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Discover how SAP Analytics Cloud brings together an end-to-end Business Intelligence and Predictive platform, while redefining Planning in the Cloud. Whether you are a Corporate Controller, or responsible for a Line of Business, across every industry, SAP Analytics Cloud provides all the options and flexibility for a quick and successful implementation, for both SAP and non-SAP customers


Damien Fribourg, SAP


Data Modeling using HANA Studio?No, everything belongs to SAP Analytics Cloud
Can SAC also connect to a SAP BW system which is not on HANA (yet)?Yes - please see for details/steps
How does R connects with this predictive capabilities?R packages are included with SAP Analytics Cloud - please see
is there prebuilt integration in a pull fashion?please see content packages at
Can we pull the data from ECC6.0 premise system and is it possible to Business Content for the data from ECC or it is restricted to BW data aloneThis isn't BW content; this is content specific for SAP Analytics Cloud - please see
When I create a new master data (a base level) in SAC, does it create in BPC?when you have built a connection in the retraction process; not 100% sure; will have to check, guessing yes
All BPC on premise capabilities are available on SAP Planning?yes it does
Does SAC for planning come with custom data calculation (scripting) capabilities?yes, it does; announced a scripting module to allow users to write simple scripting - easier than BPC to write scripts; improved syntax and make it better with visual scripting
Is there Possibilities to retract the Data in S4/Hana or BW?introducing a retraction to BW later this year
is Business Content in SAC is similar to one provided in SAP BW system ?No, this is content specific to SAP Analytics Cloud - please see
Can Lumira Designer Apps being re-used with SAC? Is there a way to "import" them here?no, this is not possible today
Is plannied to have also consolidation on SAC?no, introduced consolidation as part of S/4 engine since May of last year
Does SAC stores data in cloud that is received from SAP BW and SAP S/4 Hana system ?Online connections it is not stored
Is it possible to migrate SAP BO Reports (e.g. SAP WebI) to SAC?No
Can models / stories / reports created in SAC transported / copied to any other SAC tenant?Landscape mgt capability - dev tenant to production tenant