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This was an SAP Webcast from last week.  Most of the webcast was demonstration so the notes will be short.



Source: SAP - legal disclaimer applies


Source: SAP

Grid uses a table


Canvas layout has pixel perfect control - can have overlapping objects

Responsive has no overlapping objects

Responsive view can add headers

Shapes are vector drawn, resize


Use a lane above, for summary information


Input controls do not show in preview for mobile - show up at bottom


Use Adobe color


For vector images go to Flat Icon


Source: SAP

For when to use which visualization use the Lumira handbook


Question and Answer

Q: What type does an image need to be to use it here....jpg, gif, etc?

A: You can use jpg, gif or png. You can also upload shape, which would be svg format.


Q: Is there a specifc reason for adding space? or is it just layout wise?

A: There is no specific reason from the application site, but just in general design/layout best practices (and personal preference). You can also design without leaving space if you like your charts to take more space. All depends on how much content you have on the page.



Q: for view a dashboard in iPhone and iPad do i have to set two distint pages (for both of them)?

A: You only need to design your content once for all screen-sized devices in Responsive pages. You content proportions and layout will be preserved when being viewed on smaller screen sizes. If you wish to preview how your content will look on phone or ipad, you can go onto “device preview” and see exactly how your content will look on other devices. But you only need to design it once for all screen-size devices.



Q: how can we simulate how display the input controls in mobile devices?

A: Input Controls are done natively on the mobile device. Hence the device preview does not show them. To test them out just download our mobile app and open the story.



Q: What is not supported on mobile device?

A: Geomaps are not supported; indication in Design mode

Value Driver Tree is not supported

Grow adjacent widgets to fill that space for a better viewing experience


Q: Are there any Responsive Templates?

A: Boardroom template is responsive



Q: Can dashboards be exported to Excel locally?

A: Can export chart/table to CSV - can do a PDF export but lose interactivity



Q: Android device support?

A: not supported today - just iPad and iPhone

Looking at later this year native Chrome support for Android