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As a valued member of the BI community, we wanted to let you know of some upcoming webinars that may be of interest to you! In addition to providing insights from the SAP's most respected voices on the most relevant and important topics today, these webinars also help you earn CPE's/PDU's depending on your area of certification.


Keep in mind you can always watch the archived webinars later—and we offer an extensive library of on-demand webinars you can also explore here: ASUG BI Webcast Recording/Slides Reference List for 2018


More upcoming webcasts can be found Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts



Lead cloud, innovate core

Support interop and hybrid scenarios




Analytics Hub is a catalog


SAC - premier analytics self service platform


Right side is on premise deployment


Source: SAP

Lumira Discovery innovations for 2019 will be minimal; SAP investment on SAC


Source: SAP

The positioning of the products is shown above


Source: SAP

Lumira 2.2 is planned for August this year; features are shown above

Variants will be supported


Demo of Lumira Designer 2.2


BW variants


Variants can be public or private


Runtime calculations


Calculation editor

2.2 - charts can show over 10K datapoints


Source: SAP

2.2 and 2.3 is shown above



source: SAP


Source: SAP


Source: SAP


Fiori look and feel for SAC


Source: SAP

Q4/2018+ marketecture


Source: SAP


Live and imported data connectivity


Source: SAP


enhancements to connect to BW (BEx conditions)

Universe - native query builder within SAC


Source: SAP

Expand data sources (SAPPHIRENOW announcements)?



Source: SAP

card view


Source: SAP

Build more data viz/semantics


Source: SAP


Look for it at SAPPHIRNOW

apps of analytic content

centrally governable

Authoring and consumption in browser


Source: SAP

Actions to script flow


Source: SAP

Citizen data scientist - predict and train models and manage in SAC


Source: SAP

Iniitally work on import


Source: SAP

Smart assist - do the thinking for you

Conversational analytics - search to insight


Source: SAP

integration with applications and with each other - heart of the "intelligence enterprise"


Source: SAP


Free available on tenants


Source: SAP

By quarter, aggressively expanding updates


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Connect to on premise


Source: SAP

Immerse in your data, touch multi screen

Cisco - new Cisco WebEx board at SAPPHIRENOW, MS Surface Hub


Source: SAP

focuses on live connectivity with BW

Mobile is not a different product, but an end-to-end, native touch gestures


Source: SAP

Leverage existing investments; native BW query concepts


Source: SAP

Free content provided as part of SAC


Source: SAP

Marketecture slide showing SAP Analytics Cloud as a SaaS platform

Live connections cover BI area

Top right - application building capabilities; today many have on-premise Lumira Designer - app building is planned for SAC - it is a roadmap item in Q3


Source: SAP

Today have 2 different ways to talk to BW queries

First one is the live connection; many advantages - no additional modeling

No data replication with live connection

Generate HANA views from BW queries


Data Import use case is supported; may want to run report on a monthly basis or the data seldom changes - set up a schedule


Source: SAP

Recent innovations focus on core BW connections


Source: SAP

BW Variants supported, consumptive only

In future roadmap, create variants


Source: SAP

Respect query layout settings as shown above


Source: SAP

Create KPIs without relying on IT

Delegated to BW system


Source: SAP

Harmonize metadata - ability to modify measure and dimensions metadata; similar to semantic layer concept - rename dimensions


Source: SAP

Admin option - simple switch to improve performance of charts (wave 5)

Configure parallel sessions on BW system

"Be smart about this"


Planned for Q2/Q3 - continue integration of BW concepts


Source: SAP

Stengthen analytic capabilities

Planned for end of Q2 - search to insight - see suggestions based on live connection to BW query - text based search

"Show me net revenue for top 5 products"

Integration capabilities, making them smarter


For BW, HANA, Universes, live connections

Initial release supported for English only


Source: SAP

BEx query designer has default value filters

"Soft filtering" is planned for Q2 for charts and tables


Source: SAP

Planned for Q3

Today, for BW Live connections, have partial support for Linked Analysis

Q3 - support story scenario - chart to chart filtering for BW live connections



Source: SAP

Planned BEx conditions supported Q2


Source: SAP

These features are known for import connections, now coming to live connections Q3


Time series - prereq - native support for native dimension type time


Export to CSV is part of the Q3 backlog; may go to Q4

Technical - Live Data Connectivity



Source: SAP

More of what was said earlier


Source: SAP

I like the idea of no BEx query redesign


Source: SAP

This is where SAP gets the most questions

See what is highlighted in blue

Check SAP Note 2541557

Encourage that all the latest SAP Notes applied



Source: SAP

Recommend for Live connection using CORS (cross origin resource sharing) - secure cross domain requests

ASUG BI Community Newsflash

Welcome to the latest BI community newsflash for keeping you up-to-date on important BI/BW/Analytics initiatives, events, and member offerings. This newsflash features sections that highlight various activities and action items for you to be aware of. We hope this information allows you to take full advantage of your ASUG membership.

This month we have 2018 ASUG Annual Conference (co-located with SAPPHIRE NOW®) updates, the ASUG Call for Presentations and an announcement for the 2019 BI+Analytics Conference, and more...

Opportunities to Influence


SAPPHIRE NOW® and ASUG Annual Conference: June 5-7, 2018

We have more than 50 BI/BW/SAP HANA® sessions planned for conference, as well as a community meetup in the ASUG area on the show floor, nine influence sessions, and great roundtable sessions.

Register for the SAP and ASUG Annual Conference.

Here are some of the highlights of our Annual Conference community’s sessions. Be sure to click the links to review the details, then add them to your agenda.

2018 ASUG BI Sessions Schedule

2018 ASUG Annual Conference BI Schedule with Links

2018 ASUG Annual Conference BI Brochure

This is customer-driven education, helping you make the most of your SAP investment.


ASUG Hands-on Pre-Conference Session on June 4 in Orlando

Here is what is on the agenda:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira®, designer edition.
  • Learn how to integrate the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud Analytics into an existing SAP software landscape.
  • Find out how to use the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Analytics Cloud to create compelling visual stories on-premise and in the Cloud.
  • Participate in detailed, hands-on exercises with SAP Lumira, designer edition.
  • And get hands-on with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Spaces are filling up. Register now!

Care to Share? Call for Presentations Is Open for ASUG at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

The ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team invites you to submit a proposal for SAP’s premier tech conference, SAP TechEd 2018 in Las Vegas, taking place this year October 1-5th. For the 14th year, ASUG is partnering with SAP for SAP TechEd.

You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge with thousands of attendees. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary, lecture-only ticket to the event.

This year SAP TechEd is arranged by conference tracks. The deadline to submit is May 30, so hurry.


Source: ASUG

2019 BI+Analytics Conference Announcement

BI+Analytics Conference dates and location are confirmed: March 11–13 in Dallas. (pre-conference sessions are back!). We are co-locating the event with our SAP-Centric Financials conference, so it is going to be amazing. Save the date!


Source: Eventful Conferences

Upcoming Webcasts

For a list of our 2018 webcast recordings, please visit this link.

Continue the conversation and follow @ASUG_BI on Twitter.

ASUG_BI (@ASUG_BI) | Twitter

Business Intelligence Link

Register now for SAP BW/4HANA Architecture Archetypes


SAP BW/4HANA opens up a variety of modeling and architecture options. These range from the classic but streamlined EDW approach, to agile approaches that emphasize bottom-up modeling and virtualization, to the real-time analytics approach, where data replication is central. In this lecture, these approaches will be presented and discussed.


Juergen Haupt, SAP

Marc Bernard, SAP

Date:  Thursday, May 24,  2018

Time:  8:00 a.m. PT | 11:00 am ET

Duration: 60 minutes

SAP offers the opportunity influence innovations for next releases through the influence program Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI).  This is the second cycle of 2018.

What innovations are there?

There are several projects for which you can register. The following projects are relevant for the SAP BI Community Members:



TitleLink to Customer Influence Site
SAP Analytics Cloud models connector for Web Intelligence
SAP Analytics Cloud Insights for IOS
Data modeling in SAP HANA 2.0
Help us define the features for the planned SAP Analytics Cloud live access to relational database
Understanding use-cases of a typical modeler in a company
Innovations on SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile
SAP Business ByDesign Customer Analytics
IoT Analytics
SAP Connected Goods and Machine Learning: Value-added Innovations with SAP Leonardo technologies
Combining IT and OT data at the edge
CoPilot Bot Integration Hub for Slack
SAP CoPilot Conversational Interaction
Customer Feedback for Fiori Floor-plans
Innovation of Fiori Floor-Plans
Predictive Analytics for Emissions and Compliance Management
Consumer Sales Intelligence
SAP Analytics Cloud content for SAP Hybris Marketing
Intelligent Purchase Order Accruals
Process Automation in Real Estate using Machine Learning
SAP HANA Performance Management Tools (Capture and Replay, Workload Analyzer, SQL Analyzer)
SAP HANA Python Client API for machine learning and Machine Learning Notebook

These projects can be found here .


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Above shows a picture view of the opportunities


Follow-up after registration

When you register, you will be sent a confirmation from.  When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call SAP; at this point further participation is optional. Typically signing a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.

The deadline for this cycle is on June 17


How do I register on the Customer Influence website?
The process of registration is here online.

About the Customer Engagement Initiative

SAP wants customer’s early involvement in the development process. Many topics will be opened only for SAP customers, but there are also topics for which the contribution of partners is requested.

Note: The above information was pulled together from various sources: SAP, ASUG and VNSG with some edits by me.

Also check the SAP Continuous Influence topics listed below:


Continuous Influence OpportunityLink to project
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Digital Boardroom
SAP Analysis for Mícrosoft Office
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for OLAP
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
SAP BusinessObjects Roambi
SAP BusinessObjects Semantic Layer
SAP Crystal Reports
SAP Analytics Hub




Consider registering for these upcoming ASUG influence council sessions:

June 18 I: ASUG Analysis Influence Council Relaunch

2018 ASUG Annual Conference Influence Sessions can be found here

Appendix - Survey

The BI Survey 18, the world's largest annual survey of business intelligence (BI) users.


As a participant, you will:


* Receive a summary of the results from the survey when it is published

* Be entered into a draw to win one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers

* Ensure that your experiences are included in the final analyses



The BI Survey 18 should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. 


Click here to take part

This was an ASUG webcast this week; you can watch the replay here.



Source: SAP

This webcast was from the SAP product management team based in Paris, looking after our Enterprise BI and Analytics Hub.


Source: SAP

This legal disclaimer explains that SAP can change out plans at any time without notice.


Source: SAP

Analytics is a priority for companies; usage is low; between 15-20% use.  If you ask the users why they don’t use analytics, most of the time they don’t know which system to access, where they’ll find the analytics they need, once they find an analytic they don’t know whether they can trust it


Source: SAP

If we categorize the challenges:


You have some related to the company history and organization, in large companies for instance, because of acquisitions, there are multiple data silos, and multiple BI systems. These silos create multiple versions of the truth, and make it hard to compare numbers.


On the user side, there is a lot of confusion and a lack of trust, so even if they have access to some reports, users don’t have a good description what the analytic is about, what the data source is, or the key performance indicators are calculated.


More and more, you have power users who create their own analytics, and this can is good if the data is trustworthy and they can promote their content to other users in the company. But in many cases the analytics are only visible or used within a small work group.


From an IT perspective, the goal is to encourage these self service initiatives, while still maintaining a single version of the truth. You need to add a layer of governance.


Source: SAP


SAP’s strategy is to combine on premise and cloud capabilities into hybrid solutions


SAP Analytics Cloud is an integrated solution that brings together BI, Planning and Predictive in one single interface.

create a new innovative solution in the cloud, while continuing to enhance the existing on premise solutions.


Source: SAP

The vision for SAP Analytics Hub is really to simplify access to all analytics, to enable BI governance and to increase IT efficiency.


Source: SAP

Analytics Hub provides a single point of access.  It could be SAP or non-SAP.



So Analytics Hub provides is a single access point to all your analytic assets.


Users don’t need to know whether the analytics are on premise or in the cloud, in an SAP system or an external system like SharePoint, another silo BI product, or anything accessible through a URL.


Just for SAP, your analytics may be coming from BusinessObjects Enterprise BI on premise, or SAP Analytics Cloud, or S/4HANA embedded analytics, Fiori Analytical App.


The key goal of using the Analytics Hub is to keep in one place an inventory of the governed analytics, analytics that have been validated by BI experts, either in IT or in the BI community or both.


You don’t need to move the analytics assets from the multiple system, you just reference and organize the important ones in the hub.


Users have more trust in these analytics because they have been selected, documented, and validated, and that encourages them to explore what is available on the Hub. And they can discover

some analytics that they may not have access to, read the documentation and decide whether they should ask to be granted access (in the source systems they wouldn’t see what they don’t have access to so they may not know to ask for authorization)



It provides a single point of access to all analytics

You can search, get information, access



Source: SAP

New - implement Fiori Design Principles

Add access from a mobile - iPhone or iPad you can connect to Analytics Hub - open in browser or in BI app

In the process of publishing a pattern book


Source: SAP

Enable BI Governance

By moderators in the community

Document, categorize, curate


It is like Wikipedia, users have different roles in the system


Most users only access the portal, search and browse the information, and access the analytics


But there are special roles that you can give to IT or power users, the role of content editors, who can add analytic links and metadata, and the role of moderators, who decide which analytics are visible to everyone.


So users contribute to the community according to their role, and the moderators can ensure that all the right information is provided before the analytics become visible.


Source: SAP

Users who have a “content validator” role need to validate the edits before an analytic asset becomes visible to everyone.


There is also a tenant operator role (from IT) to onboard the user and define the structure of the hub.


Source: SAP

Analytics Hub has refined the search



Source: SAP

The tool is easy to set up; user admin is same as SAP Analytics Cloud

Since last September there is an Admin cockpit where you can customize the configuration of the hub.



Source: SAP


It is a SaaS solution; no upgrade to manage.  Only metadata is stored in cloud.

Only the metadata is stored in the cloud, the analytics and the actual data stay in the source system. The hub can be set up quickly, and obviously since it’s a cloud solution there is no extra infrastructure or upgrades to manage.


The second benefit for IT is to avoid report proliferation and duplication, and making sure that the analytics that are exposed are documented consistently using the validation workflow.


And since all analytics are accessed through the hub you can track the usage, and understand which analytics, which data sources, and which systems are getting used.


Source: SAP

Cockpit was delivered last year

Early April, provided the corporate branding

Q4 - added ability to export content

In June, import content back to hub

SAML2 was added last Fall

Q1 release added message to allow GDPR compliance



Source: SAP

The data center locations are shown above - 3 in North American, Brazil, Europe, Asia - and will expand


Source: SAP

Future directions (subject to change)

Q2 - mobile support, add visibility by team - analytics in the catalog

This summer - enhance corporate branding

With BI4.2 SP6, end of July, Analytics Hub will expose BI authorizations - know if you are authorized before you click and not authorized, ask to be authorized


Later this year - describe measures, models, link the different assets




Source: SAP

Asset Factory will allow you to do a bulk upload



Source: SAP

This is a summary of the webcast

Question & Answer


How often are the releases for SAP Analytics Hub?


Every month




Is there a trial available for SAP Analytics Hub?


No trial yet, but Customers can ask for a free POC to their sales contact




Does Analytics Hub comes as addon like SAP Digital Boardroom in SAP analytics cloud


yes; you need to buy 100 users; seen customers buy thousands as they want to provide access to a large group of users




can we get assets from different customers ?


If you mean SAP and non-SAP the answer is yes




Can we connect Live BW4Hana & Hana System to publish reports in Analytics hub ?






Is Scheduling/Publication type actions possible or in plan?


for the moment feature is not planned




Is there a dedicated mobile app for accessing Analytics HUB contents?


no special app; access the URL of the HUB





Register now for SAP BW/4HANA and the SAP Data Hub


Big data scenarios are critical to future data warehouse architectures and require special integration scenarios between the data warehouse and the data lake. This session provides an overview of how the SAP Data Hub and SAP BW / 4 HANA can be used to tightly integrate data and data flows, thus enabling completely new analysis scenarios.


Josh Djupstrom, SAP

Marc Hartz, SAP

Date:  Thursday, May 17,  2018

Time:  10:00 a.m. PT | 1:00 pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Excerpt from the book SAP Predictive Analytics: The Comprehensive Guide by Antoine Chabert, Andreas Forster, Laurent Tessier, and Pierpaolo Vezzosi. Used with permission of SAP PRESS. All rights reserved.


Take a look at all the steps required to install the SAP Predictive Analytics client.


In this blog, we’ll cover all the steps required to install the SAP Predictive Analytics client. We’ll cover downloading the product, system requirements, the installation process itself, and the checks you should perform once the installation is complete.


Downloading the SAP Predictive Analytics Client


Client versions can be found under the folder PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS CLIENT 3, as shown in the following figure. Please note that you’ll need to select the proper operating system from the dropdown menu on the right.


System Requirements


The SAP Predictive Analytics 3.2 client can be installed on any of these systems:


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 64-bit version
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 64-bit version
  • Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1, 64-bit version
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit version
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0+ and 7.2 versions
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3+ and 12.0+ versions


Some requirements for installing the SAP Predictive Analytics client include the following:


  • Free space on hard disk: 475 MB recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB


Installation Steps


For a Microsoft Windows operating system, double-click on the client executable that you downloaded to start the installation.

The installation wizard will take you through the following steps:


  1. In the Corba Name Server Information screen, enter the TCP/IP address and port number of the SAP Predictive Analytics server.
  2. It is followed by the License Agreement and the Select Destination Location screen.
  3. On the Select Components screen, select the Full Installation option.
  4. It is followed by the Select Start Menu Folder and the Select Additional Tasks screen. Finally, in the Ready to Install screen, click the Install button to start the installation.


For a Linux operating system, before installing the SAP Predictive Analytics client, you’ll need to ensure that the correct Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is set up on your computer.


Learn more about setting up the Oracle JRE at

The SAP JVM can be downloaded from SAP Support Portal.


Refer to the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) to see exactly which versions are supported at


The deployment procedure consists of unzipping the client .tar file in the target location, for example, in soft/:


$ gunzip -c </directory/containing/the *.TAR> | tar -xvf –


Checking the Installation


When the installation is complete, you should launch the client and connect to the SAP Predictive Analytics server to verify that the connection works. At the same time, you can check that the proper license is also in place on the server.


You can verify the version of the server in the About menu of the client, as evidenced by the figure below. If the authenticated server is running correctly, the Modeling Server Status field will display Modeling Server running. This panel also allows you to see the product version of the connected server.


You can also check that the proper licenses are in place on the server by looking at the tabs Generator Licenses, Component Licenses, and Data Access Licenses.


Starting the Client on Linux Operating Systems


To launch the client in Linux and connect to the SAP Predictive Analytics server to create predictive models, use the following command:


$ AutomatedAnalyticsClient_<SYSARCH>_v<version number>/KJWizardCORBA/ <Name of the server>


Related Resources: The SAP Predictive Analytics Client Installation Guide:


Excerpt from the book SAP Predictive Analytics: The Comprehensive Guide by Antoine Chabert, Andreas Forster, Laurent Tessier, and Pierpaolo Vezzosi. Used with permission of SAP PRESS. All rights reserved.



This covers just a part of 2018 ASUG Annual Conference, co-located with SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, June 5-7.  Slides with links are 2018 ASUG Annual Conference Preview Slides


These events have been co-located since 2006, allowing attendees choices on how to plan and manage their conference experience.  ASUG hosts the world’s largest SAP customer-run event. The event offers more than 500 customer-run sessions, formal and informal networking opportunities bringing together SAP customers, partners and employees and the exclusive ability to influence future SAP product direction through the ASUG Influence Model.


Source: ASUG

Every year at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, ASUG gathers SAP customers to exchange best practices, lessons learned, and real-world experiences. We know that people learn best from each other, and that idea is what the ASUG community is built on.  (source: ASUG)


In the past, ASUG Annual Conference has focused on the “here and now” of SAP while SAPPHIRENOW attendees get a glimpse of the future.  But with so many roadmaps available on the ASUG side, ASUG attendees can get a glimpse of the future too.


It’s 21 days away – 3 weeks from today!



As you can see above, planning and work for ASUG Annual Conference spans 8 months of the year, starting in November with the tracks planning and call for speakers through June and the actual conference.


Perhaps you should consider coming a day earlier and consider one of the ASUG Pre-Conferences.   There is a  long list of pre-conferences to choose from, and one of them focuses on SAP Analytics and you have the ability to experience SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira Designer in a hands-on focused workshop. (source: Ingo Hilgefort)



This full-day, hands-on workshop will provide customers with an overview of the designer edition of SAP Lumira software and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. Attendees will learn about the roles that SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira, designer edition, can play as part of their overall SAP software landscape and how they can integrate with their existing on-premise and cloud-based data sources. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the designer edition of SAP Lumira and with SAP Cloud Analytics, in combination with the SAP Business Warehouse application and SAP HANA software, and create a variety of dashboards. 

(source: Ingo Hilgefort)



Source: Peter McNulty, SAP


Jumpstart your digital transformation journey into high gear by joining us in ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar – SAP Cloud Platform services: embrace new digital business opportunities.

Changing market requirements, new customer needs, innovative business ideas – there are a lot of business challenges as well as opportunities these days. Therefore, it is essential to have the right technology in place to support these efforts. Here’s a preview how the agenda for the full day workshop is shaping up:


Gunther Rothermel, Senior VP & Head of SAP Cloud Platform Services, will set the stage by providing the opening keynote.  This will be followed by the User Experience (UX) – a paramount ingredient to the success of digital transition projects. Our UX product management colleagues, Stephany Treadway and Nis Boy Naeve, Vice President of SAP User Interfaces, will be joined by Leo Pharma  as they share their digital transformation highlighting UX modernization

Next in the agenda, We’ll hear from Elijah Martinez, Palo Alto based expert for  SAP Cloud Platform API Management and the SAP API Business Hub on how to become a more open and agile company by adopting an API-first methodology.


Next Murphy Oil Corporation together  will explain how they reduced their TCO and TCD through platform consolidation and achieved faster ROI through rapid development and deployment of web and mobile Applications by standardizing and innovating on SAP Cloud Platform services.  Source: Peter McNulty, SAP


Source: SAP Mentors


Be sure to "embrace the magic" and attend some of the ASUG SAP Mentor sessions here.



A number of ASUG BI volunteers will be there – please stop us to say hi - we love to share regarding our BI Community


The link is to a brochure which summarizes our BI community sessions.  Check the tracks in the session catalog.



We have another conference with great content for you.  You told us what you wanted to see and hear.  We’ve done our best to find you the very best


We are not expecting you to read the above but only as an overview of the content.  The link is here.


We have content grouped generally as Hana, Big Data, BW, and BI. 


We will be in rooms S for South Concourse  closest to the Hilton – S320 A – D


Last year you had the options of eating on the concourse or in facilities close to the show floor.


Another schedule by day is here.  Another one is here.


Other Must Know Tips


Come to the third floor for good coffee



Mears Shuttle at Orlando Airport has inexpensive transportation to the local airports


Redi Pedi Cabs are a nice (good for environment) way to get to restaurants that are not in walking distance.

Register now for BI: Deep Dive Preview of ASUG BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference


Attend this webcast to get your BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Roadmap for the ASUG Annual Conference. This webcast will provide conference information both ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW and help you plan your conference agenda and maximize your conference experience. In this 30 minute session, see a preview of these BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects sessions and why you should attend SAP’s largest user conference.


Joyce Butler, ASUG BI Volunteer

Rachel Ho, SAP

Date:  Wednesday, May 16,  2018

Time:  9:00 a.m. PT | Noon. ET

Duration: 30 minutes


If you attend live, you are entered to win a free Analysis Office book (random book drawing)

Do you know that SAP Customer Connection brings your organization non-disruptive enhancements in Notes and Support Packages?  You can take advantage of these now for  BI Platform!

An overview of the latest improvement is attached.  A current overview  is always available in the SAP Improvement Finder


Leverage the new and improved SAP Improvement Finder to find the latest enhancements.

  • The User guide can be found here
  • You can search new and previous improvement via different product areas and release dates.
  • You can also review different influence projects  narrowing your choices by selecting industry and technology of your interest.

The corresponding improvement notes contain detailed descriptions and download links, so you can choose the most relevant to your system.



Source: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get quick-to-adopt, non-disruptive enhancements delivered via SAP Notes and support packages for Analytics



Improvement ID on Customer Influence siteImprovement TitleDownload Link for related SAP Note/Help document
10037Users InBox Size and Instance Limitations settingsdelivered in BI4.2 SP5
10058Limit the size of user favriotesdelivered in BI4.2 SP5
10140Improve User Interface for ADMINS in the CMC - WinAD set-up screendelivered in BI4.2 SP5

Register now for BI: Discover the Latest Features of SAP Analytics Hub, Your Single Entry Point for all Analytics


Hosted by: Analytics SIG of the Business Intelligence Community

Discover the latest features of SAP Analytics Hub, your single entry point for all analytics.


Laura Vega, SAP

Olivier Duvelleroy, SAP

Date:  Monday, May 14,  2018

Time:  9:00 a.m. PT | Noon. ET

Duration: 60 minutes


Source: Visual BI

There were so many slides that I have very few notes. 


Source: Visual BI




Source: Visual BI

The packed agenda


Source: Visual BI



Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI



Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Tableau costs


Source: Visual BI


This is Qlik


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI

PowerBI has monthly releases

PowerBI desktop is free, but when you want to share, it starts costing $


Source: Visual BI

Designer - IT authored, power user apps


Source: Visual BI

Announcement by SAP on February 7


Source: Visual BI

SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Analytics Hub introduced

It is pure cloud, no desktop


Source: Visual BI

Try the 30 day trial


Source: Visual BI

Come see KMG at ASUG Annual Conference


Source: Visual BI

Evaluation criteria

Data Acquisition



Source: Visual BI


Strength of SAC is hybrid


PowerBI - extensive list of connectors; need to scale up


Qlik is good in acquired mode


Source: Visual BI

SAC - SAP may fill gaps

A constant evolving


Source: Visual BI

Most of tools connect to HANA; SAC does not support HANA imported mode


SAC and Discovery can natively connect to Universe


Source: Visual BI


Spotfire is the strongest tool

SAC and Discovery are similar on data prep


Source: Visual BI

Not a lot of gaps, with Tableau the richest


Source: Visual BI

Spotfire leads for geo maps


Source: Visual BI


Microsoft, being part of 365, this is where they shine


Source: Visual BI

Expectation is to "chat" in tools


Source: Visual BI

New addition to study


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


SAP HANA Integration


Source: Visual BI

SAP can use BICS while others use the one on the right


Source: Visual BI


PowerBI connectivity to BW is not mature


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Biggest strength of Tableau is its community; recently released a data prep feature


Source: Visual BI

SAC - no modeling with live connections


Source: Visual BI

The whole webinar in one slide


Source: Visual BI

Look at user personas


Source: Visual BI

It's 2018 and we're here


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI


Source: Visual BI

Future is all cloud platforms; we don't know who will be the leader in 2025


Source: Visual BI



The ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team invites you to plan submit a proposal for SAP’s premier tech conference, SAP TechEd 2018 in Las Vegas, this year October 1-5.  ASUG is partnering with SAP once again for SAP TechEd.


Call for proposals is now open. You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge to thousands of attendees. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary, lecture-only ticket to the event.

This year SAP TechEd is now arranged in conference tracks:


Integration will soon account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform. If you’re looking to deploy SAP solutions across the enterprise, there are tips and tricks available to help you get there faster. Find out how you can use open API’s, master data management, and interoperability to realize the full potential of the intelligent enterprise, and get ready to extend your SAP system capabilities to third-party solutions or future SAP offerings.


Conference Track:


You need the ability to access insights and act on high-quality data wherever it resides. SAP enables simplified, secure, and governed enterprise-class applications and analytics across a heterogeneous data landscape. If you work with distributed data management in the cloud; enterprise data lakes; automated data preparation; or unified, real-time, out-of-the-box analytics, these journeys will support your goals. Discover new insights, simplify data management, and get ready for compliance.


Conference Track:

To run seamlessly in the cloud, you need to detach the application from the infrastructure. The open source community is enabling applications to operate and port seamlessly across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments through SAP technologies. This track explores containers, DevOps, development tools, an “API-first” architecture, and cloud platforms. Find out how you can become more agile now and reduce TCO through multitenancy, elasticity, and resource sharing


Conference Track:


Enterprise users expect their interactions with working applications to be as enjoyable as that of consumer sites. SAP offers humanized experience with conversational UI and Natural Language Processing.  Technicians working with digital platforms, voice and chatbots, VR and AR will find the insights they need in this track.


Conference Track:


Innovative technologies have become operational. This has extended enterprise technology skills into the realm of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. But these technologies must be applied to and embedded within enterprise applications to deliver value, and unleash the power of SAP analytics. Get the answers to how you can make digital transformation a reality for your team.



Conference Track:


Security is a top-of-mind concern and embedded within systems from inception. If cybersecurity in application design or if data protection and privacy  are your driving concerns, you’ll find the answers you need in these sessions. Learn about threat mitigation, built-in security awareness, and compliance with the latest data privacy regulations.


Conference Track:

The SAP technology portfolio is broad and comprehensive. Our solutions provide the technology and services to simplify how to run your enterprise, IT infrastructure, or line of business. Understanding how best to plan your SAP deployments both now and in the future can be a daunting task in and of itself. Learn the ins and outs of SAP’s solution strategy and services, get your feet wet with what’s new and unexplored, or see the road map you need to plan for tomorrow.


Steps to submit:

  1. Logon here – if it is your first time, you may be prompted to create an account.  Select SAP TechEd 2018.

You may also have to agree to these guidelines:


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Information from the SAP Site when you logon:Approved speakers receive:

  • Complimentary lecture-only conference registration
  • SAP TechEd does not reimburse for speaker’s time, travel or hotel.
  • Registration Excludes access to: hands-on sessions and pre-conference sessions. Both can be added to your registration for an additional fee.

If you have questions, email

2. Select Submit Session tab, then select Submit Session button


3. Select 1 hour lecture, select track from above


4. Select abstract title and abstract.  The abstract title is limited to 75 characters, description is limited to 500 characters


Then select Session level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), programming language (if applicable), products and job roles.

If this is not an ASUG Influence session, select radio button no.

The enter speaker; you can search if it is already in the catalog.

Be sure to submit your session at the bottom and then you will be prompted to finalize submission.


If you need tips to submit, watch this ASUG TV video:


Why should you submit? Quote from Stephen Johannes, previous speaker:

“You don’t need to present on “newest stuff” to get accepted….It is also a great way for you to deepen your own personal understanding of a particular topic. Even though you may think you know a topic very well, it is amazing how building the presentations will force you to pick up every single detail as part of you research. ” – Stephen Johannes


Submit your session today.  If you have questions, email

Deadline to submit is May 30th

This was an ASUG webcast last month.  You can watch the replay at BI: Overview of SAP Mobile Analytics and Roadmap



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Why Mobile Analytics?



Internet users spent more time on mobile devices than desktop in 2017; 55% of FB users only use mobile app


A lot of analytic solutions are designed for the desktop


Source: SAP

Momentum from customers to move to the cloud but also have an investment in the on-premise suite.  Expect an augmentation of use cases to the Cloud; expect a hybrid deployment; plans for a hybrid license.


Source: SAP

Carefully simplify portfolio

A well-crafted mobile solution can help reach mass adoption


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Two products are in the cloud - RoamBI and SAP Analytics Cloud - position a single product for the Cloud - SAP Analytics Cloud


Today they are two separate licenses and two tenants


Target end of calendar year is to augment SAP Analytics Cloud with the RoamBI capabilities


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Three things to support hybrid mobile strategy - deliver a consistent mobile first experience

Special Fiori iOS design paradigm - if all apps use this paradigm it brings familiarity


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Support MDM frameworks, security, 3rd party frameworks, SDK to give deeper customization; want this supported in a uniform fashion across all apps



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Working on making Analytics Hub available via mobile

Links will recognize that you are on a mobile device


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iOS has adopted Fiori paradigm

Closely integrate with third party MDM vendors

Authentication improvements

Analytics Hub integration

Main theme for SAP Mobile BI is fall in line with hybrid strategy

Next release has security enhancements



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New iPhoneX screen

RoamBI road map is "thin" this year as the team is working on supporting RoamBI content from SAP Analytics Cloud



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Deep links - you can share content

It relies on responsive layouts you create

In Q2/Q3 (subject to change) - geospatial support (right now only an iOS app) - looking to support Android

MDM support

Scheduled data download for better offline support

Later in the year support predictive features

Mobile app focuses on consumption

Later once more mature, focus on SDK



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Catalyst allows you to deliver an "insight" - a contextual compact view so user can take instant action

Register now for BI: Integration of Data Warehousing Foundation with SAP BW/4HANA




This session will give an overview on the Integration of Data warehousing foundation with SAP BW/4HANA


Heiko Schneider, SAP

Storm Archer, SAP


Date:  Tuesday, May 8,  2018

Time:  9:00 a.m. PT | Noon. ET

Duration: 60 minutes

Register now for  BI: Best Practices for Making Gorgeous Stories with SAP Analytics Cloud



Join us for a highly interactive session as we share data visualization best practices, resources, and customer examples. We will then take your input to transform a truly awful report into a well-designed, pixel-perfect, interactive story during a live demo of SAP Analytics Cloud.


Jacob Stark, SAP

Date:  Thursday, May 3nd

Time: 9:00 a.m. PT | Noon Eastern
Duration: 60 minutes

Register for replay: What is the future of Web Intelligence : 4.2 SP06 and next, our plans



Attend this session to find out the future of SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceAttend this session to find out the future of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.


Gregory Botticchio, SAP

Date:  Wednesday, May 2nd

Time: 8:30 a.m. PT | 11:30 AM Eastern
Duration: 60 minutes



Will WebI SP06 be compatible with HANA 2.0 SP03..?Will come back with answer to this
Any idea if the what if included for Webi I would submit this as an idea here: - also look at using input controls
Has there been any other information available for the roadmap of the platform?  4.3?We had a BI platform roadmap webcast April 19th - TBD per SAP; also ask at ASUG Annual Conference next month - link to the webcast recordings is here:
SP06 scheduled for Jan. 2019 release - is that correct?SP6 - scheduled for July 2018; sp7 is for Jan 2019
For real time streaming using WebI/Auto Refresh from Source - will new WebI work?It should work