Last week was the BI + Analytics Conference in Huntington Beach, CA


With lovely palm trees and a very nice beach, I can say it is one of the nicest venues I have seen for a conference.


I tried to prepare myself with this BI+Analytics Track Chair Highlights #BIAConf  before arriving.


I was worried before I left as we experienced some heavy ice the night before (see the left picture) but when I arrived it was hot and humid on the right.


Speaker Briefing

First up we had a speaker briefing, and to break the ice, we had to tell an interesting story.


Ty Miller's parents were married, divorced, married others, divorced, and then re-married each other 23 years later.  His story was the most interesting one at our table.  Lower right is Anna Roser, Eventful Conferences speaker care (and a wonderful person too)


Afterwards we ate some wonderful snacks (S'mores popcorn) and then prepared for the next day

Day 1


Day 1 weather was colder and much windier, but it didn't stop me from taking a walk on the beach before the conference started.



Han from Cisco kicked off the keynote, explaining that "Data blitz will accelerate - see data from Olympics" and explained how they have seen analytics grow 18X over the past few years


Source: Eventful Conferences


Our next keynote speaker was David Roberts of Under Armour.  He "fired us" up.  He also covered do you battle disruption, create disruption, create market share, as innovation drives growth.


Source: Eventful Conferences


What is expected of your organization? Digital universe, intelligent products, speed, user expectations - NASA brings back TB of data in seconds, using Artificial Intelligence for efficiency  and leverages machine learning


Source: Eventful Conferences


This slide also caught my eye "complacency creates a false narrative".


Next keynote was from SAP's Timo Elliott


Source: SAP

“Analytics is at the heart of business”, showing a real digital heart with predictive maintenance for people


Source: SAP

"Automation is a big opportunity"



Source: SAP


"Self-optimizing AI powered processes "


Source: SAP

Analytics has had the same goal for the past 25 years


Source: SAP

Cloud applications need embedded analytics; examples are shown above


Source: SAP

"On premise is still thriving" as shown by the Web Intelligence roadmap above


Source: SAP

Data is an enterprise super power, hybrid BI is the way forward


Source: SAP

Conversational analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud - note, my notes are weak, but interesting slide




Hybrid Analytics Use Cases


Source: SAP

In this session, SAP said there was "massive transformation in the market" due to cloud

Above shows the core pieces of the hybrid strategy going forward


Source: SAP

Hybrid analytics is the "fast track to cloud" at a high level as shown above



Source: SAP

Above shows the planned, forward looking plan to simplify license for SAP Hybrid BI

Pricing to run on-premise and cloud products with a subscription license


Source: SAP

Above shows customers with mixed landcapes


Source: SAP

"IT and business need to change their relationship for hybrid BI" and includes agile exploratory analytics


Source: SAP

"Hybrid is not just about the tools" says SAP


Source: SAP


Hybrid strategy and vision - the plan is to use Web Intelligence documents as a data source.



Source: SAP

Why SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud?  Covered above


Source: SAP

The SAP Analytics Cloud platform is shown above


Source: SAP

Data sources supported for the SAP Analytics Cloud is shown above, with planned features (subject to change)


Source: SAP

A new admin console is planned


Source: SAP

My notes are weak on this one, but I thought it was an interesting slide


Source: SAP

Key points to take home are shown above