You're invited to download the link to download the BI+Analytics Research Report, a compilation of hot topics and issues brought up through one-on-one research calls, in-person round table events and a survey.  This is to support the BI+Analytics Conference, March 11-13th, co-located with SAP Centric Finance.


For years now, Eventful Conferences has specialized in developing communities of common interest for business and IT professionals. Intense research with these communities is conducted via process known as the round tables and surveys, where both the challenges faced and opportunities perceived are identified.



Source: Eventful Conferences


Months of research has been conducted, revealing the trends and challenges being faced by BI and Analytics professionals.  This report summarizes the results and explores some of the challenges facing the BI and Analytics profession, as well as the opportunities for change that creates greater success. The themes identified in this research inform the agenda for the BI+Analytics conference being held in March 11-13 in Dallas, Texas. This event will real-life customer case studies, hands-on workshops, in-depth interactive sessions, and SAP expert presentations


Call for Speakers

Have you or a co-worker experienced a success or failure in the world of SAP Analytics that if you had known, you would have saved time, effort, or money? If so, you are invited to submit an abstract talking about it. Eventful Conferences is collecting amazing stories to share with the conference selection committee so if you have a story you’d like to submit for consideration for the 2019 conference, please do so (that portal is open through Oct. 12).



Source: Eventful Conferences

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