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Session IDTitle
ASUG9692Road Map: Overview of SAP Lumira
ASUG9693Road Map: SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office
ASUG9700Building Applications with SAP Lumira and SAP Analytics Cloud
ASUG9738SAP Analytics: Hybrid Use Cases
ASUG10034Road Map: Overview of SAP BW/4HANA
ASUG10037Effective Data Visualization Dos and Don’ts
ASUG10040Road Map: SAP Analytics Cloud
ASUG10055Leveraging SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and SAP Lumira, Designer Edition for Visualizations
ASUG100986000 Models, 11 Billion Data Points: Massive Machine Learning in Weeks
ASUG10144Next-Generation Analytics Platform: A Hybrid Model with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA
ASUG10175Analytics and Digital Business: New Ways to Turn Information into Income
ASUG10282Road Map: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Delivers Insights to Drive Strategic Decisions
ASUG10284Canadian Public Sector: Digital Reporting and Advanced Analytics
ASUG10403Road Map: Overall On-Premise Business Intelligence
ASUG10424Tetra Pak’s Journey from SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 to SAP Lumira 2.x and on to SAP Analytics Cloud
ASUG10527SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA: Enterprise Data Warehousing
ASUG10529Predictive Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation with SAP S/4HANA
ASUG10530SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions in a Cloud Environment: The Options Available
ASUG10541SAP Analytics Hub: The How, What, and Where
ASUG10657Salt River Project’s Transformation Journey: Migrating SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse to SAP HANA
ASUG10751Reinvent the C-Suite with L3 Technologies and SAP Digital Boardroom
ASUG10793U.S. Department of the Interior: Migration to SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA Road Map
ASUG10842Using SAP Predictive Analytics for Analyzing Quality Defects
ASUG10847How Benjamin Moore Imaginatively Migrated a 10 TB Data Warehouse to SAP HANA Data Warehousing
ASUG10877Analytics with SAP S/4HANA Cloud
ASUG10918A Voyage of Discovery: Global Analytics in the Royal Canadian Navy
ASUG10945Schindler Accelerates Business Transformation Through Connected Data
ASUG11029Road Map: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
ASUG11078Strategy for Native Analytics with SAP HANA: Approach and Lessons Learned
ASUG11086Modernize Your Data Platform with SAP HANA: What It Means and How to Plan
ASUG11366SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP S/4HANA: Complementing the Digital Core
ASUG11459Road Map: SAP Predictive Analytics and Analytics Capabilities Offered in SAP Analytics Cloud
ASUG11581Customer Story: Katerra’s Implementation of SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA
ASUG11744Time Lords: Travel Through Time (and Space) with Your Models in SAP HANA
ASUG11788Florida Crystals’ Digital Transformation Journey from Reporting to Analytics
ASUG11875SAP BW/4HANA Cloud Sneak Peek
ASUG12004Lessons Learned on the Migration to SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA at Stanley Black & Decker
ASUG12018Find Out If SAP Lumira 2.X Is a Treasure: Molex Takes Its Measure
ASUG12021Driving Hybrid and Self-Service Analytics at KMG Chemicals
ASUG12026Molex Welcomes SAP Business Warehouse 7.5 and SAP HANA: Now How to Make the Most of It




ASUG BI Community Newsflash

Welcome to the latest newsflash to keep you up-to-date on important BI / BW / Analytics initiatives, events, and member offerings. This newsflash features sections that highlight various activities and action items for you to be aware of. We hope this information allows you to take full advantage of your ASUG membership.

SAPPHIRE NOW® + ASUG Annual Conference

ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar: Hands-On Data Visualization and Dashboards with the Designer Edition of SAP Lumira® and SAP Analytics Cloud

Date: Monday, June 4, 2018
Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: Orlando, FL

If you will be attending SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, kick off the week with this full-day, hands-on ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of SAP Analytics Cloud and the designer edition of SAP Lumira.
  • Learn how to integrate the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud Analytics into an existing SAP software landscape.
  • How to use the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Analytics Cloud to create compelling visual stories on premise and in the cloud.
  • Detailed, hands-on exercises with SAP Lumira, designer edition.
  • Detailed, hands-on exercises with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Spaces are filling up, so register today!

Register Now

Fee: $745 ASUG Member | $845 Non-ASUG Member

BI / BW / SAP HANA® Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference

We have over 50+ BI / BW / SAP HANA Analytics sessions planned for 2018 ASUG Annual Conference, as well as a community meetup in the ASUG Hub on the floor, and great round table sessions.Here are some of the highlights for the ASUG BI Community track. Be sure to click the links to review the details, then add them to your agenda

  1. SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA Utilities at SRP’s session ASUG10657: "Salt River Project’s Transformation Journey: Migrating SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse to SAP HANA." Attend and learn from this journey to SAP HANA.
  2. "Road Map: SAP Analytics Cloud" ASUG10040 – Ingo Hilgefort will be presenting the SAP road map.
  3. "A Voyage of Discovery: Global Analytics in the Royal Canadian Navy" ASUG10918 – A great customer story.
  4. ASUG BI Community Networking ASUG12137– ASUG Volunteer Derek Loranca invites you to network with the ASUG business intelligence (BI) volunteers and other SAP BI community members.
Register Now


ASUG Call for Speakers at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

The ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team invites you to plan to submit a proposal for SAP’s premier tech conference, SAP TechEd 2018 in Las Vegas, taking place Oct. 1–5, 2018. ASUG is partnering with SAP once again for SAP TechEd.The call for proposals will open soon. You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge to thousands of attendees. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary, lecture-only ticket to the event.This year SAP TechEd is now arranged in journeys.

BI Platform Webcast Series Is Completed

Our series has been a great success and is available for your on-demand review. If you have any questions about BI4.2 platform, watch our webcast series and let us know what we missed.

BI+Analytics Conference Recap

BI+Analytics was a fantastic conference with a spectacular crowd, but the work doesn't end here, it's actually just starting. For the next year, Eventful Conferences will be focused on putting together the very best conference for SAP® BusinessObjects™ and SAP Analytics users. Take a trip over to the YouTube page to catch a few snippets that you may have missed or to write down some insight. Get the whole recap for sessions, news, quotes, pics, and so much more.

ASUG Influence Updates

The ASUG SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Influence Council has been renamed the Mobile Analytics Influence Council. Find out more:

If you are interested in joining the ASUG Analysis Office Influence Council, please register for our webcast:


Continue the conversation and follow @ASUG_BI on Twitter.

Best Regards,
Your ASUG BI Volunteers


As a valued member of the BI community, we wanted to let you know of some upcoming webinars that may be of interest to you! In addition to providing insights from the SAP's most respected voices on the most relevant and important topics today, these webinars also help you earn CPE's/PDU's depending on your area of certification.


Keep in mind you can always watch the archived webinars later—and we offer an extensive library of on-demand webinars you can also explore here: ASUG BI Webcast Recording/Slides Reference List for 2018


More upcoming webcasts can be found Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts

This was an ASUG webcast today.  As usual, the SAP legal disclaimer applies - anything in the future is subject to change.  Slides are posted here.  Register for the replay here


See how predictive in SAP Analytics Cloud delivers an integrated solution capable of solving real world use cases, which brings the best of BI, Planning and Predictive in a single platform. In this webinar we will show how SAP Analytics Cloud customers can build predictive models, consume the results of those models in BI and Planning scenarios and put the models into production in Business Applications. We will also cover our vision for predictive within Analytics Cloud.


Robert McGrath,SAP



Source: SAP


"SAP Predictive Analytics enables customers to create and manage large scale Machine Learning models against SAP application data and to embed the predictive outputs and insights where they drive the most business value: directly in the applications where business decision makers are working." - Source: SAP

pafuture.jpgSource: SAP

From Q1 2018 all net new Predictive Analytics development is being redirected into SAP Analytics Cloud.  SAP is building a simple and compelling user experience for predictive workflows in SAP Analytics Cloud that will compliment and enhance existing Business Intelligence and Planning capabilities. The focus is to provide simple self service Data Science capabilities including support for data ingestion, model creation and model management.


The target user of this development will be the SAP Analytics Cloud user. Our goal is to provide professional data scientist quality predictive models to Data Analysts and BI user through a simple interface that enables them to augment their planning and BI workflows.  It will be targeted at the citizen data scientist, business analyst - not the data scientist.  It will be provided in a consumer level experience


Automated data science is the way going forward, by 2019 citizen data scientist will surpass data scientist in output, as projected per Gartner


It will support large scale machine learning and support embedding models in business applications


Source: SAP

Move to Analytics Cloud is to provide a single application.  Typically predictive solutions require a lot of set-up; Analytics Cloud provides multiple sources; Predictive will support those sources


There is no need for IT setup.


SAP's long term vision is to provide a tool with all of the functionality of SAP Predictive Analytics with 100% in the cloud. The plan is to "Enable a Data Scientist or data analyst to work 100% in a SaaS solution."

Part of SAP Analytics Cloud includes the following:


  • Data connectivity
  • Data ingestion
  • Model authoring
  • Model management


Source: SAP


Initial release is planned for June around SAPPHIRENOW

They will provide predictive modeling, classifications (answer which customers will buy a product or churn), will support regression (when deal is complete), time series forecasting - segmented forecasting (sales over time, build by segments)


Support CSV/XLX formats, S/4HANA

Consume predictive scores in Analytics Cloud


Q3 - Extend support for predictive modeling, more complex models, more than 1 technique, ability to export predictive results

Extend application integration - planned around August around S/4HANA release


Q4 - introduce hybrid support - live connection to data - on premise data supported so data is not transferred to cloud and score data in source system


Next year will include data preparation


Question and Answer


Can we use CDS Views (Consumption Views) as sources to the SAP Analytical cloud and do predictive modeling?.We will support connections to HANA (not in inital release) - probably Q3.  S4 connection will support CDS views
Do you have a demo on Predictive Modelling?happening soon here, live!
Is there any plan to add feature generation to SAC?Yes, plan to add the ability to build analytical record used to train a model
ABAP CDS voewsS4HANA connectivity will support CDS views
Can we connect external ML tools like RInitally not support extensibility
what does this mean for Predictive FactoryPredictive Factory continues to be available/ supported - future development is focused on cloud
Does it have everything that is available in PAL but in cloud?focusing on answer business questions; rather than provide a catalog of technique - focus on business question rather than a data scientist
What data sources are planned for Predictive analytics?plan to support all SAC and data sources introduced for SAC; for live - support HANA, Hadoop
What about unstructured data from platforms like hadoop? will it be possible to consume models from SAP Vora?planned support for hadoop
Does it support Unstructured data?Typically algorithms are suited for structured data
maybe already asked, but showed up late.  Is functionality you are showing in SAC, or planned to be therePlanned functionality for around the June/SAPPHIRENOW timeframe - thank you for joining us today
In future, do you have plans to include the social media( like Twitter, Facebook), to do any predictive analytics?.
Fetching these data to Predictive models is the key though but want to understand the view from SAP on using these social media as sources?.
no answer to; depends on how SAC integrates with those data sources
What are the optimization techniques in SAC? seems your screen choking when processing excel file dataPredictive today builds multiple techniques - build iterations of model for optimization
Will it be possible in future to consume unstructured data from hadoop via SAP Vora?On roadmap to connect Hadoop  - no details on that
Is your data for this demo coming from C4C?He said it is an Excel file
Where is excel populated from?this is a sample data set
can you have demo on the abap cds connection to choose the tablenot in this system, not available yet; target for SAPPHIRENOW
Is there any plan to add automated feature generation?yes, plan to do this
and how do you put the entry back into the same tablenot possible to do this directly
Can I say this is HANA PAL in Cloud?no, not provide full PAL coverage but to answer business questions
Will you support live unv data as a data source for Predictive analyticsYes, planned for early next year with a live connection
Can you use TensorFlow iwth this?use algorithm for business question rather than data scientist techniques
Is CPI/HCI used for SAP Predictive Analytics Integration?not really - use same connectivity as SAC
If you are focussing on business questions, are you planing industry specific release ? Like specific scenarios for Resources industry ?looking at industry content in SAC and plan to incorporate predictive into that
So this is aimed to Business Audience?aimed at citizen data scientist
how is this integrated with SAC planning functionalityplanning integration not demoed here but something to be introduced quickly



SAPPHIRENOW / ASUG Annual Conference

I am hoping to learn more at this session at the conference: Road Map: SAP Predictive Analytics and Analytics Capabilities Offered in SAP Analytics Cloud



Upcoming Webcasts

Learn more at these upcoming webcasts:

Register now for BI: Overview of SAP Mobile Analytics and Roadmap




This session will give an overview on SAP Mobile Analytics Strategy. The session will provide further information on features that are coming up on SAP Mobile BI SAP Roambi and SAP Analytics Cloud mobile applications. Furthermore, we will discuss the roadmap for each of these products.


Vivek Das, SAP

Santi Becerra, SAP

Terry Penner, SAP

Date:  Thursday, April 26, 2018

Time:  8:00 a.m. PT | 11:00 a.m. ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Part of the education that ASUG offers is webcasts, as part of the "YRC" (year-round community) offerings.  Not everyone has a budget to attend face-to-face events and it is easy to attend a webcast from the comfort of your office.


Part of "YRC" is measuring how we are doing.  While this review is late, I did want to share some results.


First, using SAP Analytics Cloud "build my story":


So over 12K registered for our webcasts, with the highest webcast registration at 457, lowest at 36.


SAP Analytics Cloud automatically built this story


If you hover over the outlier, you can see which webcast was the outlier, which was Overview of Lumira 2.x Roadmap which had 457 register, 319 watch online.



You can see over 6K actually watched the ASUG BI webcasts in 2017.



Again, this is a build my story automatically shows registration by SIG.


This is an attempt at a histogram for registration, using Lumira.  This is showing distributions of webcast registrations.


This is a stacked "histogram" to show contribution of registration by SIG, using Lumira.


Above shows the online registration histogram showing contribution by SIG



Registration is shown by month; note that there are ASUG blackout periods in January and December, thus resulting in lower registration.  Additionally, last year, the BI+Analytics Conference was held in August; we try to not to schedule webcasts during that time frame.   September was a little lower too as that was during SAP TechEd Las Vegas.



Q2 was the highest month for registration and online, Q1/Q4 contain ASUG HQ blackout dates, and Q3 was when we held our face-to-face events (BI+Analytics and SAP TechEd Las Vegas)


Does Day of Week impact Webcast Registration?


Above is the automatic distribution that SAP Analytics Cloud provides - counts of webcasts by weekday


Tuesday is the magic day; ASUG prefers not holding webcasts on Mondays or Fridays but sometimes that cannot be avoided.


More attend online when the webcast is held on a Tuesday


This was automatically built by SAP Analytics Cloud and I find it interesting



Reg #Online #Attendance RatioRegistration Conv Rate
Standard Error11.2447Standard Error6.86701Standard Error0.012020236Standard Error0.025869585
Standard Deviation94.07994Standard Deviation57.45353Standard Deviation0.100568512Standard Deviation0.216440478
Sample Variance8851.035Sample Variance3300.908Sample Variance0.010114026Sample Variance0.04684648



Above is automatically provided from the Excel Analysis Pak, Descriptive Statistics

Mean registration webcast is 171.5

Mean online webcast is 88.9

The attendance ratio is online / registered - and mean is 50.8%


The "descriptive statistics" show the "central tendency" - mean, median and mode


Median is the middlemost value; the formula is total number of observations + 1 / 2  and the data has to be ordered


Mode -is most frequent value in dataset, usually seen via a histogram, and you can see how far off data is from normal


If mode and median are less than mean, this indicates a right skewed distribution


This covers how the data is shaped




Variability covers how spread apart data values


The range is max minus min and tells story of how disperse data is


Variance indicates how variable is data; can be unwieldy



Standard deviation (square root of variance) - understand how data distributed around mean



Standard error is variance around true mean; at shows how close to mean


N/A - in mode - no single value that is more common than anything else (see Attendance ratio above)


Shape of distribution - Kurtosis is an estimate of normality of data (Microsoft) -  closer to 0, more likely the data is normally distributed


Skewness - tails; positive number means it is right skewed, negative means it is left-skewed - +2 / -2 are good for statistical analysis


Webinar Pipeline

If I were a marketing/saleperson, I would like at how to turn the registration clicks into registered, and registered into online.


Of those who clicked the webcast page, what is the percentage registered?



So over 21K were aware of the webcast, over 12K were interested (registered), and over 6K actually attended.


Mobility SAP Analytics Cloud


Above shows how it looks on my iPhone with SAP Analytics Cloud; the resolution was crisp.  I copied some of the stories to the "responsive" lanes.


iPhone resolution is very good


Smart Discovery


Not sure this can be seen, but it shows 44% of the webcasts have above average registration


Word Clouds


This is text analysis on single words from webcast titles; with SAP and BusinessObjects leading the way



Two word text analysis, with SAP BusinessObjects and Web Intelligence leading the way


More upcoming webcasts

Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts

This was an SAP User Group webcast, which interested me as we have an ASUG session at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference on this topic:


Schindler Accelerates Business Transformation Through Connected Data - ASUG10945


Explore how data, the new center of gravity in today’s digital world, is redefining business models and disrupting markets. Hear how SAP Data Network monetizes unique insights from data to offer CEOs new growth opportunities and to enable superior customer experiences. Learn how Schindler has reimagined its business by putting data at the core.



I am thrilled to have the CDO of Schindler, Michael Nilles, presenting and SAP's Helen Arnold.


Abstract of the webcast:

SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence

Data is the most underestimated asset of our time. Traditionally it drove operational excellence, today it drives differentiation and growth. Therefore data, in today’s world is a strategic competitive advantage.


SAP Data Intelligence operates as a team of experts that is laser-focused on delivering customer value within short time-to-market, realizing business value in 4 months through a standardized process that is built on SAP’s design thinking methodology. It harnesses all of SAP’s leading-edge cloud technology and services to deliver ready-to-consume data monetization cloud services.


You will get

• an overview of SAP’s take on Data Monetization

• an overview of available products

• insights from data driven customer projects


Source: SAP User Group


SAP Data Network team focusing on data monetization


SAP Leonardo focus is "innovation" - a portfolio of technologies


Offer technology bundles, and methodologies


Faster innovation, less risk


Source: SAP


Data intelligence is a big word; data volumes are growing


Data is the new asset


Today focuses on Live Customer Cloud; right ecosystem, connections, and "unleash" data


Source: SAP


New revenue streams for customers with the data


Connect your data sources with the right combination of external data sources


Discover value


Source: SAP

What does data monetization mean?

Above shows three directions

Schindler (Elevator company) - they have installation data, they have the data, but not predict the future of the elevator

They took the installation data and combined it with the weather data

They were able to predict which sites needed more attention

Business efficiency includes predictive maintenance

Not sell raw data; sell insights to other


Source: SAP


This is a turnkey solution

Insert customer data, social data, weather data

Based on use case, enrich customer data, data lake for your use case

Cautious about GDPR; anonymize data at customer site

Data ingestion "wrangles" data

Data scientists start writing models or use machine learning, to solve business use case with your data

Comes with nice visualization; uses SAP Analytics Cloud as UI

Hybris billing so you can meter/monetize based on data consumption and packages


Source: SAP


Speed matters; so packaged solutions are available

Behind the scenes, uses Data Hub for pipelines and data orchestration

Data science uses machine learning layer


Source: SAP

All the tools in the previous slide can be accessed with Live Customer Cloud


Source: SAP

Industries such as retailers, and all different industries have data monetization use cases

Insurance risk profiling includes external data

Examples are shown above


Source: SAP

Combine your internal data with the data sources shown above

Data sources are on the SAP platform and can be immediately be used; if you did it yourself it would take a long time


Source: SAP

For retailers, saw patterns - find the next retail site, market basket


Source: SAP

Data ingestion, enrichment, is repetitive


Source: SAP


It is a cloud solution; goal is to be fast and "less risk"

Methodology is 3-4-3 - 3 days of ideation, including design thinking


Source: SAP

Ideation - goal to find a business use case to bring value to your company

Require an NDA for workshop

"no charge" for workshop


Exploration - customer cloud solution - take your company's data and bring in with your solution, building models, visualizing, and build model


Source: SAP

What is your contribution? 2 day workshop at an SAP location, and 1 at your location

Day 3 focuses on data sources

Day 1 & Day 2 - business process specialists, stakeholders


Exploration phase - extract data from your systems, start modeling (happens remotely, weekly meetings)


Source: SAP

You do not need a data monetization use case in mind

Every workshop is different

Personas, user journeys, sketch the flow to understand, using wireframes


Source: SAP

Set up your own data monetization strategic market

SAP Data Hub is behind customer cloud


Source: SAP

Above is a summary slide

Why do it in cloud?  It is turnkey solution; SAP says it can scale


Source: SAP

Data center is located in Germany, GDPR compliant


Source: SAP

SAP references

SAP Site: SAP Data Network | SAP

Register now for BI: Predictive Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud



See how predictive in SAP Analytics Cloud delivers an integrated solution capable of solving real world use cases, which brings the best of BI, Planning and Predictive in a single platform. In this webinar we will show how SAP Analytics Cloud customers can build predictive models, consume the results of those models in BI and Planning scenarios and put the models into production in Business Applications. We will also cover our vision for predictive within Analytics Cloud.


Robert McGrath,SAP

Date:  Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. PT | Noon ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Recording: BI: BI Platform Roadmap


Obtain an overview of the latest SAP BusinessObjects BI Road Map.


Maheshwar Singh, SAP

Date:  Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time: 8:00 a.m. PT | 11: 00 am ET
Duration: 60 minutes


What is the positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud compared to BO BI Platform, especially regarding the Lumira Designer part ?Lumira Designer remains with on prem for now. There are several ways to implement SAP Analytics Cloud. You can do hybrid to leverage both SAC and BIP. Talk to your account exec for more details and POC.

Additionally more webinars are planned for Lumira 2.2 & application building in SAP Analytics Cloud - go to
Will there be a BI4.3 release in 2019 or?Recently posted a blog about increase maintenance on BI4.2/ -announce 4.3 once come to conclusion
UI5 is considerably slower than the standard Launchpad and Webi viewer.  Will this be addressed in the near future?Yes, address in near future
We have a BW system on premise and we are thinking about implementing a dahsboarding solution. SAC is recommended by SAP, but does it provide the same Advanced functionnalities as Lumira DesignerSAC does not yet have this capability; attend this June webinar to learn more or attend ASUG Annual Conference in June
Due to the numerous breeches of cloud based systems, we will be staying with on-premise for the foreseeable future (breeches are extremely costly in healthcare)!!  With the end of life announcement for Lumira Discovery, we will be spinning up more Tableau instances!!Even Tableau is selling their cloud solution. I totally understand the concern on cloud security, but it is inevitable.
Can you add more flexible scheduling variables?  for example, allow the name to include Date only (and not date/time).  Also, something like current period, current month, etc.Create an idea on the influence site at
Can Lumira 2 Sp3 connect to 2 or more Live Connections? We had some issue with connecting with more than onehe will need to ask Lumira team
For a new customer considering Analytics, what would be the primary decision factors influencing whether to do BI Analytics on premise vs SAP Analytics CloudLook at your use cases
Is explorer and Dashboard will be stoped supporte from when?2020 - Flash is deprecated
How to make BI 4.2 device indeendent using Fiori or something?Fiori launchpad is not touch enabled
I Didn't hear from monitoring/fiori responseRemoving Flash from monitoring and being built with UI5 using Fiori principals
BI Analytics on premise vs SAP Analytics Cloud: is there a feature comparison available?You can see Mike Flannagan's blog


Maheshwar answered these open questions:

Can Lumira 2 Sp3 connect to 2 or more Live Connections? We had some issue with connecting with more than one

[Maheshwar]: Yes, you can but only to the same source system. We don’t support live connectivity to multiple systems at the same time in a document. However, you can connect to multiple views/queries from the same source system within a document.


Can you please explain the custom header feature?

[Maheshwar]: The Adaptive job server has an additional parameter to introduce custom headers if the destination is an email.


Any pre-packaged Audit universe for Sybase IQ Audit database?

[Maheshwar]: This needs to be addressed in the future


does "Visual Difference" mean Webi document / data structure difference? or something else?

[Maheshwar]: Visual difference will support metadata comparison for all content types in BOE.


Anything on BIST?

[Maheshwar]: Sorry, what is BIST?

Last month ASUG held an ASUG influence summit.  I was glad ASUG had this, as ASUG Influence is easily the best part of ASUG and is often overlooked.

Please consider registering for the following upcoming opportunities:



Below are my rough notes.


Source: ASUG 2008

Above is an insert I kept from an ASUG 2008 volunteer meeting.


Source: ASUG


ASUG's Mea (Melissa) Andrews covered these items:


3 ASUG goals, objectives, influence, education, expanding awareness,


We discussed we drive vs. ASUG HQ regarding influence programs


Mea said this plan will be shared incrementally and that she wants to "make it easier to work with ASUG"

Ideally we should have a SIG representative on each council


Some discussion occurred on what are healthy parameters as a SIG as a unit



Source: ASUG


There should be more coordination between SIG's and influence councils; some groups do this well and others not at all.


Source: ASUG


At the end of the day best practices were discussed and shared.  We talked about sharing more success stories.


I asked ASUG presence for help to promote Influence at SAP TechEd



Customer Engagement Initiatives

SAP's Kristin Albright shared the upcoming CEI cycles:

2018 CEI cycles

Cycle 2 - May 21-June 15

Cycle 3 - Oct 15-Nov 9


ASUG Offices


The ASUG offices are located in the historic Civic Opera building


Above is the ASUG key events calendar displayed in the office.  Next up is 2018 ASUG Annual Conference


See ASUG's objectives for 2018 above.


Office view from ASUG HQ.


If you are interested in joining an Influence Council, there are a few days left - see #ASUG SAP Analytics Cloud Influence Council Launch Recap with Roadmap Preview | SAP Blogs



Source; ASUG 2008


Do you have any questions about ASUG Influence?

Register for BI: Install Enhancements in BI4.2




Install enhancements in BI4.2 - Enhancements so far including silent install.


Maheshwar Singh, SAP

Date:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Time: 8:00 a.m. PT | 11: 00 am ET
Duration: 60 minutes




Source: SAP

Includes cloud based solutions and includes predictive and planning and RoamBI


Source: SAP

No forced migrations with some exceptions


Explorer and Dashboard end due to Flash EOL



Lumira 2.x will be supported through 2024


Source: SAP

Focused on hybrid use cases


Commercial options on lower left corner

Program is called "cloud extension policy" - replace with a new contract for Analytics Cloud or Analytics Hub


Build out a hybrid license - a pilot program for a subscription license; GA planned for H2



Source: SAP



Source: SAP


Focusing on Application Designer use case; improve how it works with offline data and self service aspects - planned for 2.2 near end of first half of 2018

2.3 - improve mobile design use case for Designer; up to parity with Analysis Office against BW data

Improvements to cross tab formatting and customized tool tips


Enterprise section - shared innovations between Lumira Discovery/Designer - performance improvements, variants, and PDF output

2.3 release - planned - large filter selections from a file, enhanced commentary and broadcasting


Discovery - cascading filters, indirect filters

Client Recommendations



Source: SAP

Analytics Hub is a catalog; how make it easy for end users to find their analytics

Different from launchpad as BI launchpad is one deployment; Analytics Hub spans deployments including cloud and 3rd party applications


Source: SAP


For application enterprise dashboards use Lumira Designer

For Mac, use SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

Expose data on public internet - use BusinessObjects BI; planned for SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

Production reporting - Crystal

Ad hoc reporting - continue with SAP Analytics Cloud


APOS is a partner providing a Gateway product



Source: SAP


Source: SAP


Analytics Hub is the entry point to the hybrid stack


Source: SAP

Planned for 2018

SAP is running a pilot; testing back office capability to handle orders

First time offered using a subscription license with BusinessObjects BI


Source: SAP


Three Pillars are shown above

Analytics Hub "single portal"

Analysis Office can access SAC models along with BW/HANA


Source: SAP


Source: SAP


Digital Boardroom takes SAP Analytics Cloud on a large touch screen


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Smart discovery - includes "influencers" of a metric


Convergence 2.0 Strategy


Source: SAP

Data Discovery - SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

Plan to add full text search to Analytics Cloud; Explorer use case covered by SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP


Analytics Cloud covers faceted navigation

Transitioning RoamBI into SAP Analytics Cloud, taking advantage of Mobile app with SAP Analytics Cloud



Source: SAP

Lumira Designer business user changes


Source: SAP

Power user use case for Analysis Office


Source: SAP

Live access - ability to access data on premise without replication on SAP Analytics Cloud


Dasbhoards and BusinessObjects Explorer End of Life


Source: SAP

Adobe will stop distributing Flash player in 2020


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Lumira Designer



Source: SAP


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Replay is here


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SAP provides business content as a jump start.  It is very useful in developing your own content as templates.


Source: SAP


Obtain a greater level of detail with this content.


Source: SAP


New content is added every SP/quarter


Source: SAP

Different scenarios for business content; Scenario A is just data sources, Scenario B includes data sources & infoobjects, Scenario C, using CONTB and CONT - predefined advanced DSO's, data flows to include queries


Source: SAP

Content uses new modeling objects


Source: SAP

Data sources covered include HANA EIM, Vora, - a number of ways to connect sources




Source: SAP


Classic LSA had mandatory layers; LSA++ persists data once and has optional layers


Source: SAP

Corporate memory: Optional in LSA++

Built advanced DSO’s that use field-based modeling

Core EDW has InfoSources

Composite provider is virtual data mart layer


Source: SAP

RSOR transaction to select data flow objects and it will only pull in the necessary objects


Source: SAP

Only deliver DTP's if necessary for the content


Non-persisent DTP is not delivered with content, include as proposal


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See the help here


Source: SAP

Which content is delivered when


Source: SAP

What is new in SP05 is QM



Source: SAP


For PP, content is only delivered up to InfoSource


Source: SAP



Question & Answer

Q: So infosource is not part of the future roadmap ?

A: Infosources can still be used in BW/4HANA



Q: I don't see on slide 20

A: Download slides here:…


Q: Can you share the note that says the datasources that are released on S4HANA ?

A: 2500202


Q: Is BW/4 HANA only on Cloud ?

A: It is available on-premise


Q: If source system ECC migrates to S/4 HANA? Table structures will changes in ECC right? so how about BW data sources?

A: See SAP Note 2500202



Q: Is BW/4 HANA only on Cloud ?

A: On premise - please check Marc Bernard's session at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference session:


Q: If you go to SOH (ECC on HANA) you would not need the COPA accelerator anymore, correct?

A: Brian says correct



Q: How do the extractors 0FI_ACDOCA_10 and _20 fit in?

A: They directly reflect the ACDOCA table used in S/4HANA. However, currently there is no content for it yet on BW/4 side.



Q: Can you shows us the data flows for GL?

A: These are in the slides here:



Q: So the dilemma is how BW/4HANA can help a S/4HANA client and I don't see compelling options for client. BW/4HANA can only best serve ECC based client today

A: Not sure why come to that conclusion; extractors with ECC can be used with S/4 - and thousand CDS and BW/4HANA can connect those CDS as datasource using ODP- lots of opportunity



Q: Client on BW on HANA in B4H Mode vs BW/4HANA - what will they loose or gain in comparison?

A: If running BW7.5 and added add-on, and now run B4H, it doesn't allow you to use old objects; not getting new enhancements of BW/4HANA - can't use myself connection, classic DSO's, etc.



Q: Brian talked about a web site showing which CDS can be used as a data source. When would that be available ?

A: currently no fixed date for it yet. However basically you can extract through all views by adding the annotation @Analytics.extraction.enabled : true



Q: For example if I can filly leverage 0FI-ACDOCA_10 I can throw all the FI/CO extrcators you shared in this slide

A: this would cover most of the FI reporting, not all, will need to check the details



Q: Does BW/4HANA also come with some CDS views?

A: Yes, the technical content is made up of CDS views



Q: You mentioned about IBP ; is it integrated on BW4HANA

A: Not exactly; with BW/4HANA have BPC11.0 is integrated. IBP is in S4 and not in BW/4HANA



Q: For views in BW/4HANA - should we use Graphical Views or go after CDS views?

A: Graphical calculation views are the modeling entities which can be used by CompositeProviders.




Q: Is there any standard S4 content for Business Objects?

A: Working on content for SAP Analytics Cloud

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Attend this session to get a glimpse of those exciting and interesting capabilities offered by the BI admin console. This is available for the first time in the BI4.2 SP5 release.


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Brian Wood, SAP

Natascha Marienfield,SAP

Date:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Time: 8:30 a.m. PT | 11: 00 am ET
Duration: 60 minutes

So today I finished reading the new SAP Press book SAP Lumira, Discovery Edition.  I read the electronic version which was 501 pages long.  You can read a sample here.




Source: SAP Press


I have followed both authors, Xavier Hacking and Martijn van Foeken on social media for a while now.  Additionally Martijn van Foeken has written some nice SAP Community blogs in the past so you know he knows BI.  Also interesting about him is that he has a family with three children - really amazing he found time to write a book.


The book is comprehensive, whether you are getting started with Lumira Discovery or you think you know it - you will learn something.  I had the electronic version of the book open while I followed along the examples in the book.


The book covers licensing (not an easy topic for this product) and troubleshooting.


Source: SAP Press

Above shows the license options; I always thought Lumira Desktop referred to version 1.31 but no it is the license/version that allows you to connect to BW, whereas the standard edition does not (e.g. you purchased Discovery from SAP Store).


SAP Press supplies the data files so you can follow along the book:


Above is the auto customer example from the book, and the snapshot of me following along.


The book covers calculations such as the one above.


You can use the "+" next to the possible dimensions to be added to the axes.


Where you right-click on the context menu is important


I forgot about the enable ad-hoc analysis feature




If you click the right arrow on the enable ad-hoc analysis feature you see the pop-up above.


You can have fun with Marimekko charts


I do like the tag cloud that comes with Lumira


The book also covers the BI platform, differences in live data options, mobile options and more.  I encourage you to check it out.  ASUG members receive a discount, learn more here


Please join ASUG for this upcoming related webcast:

And, join us June 4 for Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference 2018 SAPPHIRENOW with SAP Analytics Cloud/ Lumira Designer Session

See 2018 ASUG Annual Conference BI Brochure

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Security and data protection enhancements in BI4.2 - Understand all the enhancements and changes in BI4.2 with regards to data protection, security and third party libraries.


Ashutosh Rastogi, SAP

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Register today: BI: What’s new in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05? Part 2






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