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Your business data is changing every second (inventory, orders, events, and more). Your assets are constantly moving, and are impacted by factors like weather, traffic, security threats and other unforeseen hazards. How can you best correlate all of your business data--including geospatial data--to make critical predictions and decisions in real-time? Learn how you can use SAP HANA and the spatial capabilities to provide a one-stop shop to geo-enable your intelligent enterprise. Stop working with siloes of data and discover how to unlock critical new location-enriched insights…in real time. We’ll also discuss how you can consume the spatial data via key analytics solutions, like SAP Analytics Cloud, Fiori, and UI5.


Jeremy Greene, SAP

Date:  Monday, April 2, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. PT | 12:00 noon p.m.  ET
Duration: 60 minutes


Q: Esri Geo Database powered by Hana is emmbeded for use in SAP Analytics cloud ?

A: Great question; Analytics Cloud can pull in Esri artifacts and display on map as part of a story


Q: You mentioned the announcement of HANA as a "GEODB". Can you simplify what are the main advantages of HANA as a new GEODB aspect versus HANA's prior integration with  Spatial data?

A: Over 4 years arcGIS supported query layers over HANA - see pins / query layers - phrase query in HANA studio (on screen now) Also see Tom's blog:


Q: Based on what Tom just explained, I assume this is now taking advantage of HANA in Memory vs. trying to do these difficult queries on other DBs. Is that correct or is it NOT using in-memory?

A: HANA is the only in-memory that Esri supports.


Q: What type of HANA license is needed to work with Esri? Or should the question be asked the other way?

A: Type of license is Enterprise Edition HANA - if Standard Edition is chosen can include spatial