Every journey starts with a first step…  and for most of us, when we’re a bit unsure of the route, that first step is grabbing your phone and plugging an address into your favorite mapping/gps app.  


And so it was with me on a recent business trip in Germany – my first order of business as I was heading out to catch my flight home.   Unfortunately, this was the moment when my data service decided to go AWOL, and leave me sitting in my idling car – ready to roll, staring at the dreaded red text “Searching Network…”



Hmmm… now I’ve travelled this route before, but it’s been awhile.   I think I remember the main highways, and know there are a few signs to help me on the way – but I must admit, I had a bit of angst and worry that I might be forgetting a bit of the route, or make a wrong turn and not recognize it until I’m 30km out of my way, and behind the time-curve to make my flight! So – before setting off on my own, I did the old turn it off/on again trick, and Bam!  I’m saved! The phone connected to the network, and I was on my way! That morning – it was all about the network.


When you think about it, the “Digital Journey” that we at SAP have been talking about is not unlike my jaunt to the airport.   You may have a vision about what your destination looks like, and you may even have some thoughts about how you might get there… but it sure would be nice if you had some sort of GPS or connection to a network to help guide you and keep you from making a wrong turn.


Well, no need to reboot! There is a great opportunity for you to “Connect to the Network” and get on your way.   On October 17-19, the Best Practices for Automotive event will be held in Detroit featuring presentations from SAP experts and executives, analysts, partners, and customers who are travelling the same road who can help guide you on your very own digital journey.   (And yes… there will be plenty of opportunities to network!)


So take the first step. Pop out to the website, check out the agenda and speakers and register for the event.


See you there!


(FYI  – I would’ve missed that last turn onto A3 to get to the airport entrance!)