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Role of each component in workflows


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Check the PAM before starting an upgrade

Do not uninstall old versions; update

Be sure to back up BI Platform

See this SAP Note for license keys


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Be sure to update to Lumira 1.31.8 or higher, save for conversion

Steps are outlined in this SAP Note


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More detailed steps are shown above

Please see KBAs 2522622 2509882





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See KBA 2509882


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Moving from Design Studio to Lumira Designer has two options shown above


See SAP Note 2475223


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Three main steps are shown above

SAP Help link is here

Automatic Migration of Design Studio 1.x SDK extensions to Lumira Designer 2.x | SAP Blogs


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See Design Studio: Fix Layout after Migration to SAPUI5 m Mode | SAP Blogs


See SAP Note 2538142 about chart conversion exceptions


Size appropriately - links:

Sizing for SAP Lumira 2.0 #ASUG Webcast Recap: Sizing for SAP Lumira 2.0 #ASUG Webcast Recap | SAP Blogs

Lumira 2.0 Sizing guide: SAP Help Portal

Quick Sizer (including Lumira):

Measuring in SAPS:

BEx query performance:

Virtualization: service level and performance:

Quick Sizer:

BI Patten Books:

Product availability matrix:

SAP Application benchmark standard:

Using Quick Sizer on BI Applications:

Sizing and deploying SAP Business Objects BI 4.X Platform and Add-ons:



SAP Links/Notes:


Document Conversion

BI Platform version and Dependencies


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SAP References:

A Deeper Look into SAP’s BI and Analytics Strategy

Lumira 2.x Pattern Book

Updating SAP BI Platform with Lumira 2.x

Product Availability Matrix

BI Patten Books

Quick Sizer

SAP road maps

SAP Lumira Community


Question and Answer


How do I migrate my power BI reports to Lumira 2.0you mean power BI? there is no migration path between power BI and Lumira
If no migration path between Power BI to Lumira 2.0 then we need to manually create the dashboards in Lumira ??Power BI is from Microsoft. Lumira is from SAP. we are different company and as SAP we can't provide the automatic migration. In case you want to shift from Power BI to SAP Lumira, you need to manually create the dashboard.

In addition to what being said, I assume your data source is on SQL Server, right? You can easily put a Universe (the SAP semantic layer) on top of your data source, and then create visualization through the Universe. It is very easy to do. Please give it a try and you will be surprised how simple it is. Hope this helps.  -- simon
Lumira Free download version the Lumira designer not there and  in Lumira descovery Prepare data tab is not visibleYes, Lumira designer does not have a free version at all. Lumira discovery comes with a 30 day trial. You can use data view to view the data the way it was possible in Lumira 1.x.
How does SAP road map update affect the features that will be delivered in Lumira Discovery?SAP Analytics Cloud will be the SAP's go to solution for data discovery workflows. SAP Lumira discovery 2018 roadmap will now focus on quality, performance and 1.x Lumira parity features. For complete strategy update Refer
Do the Design Studio runs on Lumira services ?design studio 1.6 application run within Lumira 2.X server in compatibility mode. Here you can even open the design studio 1.6 and edit it in compatibility mode. Your application keep running on Lumira 2.x server.
Can I still open Design Studio (1.6SP3)dashboard from BILP after installing Lumira Server2.0SP2?  No conversionyes, you can, without performing the conversion step.
when you are planning to rectify the limitation of 10000 data cells for various graphsThis is planned to be delivered with SAP Lumira 2.2 release.
Any list of things we know its breaks when we covert DS Dashboard to Lumira Document ?please refer to note 2538142. there all details are listed
For On-prem customers, Lumira Discovery would continue to be the tool of preference or plan should be to migrate to cloud and thus SAC? Also, what is the equivalent tool in cloud (SAC) for Lumira designer?SAP Analytics cloud would be the go to tool for data discovery usecases. Customers can evaluate SAP Analytics hub in case they would want to provide both on-premise and cloud analytics to their end users. SAP lumira designer continues to stay the tool for dashboarding/application development. SAP Analytics cloud would address the dashboarding usecases in future releases.
We have limitation os 500000 data cells for the cross tab in Designer 2.1 and 2.0 is that also going to delieverddefault value - way to configure to value - careful about performance impact
For DS 1.6 upgrade plan would be to go to Lumira 2.1 directly or go from DS 1.6 to Lumira 2.0 then 2.1?you can directly upgradde from 1.6 to 2.1
What is the road Map of Lumira Designer ? Reason i'm asking, we started using Discovery and no its moved to SAC . We are planning to use Lumira for a 6years project,we dnt wan end of 6 years we need to conert stuff to some new tool.please refer to link:
Lumira Designer is remaining the primary tool for enterprise dashboard scneario
if the recommendation is to install lumira server on it's own node, do we include additional services on that node (i.e. a Data/DSL Bridge APS)YEs, it is better to have it on dedicated node especialy in case of acquisition.
we strongly recommend to install all BI Platform services (instead of just pre-req) on the Lumira node
Recommend to consider installing all components of Lumira add-on on every Lumira node and run only required services
pardon me but I am new o Lumira, what is the difference between discovery and designer verson of Lumiraone is data discovery, other is application development
Do we have any video step by step guide to upgrade the 1.X to 2.xthere are blogs on