On July 30th, 2014 Scott Allen with Denbury Resources presented an ASUG EAM Community Webcast titled “BOM Creation Where to Begin. Lose the Panic! It’s Easy”. This webcast was part three of our four part webcast series recapping the SAP Centric EAM 2014 (http://www.sap-centric-eam.com/eam) conference that was held in Austin, Texas in February. This presentation really meant a lot to me because, as Scott mentioned in his webcast, my presentation on Bills of Material at the 2012 SAP EAM Centric conference inspired Scott to create this presentation. Scott presentation was the number one ranked presentation at this year’s conference.


     I met Scott at the 2012 SAP Centric EAM conference. I gave my presentation on Bill of Materials (BOM). My employer Fairfax Water had s employer, Denbury Resources was implementing SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and Materials Management (MM) and was about to make the same mistake.

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     Scott decided that Denbury was not going to make this mistake. Scott came back from that conference and told his implementer, Vesta Partners, that they need to create BOM’s. Scott tirelessly worked with Vesta’s Greg Manley to create over BOMs for over forty thousand pieces of equipment and Functional Locations. Scott and his team contacted vendors and got the material information they needed to build their BOMs. They even traded doughnuts for spreadsheets of the information they needed. The vendors, of course, complied because they wanted Denbury Resources business.


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     The creation of BOMs allowed Denbury’s SAP implementation of Plant Maintenance (PM) to be a success. Scott explained in his webcast that before SAP planners averaged 45 minutes planning a work order. Now Denbury’s planners are planning jobs in four to five minutes. That the power of BOMs. Having all the part information you need in front of you can maximize the system. As a former planner who did not have this information at his fingertips, I am almost envious of the information planners can have if SAP PM is set up correctly.

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I think Scott summed it up best with this quote from SAP Centric EAM 2014 conference: 

Realistic expectations are key to the successful execution of a bill of materials data strategy. Efficient planning of time and resources from both PM & MM is critical to achieve those expectations on a tight implementation schedule”   - Scott Allen, Denbury Resources


Here is a link for ASUG Members to Scott’s presentation and webcast recording:





     Our next webcast in this series for ASUG EAM Community members will held on August 20th 12pm-1pm EST. This webcasts features Wes Dean with MillerCoors. Wes will be talking about simplifying the screen modification to improve maintenance worker’s experience. I hope that you can join this one.



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