Recording: BI: BI Platform Roadmap


Obtain an overview of the latest SAP BusinessObjects BI Road Map.


Maheshwar Singh, SAP

Date:  Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time: 8:00 a.m. PT | 11: 00 am ET
Duration: 60 minutes


What is the positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud compared to BO BI Platform, especially regarding the Lumira Designer part ?Lumira Designer remains with on prem for now. There are several ways to implement SAP Analytics Cloud. You can do hybrid to leverage both SAC and BIP. Talk to your account exec for more details and POC.

Additionally more webinars are planned for Lumira 2.2 & application building in SAP Analytics Cloud - go to
Will there be a BI4.3 release in 2019 or?Recently posted a blog about increase maintenance on BI4.2/ -announce 4.3 once come to conclusion
UI5 is considerably slower than the standard Launchpad and Webi viewer.  Will this be addressed in the near future?Yes, address in near future
We have a BW system on premise and we are thinking about implementing a dahsboarding solution. SAC is recommended by SAP, but does it provide the same Advanced functionnalities as Lumira DesignerSAC does not yet have this capability; attend this June webinar to learn more or attend ASUG Annual Conference in June
Due to the numerous breeches of cloud based systems, we will be staying with on-premise for the foreseeable future (breeches are extremely costly in healthcare)!!  With the end of life announcement for Lumira Discovery, we will be spinning up more Tableau instances!!Even Tableau is selling their cloud solution. I totally understand the concern on cloud security, but it is inevitable.
Can you add more flexible scheduling variables?  for example, allow the name to include Date only (and not date/time).  Also, something like current period, current month, etc.Create an idea on the influence site at
Can Lumira 2 Sp3 connect to 2 or more Live Connections? We had some issue with connecting with more than onehe will need to ask Lumira team
For a new customer considering Analytics, what would be the primary decision factors influencing whether to do BI Analytics on premise vs SAP Analytics CloudLook at your use cases
Is explorer and Dashboard will be stoped supporte from when?2020 - Flash is deprecated
How to make BI 4.2 device indeendent using Fiori or something?Fiori launchpad is not touch enabled
I Didn't hear from monitoring/fiori responseRemoving Flash from monitoring and being built with UI5 using Fiori principals
BI Analytics on premise vs SAP Analytics Cloud: is there a feature comparison available?You can see Mike Flannagan's blog


Maheshwar answered these open questions:

Can Lumira 2 Sp3 connect to 2 or more Live Connections? We had some issue with connecting with more than one

[Maheshwar]: Yes, you can but only to the same source system. We don’t support live connectivity to multiple systems at the same time in a document. However, you can connect to multiple views/queries from the same source system within a document.


Can you please explain the custom header feature?

[Maheshwar]: The Adaptive job server has an additional parameter to introduce custom headers if the destination is an email.


Any pre-packaged Audit universe for Sybase IQ Audit database?

[Maheshwar]: This needs to be addressed in the future


does "Visual Difference" mean Webi document / data structure difference? or something else?

[Maheshwar]: Visual difference will support metadata comparison for all content types in BOE.


Anything on BIST?

[Maheshwar]: Sorry, what is BIST?