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ASUG is in the process of establishing 3 new ASUG Influence Councils for SAP Analytics Cloud:


Focus Area 1: Business User driven workflows

Here we will discuss topics, such as creating stories, creating visualizations, calculations, data blending and also the consumption workflows.



Focus Area 2: Data Connectivity & Data Modeling

Here we will discuss the ability to connect to live data, load data into the cloud and we will discuss the topic of data modeling.



Focus Area 3: Integration with SAP BW

Here we will discuss the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP BW, BW on HANA, BW4HANA.


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Influence Councils are interactive forums where members can communicate ideas and concerns about product plans and SAP services directly to SAP development and product managers


Each IC has a leadership team that manages activities. This team is comprised of the Product Manager, Customer Contact and HQ representative.



The average Influence Council has 10-15 companies, with 1-2 representatives per company. Meetings take place in both a virtual and face-to-face setting depending on need.


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This slide is a graphical representation of the degree of customer related activity in the IC phases. During the IC Launch phase, the IC Leadership is very active in the planning and execution of activities. Once the IC Launch Webcast has occurred and the IC participant list is finalized, the IC moves into the IC Feedback phase. The Feedback Phase has two major components: Requirements Gathering and Updates. During the requirements gathering period, the Customer Contact will engage with the IC participants to collect pain points and prioritize these pain points. The SAP Product Manager will participate as a mostly listen-only participant during this period. Once the list is finalized, the IC moves into the updates period. The SAP Product Manager will work with his or her team to incorporate the requirements and, periodically, will update the IC participants on progress made and decisions reached. This update period extends until the IC objectives have been met or the development deadline has been met. Once an IC is prepared to close, the IC leadership will hold a Close the Loop Webcast and send the necessary information to the SAP Influence Liaison Manager for the Close the Loop report. At this point your IC has closed.



Other important points to note on this graph – the line represents the degree of IC Participant involvement. You’ll see the majority of their effort will occur during the requirements gathering period. The Customer Contact’s engagement follows a similar trend, with the exception of increased engagement in the launch and close period.



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SAP's Christina Obry will lead the Business User Council


Business Analysts, Report Developer, Business Users, IT Admins

Analysts, Designers, Decision Makers

Users of SAP BI, Explorer, Analytics Cloud, HANA


Covers Digital Boardroom as well


Making things easier for the business user


Covers creation and consumption workflow


Roles for this council:



Christina Obry


Customer Lead




Tammy Powlas / Joyce Butler, ASUG Volunteer


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This one focuses on data connectivity, modeling and data integration

Paul Brownsey, SAP, is the SAP Point of Contact, working in the infrastructure area of SAP Analytics Cloud


Roles for this council:



Paul Ekeland, Paul Brownsey


Customer Lead





Tammy Powlas / Joyce Butler, ASUG Volunteer


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This one focuses on BW, including live acquisition and metadata

Roles for this council:


Eric Yew, Ingo Hilgefort, Christoph Albrecht


Customer Lead





Tammy Powlas / Joyce Butler, ASUG Volunteer



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Continue to leverage existing investments

SAP Analytics Cloud is suited for new use cases

See a hybrid scenario between cloud and on premise


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Connects to SAP data sources, free content


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See what is planned

Different live investments, including SAP BW, SAP HANA, data blending

Support planned for water fall charts, variants

Chart-to-chart filtering

Query builder concept - to select dimensions and measures before you build model on top of query

SAP Application Building - look for more at SAPPHIRENOW conference; to further extend capabilities, a toolset can extend and create custom BI applications


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Reached milestone that it is IBCS certified


Doing work around dynamic time calculations - year over year

Working on concept story filters


New chart types include histograms


Story bookmarks are planned; save a current view of story as a bookmark and reopen


Second half of this year includes alerts and notifications


Planned - conversational AI - first release planned during SAPPHIRENOW - smart insights based on natural language input - type in search statement "show me your top revenue products"


Prediction  - integration with cloud solutions such as S/4HANA cloud to enhance business workflows; planned in H2 includes predictive on live data




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Mobile slide includes support for geomaps and hyperlinking


H2 - planned support for Android and offline data source


Hybrid - integration with SAP Analytics Hub and will be enhanced for a user experience


Planned Support for multiple deployment options include AWS, Google Cloud Platform




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Question and Answer

"Classic" BW on ECC...or Embedded BW in S4HANA..or both welcome..?


all are welcome!




Is this recorded? I have to drop for another meeting


Yes, the same link you used to register will have the recording 30 minutes after the webcast




Is Design Studio/Lumira Designer still being ported to SAP Analytics Cloud?


no migration path at this time; wait until SAPPHIRENOW




3rd party Infrastructure Support for AZURE needed ASAP...Please. thx!


Not on the roadmap - feel free to add to Idea Place




Where can I find list of influence councils?



Can you please forward the slides - so that we can share and recruit Participants internally at our Customers..?



Do you have any plans to integrate with SuccessFactors?


already can use SF as a data source