How will you lead your organization into the future? Or is where you're at today good enough for your business? That's what I thought. We all need to start re-educating, retraining, rethinking about HR. Our recent HR research reveals the need:


"It’s clear that before embarking on change, organizations need a reliable foundational understanding of what they currently have. They must be able to create and query accurate real-time data on their staff to make predictions and engage in what-if analysis.  Ultimately, firms need to be able to build up a complete picture of an individual worker, their abilities, their education and training, and what they contribute to the company as a whole."

- China Martens, ASUG Research Analyst

ASUG's HR Community is focused on educating our members to meet the needs of your organization. One of the foremost set of critical skills required -- but that HR seems to be avoiding -- is analytics. STOP AVOIDING. Come to our Workforce Analytics Forum September 20-21, 2016 at SAP SuccessFactors' headquarters in San Francisco. Join experts from the industry and other HR and HRIT colleagues who are struggling -- just like you - to find the answers. We in HR need to be part of our businesses' solutions. Technology alone is not the answer. WE need to understand the problems that need to be solved and how to apply real data, facts and prediction to the solutions.

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