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Agenda is shown above


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Left shows import data connections, the right shows live data connections


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Who can create connections?  See the roles above

You can share connections with the team

Import Data to the Cloud


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Importing & storing it in the cloud

Updates can be scheduled

Limit on connection - 8K rows 100 columns


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On premise system, use the Cloud Connector and the SAP Cloud Agent


Connect to Live Data




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Data sources are above

Create framework, metadata, then goes to firewall of connection, and data does not leave firewall

Do not have limit of 8K rows


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Runs on external server to get the metadata

This is the most known method



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No external server needed

Some configuration needed on browser; install certificate



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How to connect to several environments - BW Development, etc

Reverse proxy - redirect browser to as many paths / resources as needed

Direct - each system has a certificate



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Pros and cons are shown above

No additional server, better performance - direct is supported by SAP


Sometimes customers run into problems with reverse proxy and think something is wrong with SAP Analytics Cloud; usually it is reverse proxy problems


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See data sources/versions that can do the Live Data Connection

You can go to lower versions with support packs applied SAP Note 2541557 (BW) https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2541557


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Some final considerations are shown above






Dear SAP, will it be possible to connect SAP Data Services (former BODS) to SAC?


At the moment this data would be accessed via an SAP Universe stored on the Business Intelligence Platform per https://help.sap.com/doc/00f68c2e08b941f081002fd3691d86a7/release/en-US/3600be69a97a4b2888e73dcebbfa8ace.html




Hi, what are the risks if we don't install an SSL certificate in the direct connection scenario? Considering that the exposed data is metadata only.

SAP Analytics Cloud enforces the requirement for an SSL Certificate for direct connections so it is not optional.




Is connection with some of application like PeopleSoft (oracle) is possible with OData Connection ?



Can we have both reverse proxy and direct connection for a single SAC tenant?


The recommended approach is Direct connection which can be routed through a reverse proxy if you need access from a browser outside the firewall per https://blogs.sap.com/2017/04/10/direct-live-hana-connections-in-the-internet-scenario/




Can an SAC story/dashboard include data across different connections, for example a live connection and an imported data file


yes a Story can include data from both Live and Import connections.



Can we connect to social media data sources (i.e. twitter)?

I recommend looking https://www.sap.com/products/data-hub.html


I have been using SAC without an SSL certificate with a Direct Connection via CORS for over 6 months now.


this is possible if the certificate is accepted in the browser. This is not recommended.


That point that says no additional server required is incorrect as you need a server to manage the ssl certificates.


A certificate authority is required to sign the certificate. This can be an internal system such as Window 2012 or other software or a commercial certificate authority. More information is available on the SAP Trust Center at https://www.sap.com/about/cloud-trust-center.html


In a BW live connection there is no way to create hierarchies, how could you do them?


the BW Live connection can consume BW Hierarchies with some limitations which are being worked on. This information is detailed at https://help.sap.com/doc/00f68c2e08b941f081002fd3691d86a7/release/en-US/ba7ee8dc6dcd4069b210ec712be52a31.html