadshow, the Philadelphia Edition.


Myth buster # 1: Getting simple - although worth it - ain't easy. 

Depending on your starting point, there are a variety of landscape options for us, as explained by Randy Houck of EpiUseBut that's why we're here together - to help each other figure it out. And you can get a personal logical roadmap for your own organization. Ask your Customer Engagement Executive.



See the video clip of Randy Houck of EpiUse

on Twitter @RechargeHR.


Forget the Excedrin®.
Reorganizations and integration of acquisitions no longer need to be headache-inducing.

Nakisa used SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), to help Comcast find a better way of addressing this need. This is the beauty of SAP SuccessFactors App Center -- allowing HR to extend a cloud implementation with a partner's solution.


Catch a brief video on the @RechargeHR twitter account

and Explore SAP's App Center for HR.


It's raining data!  Now... what to do with it....

Moving from on-premise to cloud can upset the proverbial "apple cart" for reporting. Don't ignore the idea of HOW you're going to get your data out when developing your cloud implementation strategy. Danielle Larocca, an SAP Mentor outlined all variations in on-premise and cloud reporting. It's fair to say our legacy reporting skills remain in demand as we move to cloud. Here's why.


Don't lose SQ01 (and all those other wonderful on-premise transaction codes) just yet.

When moving from on-premise to cloud, customers certainly need to continue their compliance (and other) reporting - and will most likely be pulling data from a variety of sources until Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll are both full implemented at a company. There is no single comprehensive solution to this. Customers should continue to use what they have to get data out of SAP on-premise and match it to data they can get out of SuccessFactors. This will require a "mash-up" when you need to combine data from on-premise plus data from cloud. 


Analytics are magic and magically appear with SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (WFA)

Customers can purchase and implement this product separately. What it does: WFA delivers over 2,000 standard metrics -- industry benchmarks - and creates visualization of the data. WFA can take the guesswork out of deciding how to use HR data in decision making. One metric pack can take 100 hours to implement. After implementing the first metric pack, of course, future metric packs should get faster to implement. This product really allows HR to do some modeling without starting with a blank page.


See a video clip of SAP Mentor, Danielle Larocca

explaining WFA on Twitter @RechargeHR.


There's no one right answer for people analytics.

WFA is not necessarily a replacement for BW HANA and Lumira if you've already gone that route. 

Comcast shared that they had embarked on their predictive journey using BW HANA and Lumira. Their investment created dashboard visualizations just like WFA will do.  BW HANA and Lumira is a good fit for a company with broad ERP reporting needs. And - as we discussed - much of what HR really needs to analyze may not be in the HR database itself. HR decision making may be more about sales performance, local and regional and business division specific needs. You need more than HR data to do that.


“I’ve been in the SAP ecosystem for quite a few years. Recharge HR’s roadshow definitely helped me understand SAP’s direction for their HR strategy and provided key takeaways for me to go back and discuss about our long term strategy. The event provided me an opportunity to build  new connections with partners and other users.” – Jeffrey Massa, Comcast, Manager HR Systems & Technology

Is there a cure for the lack of development training most of us feel? Yes! CaaS.

You've heard of SaaS, PaaS - but how about CaaS?  SAP's Open Content Network -- otherwise, perhaps known as CaaS (Content as a Service) - is geared to help companies reduce training costs while developing employees fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (and beyond). Rob Moore, Open Sesame, actually had us create our own brief content on the fly -- demonstrating how easy it is to communicate key concepts in a quick and engaging manner. Rethink training.


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