Replay: BI: Flexible Conversion Possibilities to SAP BW/4HANA: In Place - and Remote Conversion


Flexible Conversion Possibilities to SAP BW/4HANA: In Place - and Remote Conversion

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With the In place - and Remote Conversion, we offer our BW customers flexible possibilities to convert their existing BW system to BW/4. Prerequisite for the In place conversion is BW7.5, SP5, powered by SAP HANA, whereas the Remote conversion also supports BW 7.0 on "any DB." The presentation provides a deep dive on both approaches and shares first customer experiences. We will share details about major enhancements of the Transfer Toolbox.


Marc Bernard,SAP


Date:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. PT | 12:00 noon p.m.  ET
Duration: 60 minutes



Question and Answer

What is difference between remote and shell conversion, which one is best to use and may I know advantage and disadvantage


  • Remote conversion include tools and processes for transferring and synchronizing master and transaction data between SAP BW and SAP BW/4HANA systems. Shell conversion does not use these tools and transfers only data models and flows. No pros/cons, just a question if you need your historical the data to be in sync.


Is In-Place conversion available for General usage for Partners/Customer?


  • Yes, in-place and shell conversion are generally available


"I have 2 questions:


  1. 1.Inplace conversion- Can the transfer tools be made available before the installation of starter add-on? Want to install add-on only later.


  • No. Use the Note Analyzer as described in SAP Note 2383530 to install the tools. The tools will require the SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-on to work properly. After installing the add-on, set the operating mode to "SAP BW mode" and there will be no impact on your SAP BW landscape.


  1. I understand that the pilot version is only available now for both Inplace and remote. When will it be ready for production systems."


  • No. In-place and and shell conversion are generally available (for any system). Remote conversion is in Early Adopter Care.


Actual BW 7.5 on HANA but no hana optimised models and 150 web templates. The implementation of S4 is planned and go live end of 2020. The customer wishes the remote conversion. Is it better to wait until 2020 till S4 implmentation is done? We think it is, because of source system changes (extractors, tables).


  • Implementing SAP S/4HANA does not necessarily mean that data models in SAP BW (or SAP BW/4HANA change) since many extractors are still available in SAP S/4HANA. However, it can mean that much of operational reporting moves to SAP S/4HANA. In any case, run the SAP Readiness Check for SAP BW/4HANA to get a better view of what's in SAP BW and what needs to be changed. Also, get the SAP BW/4HANA Transfer Cockpit and Starter Add-on installed (no impact if set to " BW mode") so you can pre-check the system in detail. Begin optimizing data models unrelated to SAP S/4HANA. Define new front-end strategy like SAP Analytic Cloud and "get your feet wet". If the readiness and pre-check don't show too many to-dos, you might opt to go ahead and convert to SAP BW/4HANA already before adding SAP S/4HANA.


Could you share with us some remote conversion experiences. Project length? We have a cas of 3-4TB Oracle DB and over 500 Cubes 300 DSOs, high grade of customer ABAP programs, 150 Web Templates. By the remote conversion lets say carve out of 50% of old BW, are we talking rougly about 1 year conversion. Any input from your experience would be nice! Thank you!


  • Remote conversion is in Early Adopter Care. We will share experiences at the conclusion of this program. It's a good size SAP BW system so you will need a few months but a year sounds long. Install and use the pre-check tool and code scan to get a better idea of the scope.


Are there any best practices for scope tool. I mean how many object should I collect in one run?


  • The tool will collect dependent objects. We recommend to use one data flow or process chain at a time to start with. If you have not configured data flows, it's a good idea to model the scope to be transferred as a flow and then use the flow for the starting scope of the transfer.


Can we implement conversion tool(RSB4HTRF) without starter add on ?


  • No. They need to go together.


Do you know something about the SEM BCS Add on availibility. Still Q4? Thank you!


  • Yes, Q4 is the plan.


It pears the shell conversion does not need DMIS ? is DMIS only used for data transfer ?


  • Correct.


Does the Readiness Check require the BW/4HANA Starter Add-on or is it independent?


Can we use Near Line solutions with BPC 11.0?


  • Yes.



Is t possible to convert from BW powered by HANA (but with classic BW objects) to BW4HANA using remote or shell conversion method?


  • Yes


BPC 10 (standard vmode) will be maintained in BW4 ? for how long ?


  • SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA also includes BPC Standard Mode. There are no plans to change that.