The other week I presented this at SAP Insider BI HANA 2018


I received several emails from attendees asking for the videos I showed, so I uploaded them to YouTube (without sound) so I will show below with some instruction:


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


You can consume native SAP Analytics Cloud models in SAP Analysis Office.


Below is a video comparing the results from SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Analysis for Office

Comparing SAP Analytics Cloud Story and Consuming Cloud Native Model in Analysis Office


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


Access to support modes including  client profiling statistics, etc

In case of issues, you can record some statistic for SAP Support

Support Mode includes ABAP trace, NCO display MDX query (EPM)

Profiling Mode includes client profiling, EPM profiling

Advanced Mode includes custom choice of individual settings



SAP Analysis Office 2.5 Troubleshooting


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


You can change the context menu, remove/add ribbons


SAP Analysis Office: Customize User Interface


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


After defining conditional formatting, you change the scaling on a measure and it should apply same as before

SAP Analysis Office: Scaling Factors in Conditional Formatting


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


Before complete formatting gone

Now re-apply table design rules after a reset

After a data source reset, you can keep the table design rules

Leave default activateformularecognitiononexisting cells to on in configuration

SAP Analysis Office: Keep Table Design Rules after Data Source Reset


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


More information is available for recent list for data sources

SAP Analysis Office: Additional information in recent list for data sources


Source: SAP/SAP Insider


This is an OLD BEx authorization – hide the info area tree – restrict access to specific access for a specific role


Check BW prerequisites

SAP Analysis Office: Authorization check for InfoArea tree



Source: SAP/SAP Insider


In Table Design you can integrate empty rows/columns and user can integrate Excel formulas

"Autocomplete" is the same as "fill handling" - better explained by the video

SAP Analysis Office Auto Complete for Table Design Formulas Reference Outside the Crosstab


Source: SAP/SAP Insider

This feature too is better explained by the video

SAP Analysis Office: VLOOKUP references to member section


Source: SAP/SAP Insider

You can use full member selector instead of the simple to use search and range options


Source: SAP/SAP Insider

You can use full member selector instead of the simple to use search and range options





SAP Analysis Office: Filter Component Individual Selection Filter by Range


Source: SAP/SAP Insider

Before dates in Analysis Office were handled as strings, now treated as Excel format; helps with formulas – need it in the Excel format

SAP Analysis Office: Excel Native Rendering of Date and Time


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