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The requirements for business scenarios and systems architectures regarding planning and consolidation applications are very diverse. With the help of our two generic planning applications SAP Business and Consolidation 11.0 for SAP BW4/HANA and SAP Analytics, we have two powerful planning solutions which can be used to create generic and integrativetailored solutions for each customer scenario.

In this session, we will introduce you to the different applications and provide a Product Roadmap and Strategy Update.


Detlef Wassmuth, SAP

Question & Answer:


Can the SAC Planning solution(s) write-back planning-results into the Source SAP ERP systems with the appropriate SAP Security that is normally enanbled via SAP BW Integration..?SAP SAC has a separate security concept. But this concept is related to the SAP security concept in general.
If we have BPC 11.0 for BW4HANA, can we deploy the planning on BW4HANA while deploy the consolidation component on S4HANASAP BPC 11.0 is running exclusively on top of SAP BW/4HANA. As part of S/4 HANA you will get a BW7.5x system as part of the so called embedded BW). As part of the BW7.5x software deployment, you will get SAP BPC10.1
Will EVDRE be supported for BPC 11.0?  We see this as an impediment for existing 7.x customers who want to upgrade.  Can you please comment on what we should tell such customers?The support of EVDRE is not planned
Will there be another session soon that is more TECHNICAL on the SAP BPC 11 release (*less interested in Cloud)..?Check the ASUG Finance community
Digital Boardroom require SAP analytics coud ? what is the road, and common path from BW4 PC 11 to Digital Boardrom ?You can report BPC Embedded model directly in the digital boardroom
Will both BPC standard and embedded will continue to exist? Or they will merge into a single one (embedded?) ?No, both model will be supported in BPC11.0
The document included in the Resource List does not include the Planning Capability slides.  Can you please make the updated version available?I will forward the updated version
can you run the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BPC 11.0 version for SAP BW without SAP Hana?No, SAP HANA is mandatory.
can we use Analytics Cloud with a Native HANA on premiseYes, but only for read access.