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Value of Learning


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Learning is a cycle, it doesn't end


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How learning has changed from legacy

Speed at which technology is changing; today on the right quarterly cycles

Today is learning on demand, any time


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Today need to learn everywhere, in an online fashion

Learning needs to be continuous

Learning curve is changing


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Online attendee poll


Blended Learning



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Public training at training.sap.com


Virtual learning from the live classroom session


Learninghub.sap.com has over 5K learning titles available

Why Learning Hub?




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Huge knowledge leakage

Access latest content and experts

On demand, any time


Learning rooms - experts to help and interact


Not have to wait for a classroom session


Learning rooms - some rooms have more than 20K members; ways to learn informally


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6 components

In the middle, the Learning Hub home page


Learning Journey - SAP Learning Hub has 5K titles with new ones being added everyday

If you want to learn S/4HANA manufacturing - if search, may get 50 titles, not sure which course to take first

Learning Journeys offer this, to not get lost in the titles; a customized learning plan; a guide/path the learner can take


Learning management - assign courses


Live Access - practice what you have learned on a live system


Learning room - social collaboration learning


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Online poll results


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Identify which Learning Hub edition fits you


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How to engage with the SAP Learning Hub, what fits, evaluate learning needs


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Who benefits from learning?  Power Users, etc.


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When teams are well trained, reduced costs, reduced support calls, organizations perform better



Q: What if I don't know which course I need?

A: Use the Learning Journeys

Q: How access the live access systems?

A: Once purchase learning hub, each learning journey has a learning system, purchased separately from Learning Hub