One of the great things about SAP Business One is how easy it is to build queries using the Query Manager andget access to the information you need thats stored inside your SAP Business One system.


But when you migrate to HANA, those queries need a little bit of maintenance to help them work with SAP HANA and the way it expects SQL queries to be formatted.


The good news is that theres some resources to help smooth the way for you put together by SAP (remember that many of these tools are provided "as is" and are not supported directly by SAP).


Heres a tool and some documents that will explain the process.

How to Convert SQL from the Microsoft SQL Server Database to the SAP HANA Database


This tool enables you to convert structured query language (SQL) in the Microsoft SQL Server database (using T-SQL grammar) to SQL that can be used in the SAP HANA database (using ANSI-SQL grammar).

The zip file includes the tool, a configuration file, a token file, an API example, necessary libraries, and a guide.