The ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team invites you to plan submit a proposal for SAP’s premier tech conference, SAP TechEd 2018 in Las Vegas, this year October 1-5.  ASUG is partnering with SAP once again for SAP TechEd.


Call for proposals is now open. You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge to thousands of attendees. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary, lecture-only ticket to the event.

This year SAP TechEd is now arranged in conference tracks:


Integration will soon account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform. If you’re looking to deploy SAP solutions across the enterprise, there are tips and tricks available to help you get there faster. Find out how you can use open API’s, master data management, and interoperability to realize the full potential of the intelligent enterprise, and get ready to extend your SAP system capabilities to third-party solutions or future SAP offerings.


Conference Track:


You need the ability to access insights and act on high-quality data wherever it resides. SAP enables simplified, secure, and governed enterprise-class applications and analytics across a heterogeneous data landscape. If you work with distributed data management in the cloud; enterprise data lakes; automated data preparation; or unified, real-time, out-of-the-box analytics, these journeys will support your goals. Discover new insights, simplify data management, and get ready for compliance.


Conference Track:

To run seamlessly in the cloud, you need to detach the application from the infrastructure. The open source community is enabling applications to operate and port seamlessly across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments through SAP technologies. This track explores containers, DevOps, development tools, an “API-first” architecture, and cloud platforms. Find out how you can become more agile now and reduce TCO through multitenancy, elasticity, and resource sharing


Conference Track:


Enterprise users expect their interactions with working applications to be as enjoyable as that of consumer sites. SAP offers humanized experience with conversational UI and Natural Language Processing.  Technicians working with digital platforms, voice and chatbots, VR and AR will find the insights they need in this track.


Conference Track:


Innovative technologies have become operational. This has extended enterprise technology skills into the realm of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. But these technologies must be applied to and embedded within enterprise applications to deliver value, and unleash the power of SAP analytics. Get the answers to how you can make digital transformation a reality for your team.



Conference Track:


Security is a top-of-mind concern and embedded within systems from inception. If cybersecurity in application design or if data protection and privacy  are your driving concerns, you’ll find the answers you need in these sessions. Learn about threat mitigation, built-in security awareness, and compliance with the latest data privacy regulations.


Conference Track:

The SAP technology portfolio is broad and comprehensive. Our solutions provide the technology and services to simplify how to run your enterprise, IT infrastructure, or line of business. Understanding how best to plan your SAP deployments both now and in the future can be a daunting task in and of itself. Learn the ins and outs of SAP’s solution strategy and services, get your feet wet with what’s new and unexplored, or see the road map you need to plan for tomorrow.


Steps to submit:

  1. Logon here – if it is your first time, you may be prompted to create an account.  Select SAP TechEd 2018.

You may also have to agree to these guidelines:


Source: SAP


Information from the SAP Site when you logon:Approved speakers receive:

  • Complimentary lecture-only conference registration
  • SAP TechEd does not reimburse for speaker’s time, travel or hotel.
  • Registration Excludes access to: hands-on sessions and pre-conference sessions. Both can be added to your registration for an additional fee.

If you have questions, email saptechedspeaker.info@sap.com.

2. Select Submit Session tab, then select Submit Session button


3. Select 1 hour lecture, select track from above


4. Select abstract title and abstract.  The abstract title is limited to 75 characters, description is limited to 500 characters


Then select Session level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), programming language (if applicable), products and job roles.

If this is not an ASUG Influence session, select radio button no.

The enter speaker; you can search if it is already in the catalog.

Be sure to submit your session at the bottom and then you will be prompted to finalize submission.


If you need tips to submit, watch this ASUG TV video:


Why should you submit? Quote from Stephen Johannes, previous speaker:

“You don’t need to present on “newest stuff” to get accepted….It is also a great way for you to deepen your own personal understanding of a particular topic. Even though you may think you know a topic very well, it is amazing how building the presentations will force you to pick up every single detail as part of you research. ” – Stephen Johannes


Submit your session today.  If you have questions, email saptechedspeaker.info@sap.com

Deadline to submit is May 30th