You can watch the replay at BI: Advanced Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Thanks to SAP's Scott Godfree for answering the open questions


We're planning to bring in HR data for planning . We need to be able to store the data in an encrypted manner so that only few people have access to the data. is this possible in Planning on Cloud?


Yes you have the ability to secure the model and/or specific dimension/elements within it.


What all programming languages SAC can support?


The Advanced Formulas presented in the webinar is an SAP Analytics Cloud specific type of (scripting) language for reading and writing data within an SAC model. Throughout the platform other languages are supported for specific use-cases (e.g. R for statistical calculations and to create certain types of charts), and JavaScript support will be forthcoming in the context of our planned Application Design paradigm.   Additionally, we have external APIs which can be leveraged to push data, create models and embed SAC in other components.


One questions: Can you say that all functions that are possible with BPC embedded (ith BW-IP) are covered by SAC?


SAP Analytics Cloud does not aim to have feature parity with BPC (any of the variants), but with the release of Data Actions and Advanced Formula’s we have moving well along in terms of functional parity.   Please note that BPC includes financial consolidations related capabilities and SAP Analytics Cloud does not plan to incorporate this capability. For financial consolidations we are suggesting SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Group Reporting (which can be used with or without the broader S/4HANA suite).


What are the key benefits of SAC? Why I should choose SAC Planning and not the BPC Embedded Planning?


SAP Analytics Cloud is aimed at customers who want a cloud first planning solution.  It incorporates BI, Planning and Predictive capabilities all in a single platform and helps customers move towards more continuous forecasting by breaking down the barriers associated with having distinct planning and analysis solutions. In includes rich capabilities around: data entry and spreading, private versioning, what-if simulations, allocations, collaboration, comments, workflow, predictive forecasting and driver based planning.


Can transaction objects (DSO of Cubes) from BW/4HANA or BW7.5 save planning data from SAC Planning?


There is currently no automated way to push SAC planning data into BW/4HANA or BW except via hybrid scenarios where BPC is running on one of those platforms


We can’t edit the model once created from a flat file. Will in future we plan to edit the models. Like adding columns


Yes currently we are targeting end of Q3 to support re-wrangling of your data sources