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Learn what is the chart engine used in Web Intelligence, the latest chart developments and improvements, deep dive into unknown chart customizations, charts you did not know you could do in Web Intelligence and key points to take home.


Pascal Gaulin, SAP, Web Intelligence Product Expert

Pascal has 25 years working experience in software development and 10 years at SAP. He is Based in Paris, France, and Product Owner / Expert on: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and SAP Lumira.


Question and Answer

Q: Is this engine is also the one used by SAP Analytics Cloud?

A: no, SAC uses a different chart engine


Q: Are there good SAP videos or OpenSAP courses tat walk-thru the step-by-step process for creating each of these new charts types in WebI...?

A: not that he is aware of; slides are posted in resource area that explain resource settings.


Q: Any progress on IBCS standard application in Webi ?

A: a partner offers this - Graphomate - go to the SAP App Center



Q: Do you have a suggestion as to where I might learn more about interactive charts? For example, where filters can be set on the chart and cause a redraw?

A: In 4.2 SP5 they are interactive / select values; interactive on chart is similar to table



Q: What is the future of SAP Lumira discovery towards advanced BI analytics.

A: Join the askSAP call - register at


Q: Is there a specific session on this at BIA Conference next week..?

A: Pascal has a great hands-on session for Web Intelligence - sign up today at