Integration with SAP Business One

Throughout 2018, our ONE.Source curriculum will explore monthly themes from across all perspectives of the SAP Business One ecosystem: Customers, Partners, SAP themselves, as well as our Community Evangelist.


In February, we will cover the SAP Integration tools that are at your disposal as well as a number of other tools to manage the flow of data and transactions between SAP Business one and other applications.


Your ERP solution is the backbone of your business operations and SAP Business One is a fully featured solution to build your business on. However, there are scenarios where you need to use other applications, maybe for Marketing Automation, EDI, warehouse management or just simple office productivity solutions like Office365 and so you need to integrate those systems together.


Integration used to be the biggest consumer of ERP project budgets however there are now new solutions available that make this process much more cost effective, easier to build and easier to deploy.


While this curriculum is primarily facilitated through a monthly webcast series, you can also expect regular blogs, videos, and (most importantly) community discussions on this topic. Visit the ONE.Source Activity feed to stay up-to-date on the latest, follow us on Linkedin or Twitter, or like us on Facebook.