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Solutions part of BI portfolio

On premise or cloud

Analytics Hub is solution for content consumption


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These solutions share common services


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"scalable and robust" service


Platform admin via CMC


Content lifecycle support via promotion manager



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Need for a more hybrid scenarios

Better interop between solutions

Fiori as a paradigm across SAP applications, include SAP BI

Better integration with SAP applications; ways to include integration



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Future investments, based on customer influence



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Hybrid BI is a key area; note Adobe updates above.

Hopefully the key points are not news



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Automate onboarding for both SAP BI Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud users


Standalone license tool available in SP6


Semantic - geo and time hierarchy support in universes


Access Web Intelligence document as a data source to SAP Analytics Cloud



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Capabilities are shown above




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Recent innovations covers BI4.2 SP6


2019 planned innovations - 4.2 SP7, maybe SP8; automated onboarding, SAML support on all servers, schedule to SAP Analytics Cloud as a destination

New console templates for the Admin consoles


2020 - end to end single sign-on, maybe credential mapping as an alternate, licensing improvements for hybrid scenarios, deployment enhancements (voted highly on influence site)


2021 - install recovery, smart agent to help with installation (look at influence site), new platform support




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Scheduling enhancements - top voted ideas on influence site

2019 planned innovations - scheduling enhancements, removing flash, usability improvements, visual difference, and include customer feedback from user groups and influence channels



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Recent innovations includes BI4.2 SP6

IOMS certified for SharePoint 2016 (on premise only)


2019 planned - preferences in CMC, reorganize pages, enhance unified viewer, more content supporting it, introduce basic customization capabilities (change logo, background colors)

2020 - Fiori launchpad to be de facto experience, import NW locale, more customization enhancements

2021 - customer feedback



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Support time dimension and geo hierarchies - looking at in planned innovations


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Live Office road map, in 2019 catch up with Web Intelligence features



Q: Plan to integrate universes into HANA views?

A: have not heard of this request; raise this on the influence site



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