What's new in Crystal and road map; watch the replay here.

Special thanks to SAP's Donald Guo, who stayed up very late to provide this webcast to ASUG.

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Source: SAP

In 2018, already delivered Fiori-fied launchpad in BI4.2 SP4/5

User function library in Crystal for Enterprise


Working on repository objects in Crystal for Enterprise (CR4E)


Read only Crystal Reports  - now possible in CR4E


Delivered parameter prompting in UI5; before relied on Flash and now Flash is a security concern

Made UI5 a default setting; can switch back to Flash prompting


Certification for new platforms including data sources, applications and operating systems


Some enhancements in Crystal for Eclipse (right outer join)


Continued API enhancements; plan to enhance Restful web service


In 2019, planned items - bridge functionality gaps between classic Crystal and CR4E and geo map functionality in CR4E

Plan to invest in unified viewer

What’s new in BI 4.2 SP06


Source: SAP

UI5 works in Fiori-fied launchpad and classic launchpad


Source: SAP


Now supports BW selection option variable as shown above, including "not between" and you can combine operators together

Uses UI5 prompting


Source: SAP

User function libraries extend formulas; bring UFL's to CR4E


SAP Help: Link

Developer guide for Java UFL and .Net UFL


Source: SAP

Read only report format; CR4E reports can export to this format


Demos are attached


What’s new in BI 4.2 SP07


Source: SAP

Functions from different UFL's will be shown separately and sorted by function name so it is easier to find the functions


Source: SAP


Repository items to show local and copyright in reports; can install centrally


Source: SAP

BW variants - way to save predefined views

Load variants will be available

Save variants are planned


Source: SAP

Better SAP Gui support for 750


Source: SAP


HANA SAML SSO support can be configured by tenant in CMC



Source: SAP

Items on the radar - planned for 4.3 release.

Continue enhance Fiori-fied launchpad, with publications; improve UI

64 bit Crystal Reports - consider upgrade designers & servers to allow native connectors



Question & Answer

Can we get the link for the SAP App Center? How would we find the mentioned Partner add-ons?


Where can we get more information on "Repository objects in CR4E"?


Not released yet, but it's being developed. The concept is the same as in classic Crystal - existing repository objects will be available in both.


Is there work on a conversion tool to convert Crystal Reports 2016 reports to Crystal Reports for Enterprise reports like there is for WebI reports?


Open existing .rpt in CR4E designer and change the data source.


Are "Repository objects" available in Crystal Reports 2016?




4.2 sp6 allowed the use of UI5 rather than adobe flash for parameters. However, parameters in OpenDocument URLs aren't accepted by UI5 (Note 2684812). Any idea about when this functionality might be added?


This is being worked on.


does UFL needs to be available in repository for it to work or the current report inherits it and works similar to old CR


It is a separate file that has to be deployed to the server where BOE is running.



What is the next version of Crystal Reports?


Crystal 2020 with BI 4.3