Digital technologies are the key drivers for innovation in all industries. Entire value chains and business models are being redefined. In this webcast you will learn what the implications are for the workforce when you go digital. While Digital Transformation offers plenty of opportunities to achieve a competitive advantage, future success largely depends on adequate skills to explore and seize these opportunities. Recent research shows that a broad skill base is required for a successful Digital Transformation and that lacking digital skills are among the top barriers to Digital Transformation. To overcome the skill gap digital leaders invest heavily in leaning.


This session will help you to understand the necessity to have a digital skill plan in place to close your company’s skills gap. Learning must start at the beginning of the Digital Transformation Journey. To define and implement a digital strategy, business leaders must become technologically literate and a comprehensive skill transformation plan must accompany the digital journey. It is important that the workforce can gain digital skills to be able to execute on the strategy. As the digital strategy unfolds and evolves over time, the learning needs should be analyzed continuously and the learning plan is extended and adjusted accordingly.


With technology evolving, the ability to share knowledge and learn is itself being transformed. With the widespread availability of the Internet and social media, knowledge and experiences can be shared at a faster, almost instant speed. With the rapidly growing adoption of new technologies and more digital natives entering the workforce each year, many companies are turning to online learning to help employees stay current.


In this presentation you will gain the information and tactics to be prepared for the Digital Transformation.


Speaker:  Bernd Welz, EVP and Global Head of Scale, Enablement & Transformation