Recording: What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05?


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What’s new in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05?


Gregory Botticchio, SAP

Date:  Thursday March 15, 2018
Time: 10:00 a.m. PT | 1:00 p.m.ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Note: due to some Skype difficulties, Gregory has offered to re-do this along with "What is the future of WebI : 4.2 SP06 and next, our plans"

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Open Q&A:

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is java 9 SDK will be supported ?

  1. No. The dHTML webi client is the way forward.

I'm not able to see anything but the slide


Does the data support native BICS (BW) Exception conditions?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We could expose them as predefined filters but this is ian enhancement request.

Is there any feature to precalculate/schedule email delivery of interactive reports?

Yes, you can via the SCHEDULER. The webi document can be refreshed and then shared via email to recipients as an email attachment.

Could you walk us through an example of how you might schedule a report to be emailed to multiple users, only if data changes, and with a link to a pre-calculated interactive report?

The DESTINATIONS part of the SCHEDULER allows you to select “E-mail” as a destination and to enter email recipients. The content f the email ca nbe the “.wid” document refreshed, with its data.

Can you retain the saved variants on repot when a report is moved from Production to QA or vise versa?

  1. No. This is not possible yet.

We need our users to create Webi reports using universes. Can the "Free-hand SQL" option be hidden for both HTML and Applet in V4.2 SP5, without removing the "Custom SQL" option that is available within Webi report based off of a universe.  I have been told it cannot for HTML but can for Applet.

  1. Yes. You can by using the UI Customization in the CMC.
    Moreover, in the 4.2 SP04, To prevent user to create FHSQL queries in Web Intelligence, a new security right “Use connection for Free-Hand SQL scripts” has been created for relational connection. By denying this security right, you prevent your users to create new Web Intelligence document using Free-Hand SQL on top of this connection or to edit the queries of the existing ones.

Until now, it was possible to deny the security right “Edit SQL” at Web Intelligence application level, but it was too strict since this right also disables editing queries created on universes.