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REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU RUN YOUR HR SOLUTIONS - IN CLOUD OR ON-PREMISE, SAP SuccessFactors has customers'  interests in mind. Stick with your ASUG HR Community as we get the latest and greatest info from SAP every quarter in our "First to Know" series. This quarter, David Ludlow, Mark Brandau, Ralf Wagner and Chris Horak provided the update and there's been lots of interest in the following items.  Listen to a replay of the webcast on our HR Community page.

Wondering how you're ever going to get out of the minutiae and into the Fourth Industrial Revolution?  Dare I say...simplify??

Welcome to the HR home page that makes you want to stay and get things done! The user experience is now consistent and simplified for both on-premise cloud users.  What you see in the screen shot below is what you get.The only difference between the on-premise and cloud views is how you, the customer, implements the change. This is part of a continuing progression in user experience by SAP.  Expect to see more changes in the user experience as each release rolls out. Join and Follow our HR Community for detailed webinars on how to use the technology.

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Get out of the administrative paper pushing with Intelligent Services - a way to intuitively connect processes and tasks to reduce administrative burden.  Again, this solution works for both on-premise and cloud customers.  In fact, Intelligent Services can tie in other products, as well.  This release has added more pre-configured Services. What is Intelligent Services and how do you get started? Register for our March 11th webinar with Andy Yen, Manager of Technology Solutions at SAP SuccessFactors will talk about this topic in-depth.  You'll find Andy's webcast on RechargeHR.asug.com.


Getting 'em and keeping 'em - is that your focus?  We're going to help you do just that with on Monday May 16th in a half day seminar that will jump start the HR education at SAPPHIRE NOW / ASUG ANNUAL CONFERENCE.  Karie Willyerd is the featured speaker with customers, experts and you as part of this deep dive. Register for that now.  In the meantime, here are the highlights of this release:


  • Hire better, faster, smarter. If you use SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing, Career Site Builder will simplify making changes to your career site. No longer a need for professional help -  a non-technical person can update your site.  Likewise  if you're using Recruiting Posting, Job Board Marketplace will enable you to easily add and configure a new job board. Career Site Builder is available without Recruiting Management (RCM).  Existing customers can acquire the functionality as an add-on.  New customers will receive this functionality packaged with Recruiting Management. Want more information? Shout it out. Ask Human Resources on our home page or add your comment to this post.


  • Learning is being enhanced with . . . . .

wait for it . . . .

here it is . . .

Gamification - a term that made the Oxford English Dictionary's shortlist for Word of the Year in 2011 - and a word that my spell check wants to autocorrect to Gasification. So, if you're a 20-something, you're thinking COOL.  If you're a 50-something, my guess is you're rolling your eyes. Get onboard this digital, gamified train or sit forever by the wayside.


  • And speaking of "Onboard"...Onboarding enhancements are being delivered to allow for simpler goal creation and alignment for new hires.  (Notice a theme here?  SIMPLER.)


NOW....drum roll please.....


  • The big news this quarter? Continuous Performance Management (or as I like to call it, the-performance-review-that-might-actually-get-done-without-me-hating-it).  This is the change I've been waiting for. This is the one that actually is intended to drive the conversations throughout the year.  This is the one that puts more control into an employee's hands to manage his/her own performance. And this is mobile. And the idea is simple.  This is a tool designed to create dialogue between the employee and his/her manager on a continuous, day-by-day basis.  Read Craig Powers' ASUG News Article for more information. Our May 16th Recharge HR seminar, "Stretch Your Talent Mindset" is a deep-dive into the tipping point of talent management. View seminars and register now for the SAPPHIRE NOW - ASUG ANNUAL CONFERENCE.


Perhaps the most over-looked software advantage? JAM. In this release, JAM ups the ante again to create employee engagement experiences that are exactly what this generation of workers expects and needs. Administrators can now create home pages geared to their group's needs. And increased integration between JAM and learning creates a knowledge management environment where development is everything our contemporary workforce has come to rely upon: informal, social and shared.


I'm excited about what I see happening at SAP SuccessFactors for both cloud and on-premise. Now...I'm off to see how to get my own copy of JAM...