In my writings in Linked In Pulse, I often talk about the broader role of HR in enabling workforce productivity well beyond compensation, benefits, talent management and engagement. Research by SAP has confirmed my suspicion: no organization is going to leap to digital business models (and therefore remain competitive through the coming years) without the right organization structure and business leader mindsets in place


Proof:  In Digital Education for Digital Transformation (Part 15 of ASUG's Digital Transformation webcast series,) Dr. Bernd Welz, summarized results from the November 2015 IDT* survey on skills for digital transformation,

IT executives possess the business related knowledge…

Only 27%
of business executives possess the technology skills necessary…

Only 17%
of the companies have the personnel with the skills necessary for the Digital Transformation

Enabling our business' success in Digital Transformation starts with us, HR.  Here's our roadmap:

#1 - Find and develop business leaders that are tech savvy to define and enable your digital vision.

#2 - Develop your workforce - not just IT - to have design skills, visioning skills, business change management skills.

#3 - Adapt recruitment strategies to focus on soft skills needed to adapt and transform your business.

#4 - Learn. Take advantage of all external education opportunities to broaden your perspective.

ASUG and SAP are positioned to expand your capabilities. Watch the webcast for details on SAP's education programs. Stay current by subscribing to ASUG NEWS.   Check our featured events and ASUG University for continuing education.

For HR leadership, competency and technology education, join and follow ASUG's HR CommunityRegister for SAPPHIRE NOW - ASUG ANNUAL CONFERENCE for education from experts and user case studies. Here are two pre-conference seminars geared to support your digital transformation journey: 

  • Workforce Analytics Unplugged, Monday May 16th, 8 am to Noon: In this “unplugged” pre-conference the emphasis is on the free exchange of information. You drive the outcomes as we gain insights from leading experts and customer experiences.  Participants will leave the workshop with a template to use to adopt a "best practices" approach for their own workforce analytics. This seminar is focused at a non-technical professional and is ideal for customers at any stage of an HRIS implementation.

  • Recharge HR: STRETCH Your Talent Mindset, Monday, May 16th, 1:00 to 5:00 pm: Recharge HR teaches critical skills for HR and HR professionals through education from product experts, thought leaders, futurists and peers. During this Recharge HR event, learn what you need to activate the talent management reset button in your organization. Throughout the afternoon, you will follow our competency-based professional development program geared to give you the skills to create a talent strategy for the future. (For information on previous Recharge HR event content and speakers visit


*IDT (Initiative for Digital Transformation): a joint initiative from Technische Universität München (TUM) and SAP to analyze, understand, and support the design of leadership, innovation, and motivation in the digital transformation.