It's summer survey season! Click on the links in blue below to add your voice to the ASUG Community and to the larger HR ecosystem.


YOU, your opinions, your strategies, your experiences matter very much to me. Please take this opportunity before July 1 to have your voice included in these two surveys. Both surveys are completely confidential. Aggregate results will be shared with you and with SAP -- and will be used in our community to determine what types of education, opportunities and experiences will help you to meet your strategic objectives and accelerate your HR transformation.



What Do ASUG Members Think About HR in 2016?

ASUG's Annual HR Survey will take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete and contributes directly to our community's education and influence opportunities with SAP.  Alone we can do only so much - but together our feedback can change the future of SAP's solutions.


How is everyone else addressing HR systems?

Find out by taking the Sierra Cedar HR Systems Survey

The Sierra Cedar HR Systems Survey will take a little longer to complete -- but there's a possible $5 Starbucks gift card in it for you - and feedback on what your counterparts across the HR industry -- both SAP and non-SAP customers -- are doing to address*:

  • Strategy, process, structure,

  • Adoption of all HR technology applications,

  • Implementation, maintenance, integration

  • Deployment road maps, resourcing and budgeting

  • Emerging and Innovative Technology

  • Outcome driven HR


The Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry.

As a thank you for your participation, Sierra-Cedar will send participants in their survey a personalized data snapshot filtered by size, industry, or region and an advanced copy of the Sierra-Cedar 2016-2017 HR Systems Survey 19th Annual Edition White Paper in early October 2016.

The Survey results will debut at the HR Technology® Conference in Chicago the week of October 4th–7th, 2016. Upon completion of the Survey, Sierra-Cedar will send you a special conference discount code off the regular registration price.

Plus, the first 100 respondents will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card, and $100 Visa Gift Cards will be awarded to the 19th, 119th and 1,019th respondents.



It takes a village to raise a strong community. Your voice matters to me and to the our entire ASUG Community.


ASUG HR Community Advocate