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This was a webcast from a few weeks ago

Given that several have asked recently, what is Leonardo?   I thought I would share.

Also join us March 22nd for this webcast - register here: SAP Leonardo Overview


What is it, and what can it do for me?


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Higher revenue growth, profit margin, only 5% feel they have mastered it


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"Start small, think big"


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Source: SAP


System scale to meet your needs


Source: SAP

Brand for digital innovation


Source: SAP

Open for digital innovation


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Source: SAP

Augment processes, people


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Blockchain is where the web was in 1995

Will be massively transformative


Why would I want one?


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two types of models

New Business Models

UPS has sensors on their trucks

Digitize parts; digital warehouses for customers

New Business Models


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Recently opened in Johannesberg and Berlin



News to Know

This month the ASUG BI Community is featuring upcoming events, celebrating our volunteers, more ways to influence SAP, and highlighting upcoming webcasts. Find out below!

Hands-On Data Visualization and Dashboards with the Designer Edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Analytics Cloud at ASUG Annual Conference 2018

Jump-start your SAPPHIRE NOW® and ASUG Annual Conference experience with an ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira Designer. Join us Monday, June 4, for a special hands-on seminar. Read more about the seminar.

Register Now

Content for 2018 ASUG Annual Conference is expected to go live in mid-March. Don’t forget to join us May 16 for Deep Dive Preview of ASUG BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference to preview the conference.


Your Opportunity to Influence SAP – New ASUG Influence Council

ASUG is launching a brand new ASUG Influence Council on SAP Analytics Cloud. Please join the webcast on March 19 to learn more. Influence councils are a unique opportunity for ASUG members to learn, network and influence SAP.


Your Opportunity to Influence SAP – CEI Projects

SAP offers the opportunity to influence innovations for next releases through the influence program, Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI). This is the first CEI cycle in 2018.

What innovations are there?
There are several projects for which you can register. Check out the projects relevant for the ASUG BI Community Members.

Follow-up after registration:
When you register, you will be sent a confirmation form. You will also be invited to an introductory call by SAP; at this point, further participation is optional. Typically, signing a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.

The deadline for this first cycle is on March 15.

How do I register on the Customer Influence website?
The process of registration is online.

Learn more here.


Volunteer Spotlight – Allison Levine

Congratulations to our EDW SIG Chair Allison Levine for winning the ASUG Volunteer Service Award last month at the annual ASUG Volunteer Meeting in Nashville.  Allison spent last year moderating 12 ASUG webcasts and is scheduled to moderate more in 2018.


Did you know...

If you missed a webcast, we keep a list of recordings, and you can bookmark this link to look for upcoming ASUG webcasts.

Call for speakers for ASUG at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, taking place Oct. 1–5, is planned for April.

Join us online at

Best Regards,

Your ASUG BI Volunteers

Please join ASUG on March 1st for How to Upgrade to SAP Lumira 2.1 / Best Practices webcast.


Hosted by Analytics / Dashboarding SIGs

How to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 / best practices.



Jie Deng, SAP

Ramu Gowda Timma, SAP


Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018
Time: 9:00 a.m. PT | noon ET | 6:00 p.m. CET
Duration: 60 minutes

Please join ASUG on February 22nd for SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BW/4 HANA - Ready for the Future webcast.



Hosted by Enterprise Data Warehouse SIG

SAP Analytics Cloud unifies modern Self-Service BI with Planning- and Predictive Features in a homogeneous cloud based Platform. In this context SAP Analytics Cloud supports direct access to BW/4HANA without creating additional persistence. The presentation will provide an overview and a demo on the integration between BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud.


Ulrich Christ, SAP

Abassin Sidiq, SAP


Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018
Time: 8:00 a.m. PT | 11:00 a.m. ET | 5:00 p.m. CET
Duration: 60 minutes

The BI + Analytics conference is just around the corner, starting Monday, February 19, in Huntington Beach, CA.  As there are several opportunities for learning and networking, I thought I would highlight some of the sessions I will be attending.


Source: Eventful Conference


Throughout the conference

  • Eventful Conferences has mobile app to keep you connected to sessions, speakers, social media, and attendees
  • Hands-on sessions covering SAP Analytics Cloud, Web Intelligence, and Lumira
  • 7 tracks
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Prizes


Source: Eventful Conferences

Lindsay Wickham briefed us yesterday on our responsibilities


Track Chair Highlights

What does a track chair do?  Please see below:


Source: Eventful Conferences


For certain sessions, I’ll be introducing the speaker and helping to moderate questions.


Source: Eventful Conferences

The above are my track assignments (subject to change)

Download the complete agenda



Source: Eventful Conferences

I am hoping to attend Hybrid Analytics Use Cases

Next I am assisting Jie Deng with her presentation SAP Lumira Version 2.1:Overview, Strategy & Roadmap


Source: SAP


With last week's askSAP call announcements I am sure this will be a great session and Jie is good at getting all questions answered and explaining everything.


Next I am moderating Cleanse Your Palette: The Only Two Charting Color Palettes You Will Ever Need


Source: Eventful Conferences

John was behind the LAVA design.


Source: SAP

Next I hope to attend Jie Deng's SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office: Latest News & Roadmap session




Source: Eventful Conferences

On Tuesday I am moderating Boston Properties’ Sarbanes-Oxley Journey & The BI Team’s Role in SOX Compliance

This should be interesting as I haven't seen many topics on this


Next I am conflicted - do I attend Live Data in the A&D Boardroom: L3 is Working Around Limitations in the Secure Cloud with Jason Shearer or  Designing a Design Studio Dashboard: From a Vision to Reality with fellow ASUG volunteer Shawn Cooper


Next I am also conflicted but I am leaning toward attending Timo Elliott session Your Analytics Future: Looking Beyond Tomorrow


Saving "the best for last" I am assisting Top 10 Ways to Squeeze Value from SAP BI & Analytics Investments with the great Ina Felsheim


Wednesday is workshop day, and I recommend attending this workshop on SAP Analytics Cloud with Ingo Hilgefort


Source: Eventful Conferences

Above are the contests; one year I won the prize at SAP for Utilities - it was a lot of fun.


See you there?

SAP offers the opportunity influence innovations for next releases through the influence program Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI).  This is the first cycle of 2018.


What innovations are there?

There are several projects for which you can register. The following projects are relevant for the ASUG BI Community Members:

CEI Influence OpportunityLink to project
Hybrid offering of SAP BPC embedded and SAP Analytics Cloud
Improve Machine Learning Adoption
Make SAP Analytics Hub the unique entry point for all your Analytics
SAP Analytics Cloud Content for Consumer Products Industry
Lighthouse Analytics
Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud with live connection to Universes
Mobile Insights
Failure Mode Analytics
Hybrid with BIPlatform - User's Email support in SAML Integration to BIPlatform for SAP Analytics
Not really related to BI but interesting:
Blockchain as a Service for Public Sector


These projects can be found here .


Follow-up after registration

When you register, you will be sent a confirmation from.  When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call SAP; at this point further participation is optional. Typically signing a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.

The deadline for this first cycle is on March 15


How do I register on the Customer Influence website?
The process of registration is here online.

About the Customer Engagement Initiative
SAP wants customer’s early involvement in the development process. Many topics will be opened only for SAP customers, but there are also topics for which the contribution of partners is requested.

Note: The above information was pulled together from various sources: SAP, ASUG and VNSG with some edits by me.

Also check the SAP Continuous Influence topics listed below:

Continuous Influence OpportunityLink to project
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Digital Boardroom
SAP Analysis for Mícrosoft Office
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for OLAP
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
SAP BusinessObjects Roambi
SAP BusinessObjects Semantic Layer
SAP Crystal Reports
SAP Analytics Hub



Consider registering for these upcoming ASUG influence council sessions:


ASUG Annual Conference Pre-conference sessions provide in-depth sessions on various topics.  For a complete list, see here


Please join ASUG for Hands-On Data Visualization and Dashboards with the Designer Edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Analytics Cloud

Date: Monday June 4

Location: Orlando, FL

Hands-on: Bring Your Own Device | Full Day, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Fee: $745 ASUG Member | $845 ASUG Nonmember


This full-day, hands-on workshop will provide customers with an overview of the designer edition of SAP Lumira software and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. Attendees will learn about the roles that SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira, designer edition, can play as part of their overall SAP software landscape and how they can integrate with their existing on-premise and cloud-based data sources. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the designer edition of SAP Lumira and with SAP Cloud Analytics, in combination with the SAP Business Warehouse application and SAP HANA software, and create a variety of dashboards.


Note: This hands-on session is “bring your own device”—laptops are not provided.


Agenda Overview:

  • Introduction to SAP Lumira, designer edition, and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Data connectivity to on-premise and cloud-based data sources
  • Detailed, hands-on exercises with SAP Lumira, designer edition
  • Detailed, hands-on exercises with SAP Analytics Cloud


Key Outcomes:

  • How to integrate the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud Analytics into an existing SAP software landscape
  • How to leverage on-premise and cloud-based data sources
  • How to use the designer edition of SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud Analytics to create compelling visual stories on premise and in the cloud
  • How to use advanced options, such as visual linking, bookmarking, and scorecards



  • Ingo Hilgefort, Chief Product Expert, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP, SAP Mentor
  • Jie Deng, Product Manager, SAP


Previous comments on similar pre-conference sessions are as follows:


Fantastic exercises and Ingo is an engaging presenter

Very interesting and helpful

Engaging presentation skills.

Learned a lot; great session.

Fantastic session, great to connect and use with Mobile BI - Ingo is a rock star presenter


See you there?



Recording is here

Slides are here

Hosted by Reporting SIG

Learn what is the chart engine used in Web Intelligence, the latest chart developments and improvements, deep dive into unknown chart customizations, charts you did not know you could do in Web Intelligence and key points to take home.


Pascal Gaulin, SAP, Web Intelligence Product Expert

Pascal has 25 years working experience in software development and 10 years at SAP. He is Based in Paris, France, and Product Owner / Expert on: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and SAP Lumira.


Question and Answer

Q: Is this engine is also the one used by SAP Analytics Cloud?

A: no, SAC uses a different chart engine


Q: Are there good SAP videos or OpenSAP courses tat walk-thru the step-by-step process for creating each of these new charts types in WebI...?

A: not that he is aware of; slides are posted in resource area that explain resource settings.


Q: Any progress on IBCS standard application in Webi ?

A: a partner offers this - Graphomate - go to the SAP App Center



Q: Do you have a suggestion as to where I might learn more about interactive charts? For example, where filters can be set on the chart and cause a redraw?

A: In 4.2 SP5 they are interactive / select values; interactive on chart is similar to table



Q: What is the future of SAP Lumira discovery towards advanced BI analytics.

A: Join the askSAP call - register at


Q: Is there a specific session on this at BIA Conference next week..?

A: Pascal has a great hands-on session for Web Intelligence - sign up today at


Source: SAP

On behalf of our SAP Point of Contact Neil Goodman

askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call:
SAP 2018 Strategy and Roadmap for Business Intelligence

Please join SAP on February 15 for our first #askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call of 2018.


During this live and interactive call, you will learn about:

  • SAP’s roadmap and vision for business intelligence and data discovery including cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Product strategy, developments, and planned releases for our BI solutions

         Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018
         Time: 8:00 a.m. PT | 11:00 a.m. ET | 5:00 p.m. CET
         Duration: 90 minutes

Please read this important blog

This is your opportunity to be part of the discussion and engage with the SAP Product Experts. Joining SAP for this call are:

Moderator:   Nic Smith, Global VP of Product Marketing for Cloud Analytics, SAP


  • Jayne Landry, Global VP Product Management, SAP Leonardo & Analytics
  • Blair Wheadon, General Manager of Data Discovery, SAP
  • Adrian Westmoreland, Product Management, SAP Analytics Cloud

Don’t miss this informative, interactive event on February 15. Submit your questions in advance via the registration form or via Twitter with #askSAP.

Hosted by:Reporting SIG of the Business Intelligence Community

Recording is here

Slides are here

The requirements for business scenarios and systems architectures regarding planning and consolidation applications are very diverse. With the help of our two generic planning applications SAP Business and Consolidation 11.0 for SAP BW4/HANA and SAP Analytics, we have two powerful planning solutions which can be used to create generic and integrativetailored solutions for each customer scenario.

In this session, we will introduce you to the different applications and provide a Product Roadmap and Strategy Update.


Detlef Wassmuth, SAP

Question & Answer:


Can the SAC Planning solution(s) write-back planning-results into the Source SAP ERP systems with the appropriate SAP Security that is normally enanbled via SAP BW Integration..?SAP SAC has a separate security concept. But this concept is related to the SAP security concept in general.
If we have BPC 11.0 for BW4HANA, can we deploy the planning on BW4HANA while deploy the consolidation component on S4HANASAP BPC 11.0 is running exclusively on top of SAP BW/4HANA. As part of S/4 HANA you will get a BW7.5x system as part of the so called embedded BW). As part of the BW7.5x software deployment, you will get SAP BPC10.1
Will EVDRE be supported for BPC 11.0?  We see this as an impediment for existing 7.x customers who want to upgrade.  Can you please comment on what we should tell such customers?The support of EVDRE is not planned
Will there be another session soon that is more TECHNICAL on the SAP BPC 11 release (*less interested in Cloud)..?Check the ASUG Finance community
Digital Boardroom require SAP analytics coud ? what is the road, and common path from BW4 PC 11 to Digital Boardrom ?You can report BPC Embedded model directly in the digital boardroom
Will both BPC standard and embedded will continue to exist? Or they will merge into a single one (embedded?) ?No, both model will be supported in BPC11.0
The document included in the Resource List does not include the Planning Capability slides.  Can you please make the updated version available?I will forward the updated version
can you run the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BPC 11.0 version for SAP BW without SAP Hana?No, SAP HANA is mandatory.
can we use Analytics Cloud with a Native HANA on premiseYes, but only for read access.