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Reference List | Completed Webcasts 2015 - Present

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Seamless SAP EDI Integration - Streamline Your Sales Order and Warehouse Document Processing for Increased EfficiencyDid you know that TrueCommerce offers an SAP Business One EDI integration that streamlines your sales orders?  On September 25, 2018, TrueCommerce presented this partner showcase webcast. Learn what key features give you an advantage when streamlining your EDI orders.

Mike Bussolari, Channel Development Manager, TrueCommerce

September 25, 2018
Reporting, Analytics, and Business Intelligence | August & September 2018
Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Business One

You’re eager to glean insights, build visualizations, and create dynamic stories with SAP Analytics Cloud, but not sure how to connect to your Business One data?

While SAP Analytics Cloud can acquire data from SQL queries and HANA views, it can also make a live connection to Business One via SAP HANA. A live connection means you’re not replicating data, and you can update visualizations & stories in real time.

Explore your options for connections and configuration settings so that you can get started today!

Moty Moshin, Sr. Business Development Specialist, Solution Expert, SAP

September 13, 2018
Innovations in Smart BI

SMBs are better positioned than their large counterparts to leverage technology and their agility to simplify processes, to adjust for market changes and ensure they’re poised for growth. How can SAP Analytics Cloud support the growth of your insights-driven business?

This webcast will cover what’s available today, the planned innovations, and why these are so eagerly anticipated. Use what you learn during this webcast to fuel the ‘what-if’ conversations with your SAP partner that will help transform your business.

Jacob Stark, Data Visualization Product Manager, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAPSeptember 6, 2018
Data Analytics: Learn How to Get the Most from Your SAP Business One Data with Phocas

When it comes to business intelligence (BI) deployments, most end users — including IT professionals and C-level executives — will tell you there’s one fundamental problem: content. Content that shows your KPIs, a set of standard financial reports, and sales analysis reports you can immediately deploy to your field sales team, which they can use to generate additional revenue and boost customer engagement.

What’s more is these actionable insights and information, which need to be cost effective to build, must be delivered in a format that everyone in the organization can use — all while being easy enough for your internal teams to build on and extend with additional content that meets your business’ specific requirements.


So how do you identify and generate this content? Having the ability to explore your SAP B1 data with a data analytics solution.

Richard Duffy, SAP Business One Subject Matter Expert and Community Evangelist, ASUG

John Sefton, Solutions Consultant, Phocas Software

Marie-Louise Flannery, Head of Sales,  Medical Supply Company

August 30, 2018
How to Unleash the Value in Your SAP Business One Data

SAP Business One’s embedded analytics give you key operational insights – you couldn’t run day-to-day without them! How would you like to extend those analytics and deliver advanced insights by combining SAP Business One data with SAP & non-SAP source systems or even local spreadsheets? Interact with your data to make better, smarter, strategic decisions faster? Give flexible analytics to your executives and self-service BI to your business users?


Join this webcast to learn about the top use cases and capabilities for SAP Analytics Cloud with Business One.

Moty Moshin, Sr. Business Development Specialist, Solution Expert, SAP

Cynthia Lee, Associate Product Manager, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP

August 28, 2018
The "Cherry on Top": Native Analytics Solution for SAP B1 (Partner Showcase: BICS)

BICS introduces Insight 360, the industry’s most advanced and user friendly SAP BI native analytics solution for SAP Business One.

Insight 360 provides a broader, clearer vision of your entire organization. With simple access, simple dashboards, and simple drill downs detailing the full “behind the scenes” visual of your business, gain a better understanding of your daily business and make better decisions.

Insight 360's OEM partnership with SAP offers you a global and integrated solution with a pre-configured, plug & play solution and the best competitive pricing in the market.

- Save more than 80% of your reporting development
- Get a clear, fast, and simple view of your business
- Insights on what needs to be improved in your business
- Dashboards, drill downs, and cutting-edge reporting in drag & drop functionality

Adir Oren, CEO, BICSAugust 23, 2018
Glean Insights from SAP Business One

There is lots of great data and insights in your SAP Business One solution. Did you know that SAP has a solution to help you get deeper insight for decision making—and uncover patterns you didn’t see before?

This webcast will give you an up-to-date guide to SAP’s BI and analytics portfolio, including new and planned functionality, and a recap of our latest product strategy updates. Come away armed with the ability to make smart investment decisions around your organization's future business analytics program.

Julie Ingram, Business Development, SAP Analytics – Business Intelligence, SAP

August 21, 2018
Lessons Learned in Automating SAP Business One Reporting from Crystal to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Across five separate businesses each with its own SAP database, DRI has hundreds of reporting requests. This webcast highlights lessons learned from using basic queries to crystal reports, as well as leveraging SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). For organizations using SQL Server already, SSRS is already installed and available to every customer.

Joe Leimer, Senior Director of Technology, Design Resources, Inc. and their affiliated companies

August 16, 2018
Ask the Expert - Reporting and Business Intelligence with SAP Business One

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

August 14, 2018
Cloud & E-Commerce Month | July 2018

Cloud computing has moved from being a bleeding edge technology to the mainstream and there are multiple options available for you to incorporate the cloud in to your business and with your SAP Business One deployment.

We will also explore E-Commerce and solutions you can integrate to meet the needs of your business.

Ask the Expert - Cloud & E-Commerce

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

July 30, 2018
Smarter E-Commerce for SAP Business One: See Direct Integration in Action (Partner Showcase: Sana Commerce)

Scalable, powerful and future-proof: with SAP Business One you chose an ERP that ticks all these boxes, so why settle for any less with your preferred e-commerce vendor?

Sana Commerce turns SAP Business One into a powerful e-commerce engine. Whether you sell to wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers or directly to consumers, the Sana application makes SAP Business One the heart of your online business, creating exceptional online experiences for both professional buyers and consumers.

In this on demand webcast, learn how the Sana application helps you empower your customers, simplify web store setup and ongoing maintenance, provide a better buying experience online and improve sales results.

Giuseppe Ianni, VP of Sales, Sana CommerceJuly 25, 2018
SAP Business One in the Cloud

More and more, small and mid-sized business owners and managers are faced with the decision of where to host their ERP solution: On-premises? At a remote data center? In the Cloud?

In this webcast, SAP's Michael G. Cardi  explains the options for deploying SAP Business One in the cloud. Next, he discusses some other cloud productivity and management tools, including Browser Access, B1 Mobile, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Additionally, he covers using SAP Business One as your e-commerce platform.

Michael Cardi, Solution Expert, SAPJuly 19, 2018
B2B & B2C E-Commerce for SAP Business One: TrueCommerce Nexternal

Did you know that TrueCommerce offers an integrated e-commerce solution, Nexternal, that can capture all of your B2B, B2C, and Amazon Seller Central orders? In this Partner Showcase webcast, learn how the Nexternal platform will enable you to:

  1. Extend your brand throughout your customer's entire shopping experience.
  2. Engage your customers with the platform's integrated and included marketing and social media tools.
  3. Manage all of your orders (B2C, B2B, Mobile, Amazon, Subscriptions, etc..) in a unified Order Management System.
  4. Leverage built in shipping tools and sales tax calculators while automating data flows to your accounting software.
Watch the on demand recording to see how you can apply this platform to your own business, and capture all of the benefits of integrated e-commerce. 
Craig Ross, VP, Nexternal Platform, TrueCommerceJuly 18, 2018
Project Management Month | June 2018A new feature that was added to SAP Business One with Version 9.1, the Project Management module can be used in lots of different ways - not just for external billable projects, but in many other ways.
Centralizing Job Management with Eralis Job and SAP Business One

Accurately managing all the factors that impact a service-based business – budgets, purchasing, material costs, staff productivity and invoicing – can be time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, we’ll showcase how Eralis Job and SAP Business One work together to form a complete job management system. You gain the ability to monitor every aspect of every job, including detailed cost tracking, so you can quote and bill jobs more accurately.

We’ll present a specific example to show the practical use of Eralis Job to manage the design, procurement, installation and on-going service of a custom fire alarm system. We’ll also demonstrate how our optional extension, Eralis Anywhere, streamlines processes for employees in the field with the ability to review schedules, monitor real-time job progress, and capture time, expenses and materials against jobs.

Cathy Masters, Channel Manager, EralisJune 28, 2018
Project Management - Ask the Expert

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

June 26, 2018
Project Management in SAP Business One: A Deeper Dive
  • Project Management basics
    • Project management system in SAP Business One
    • Project data (10:15)
    • Project header information
    • SubProjects
    • Stage data: the heart of a project detail (16:30)
    • View and assign linked documents (19:30)
    • Project Summary tab (23:00)
  • Example projects demonstrations
Dan Love, SAPJune 21, 2018
CRM Month | May 2018We'll revisit the CRM features in SAP Business One and look at the changes introduced since version 9.3 and how you can boost your customer engagement using SAP Business One's CRM and Service capabilities.
SAP Business One CRM Insights from SAP

In this webcast, SAP's Idit Saguey reviewed frequently asked questions in regards to the customer relationship management (CRM) functionality in SAP Business One. While CRM was the primary focus, use cases and demonstrations also touched on how CRM ties into project accounting and accounts receivable.

Topics included campaigns and advertising promotions, billing hours to a project, cleaning up customer records, as well as managing commissions for your sales employees.

Idit Saguey, SAPMay 24, 2018
Successful CRM with SAP Business One - Customer Spotlight: Gaumard ScientificDiscover how the sales team at Gaumard Scientific deployed their first successful CRM with SAP Business One. Learn how their day-to-day business operations changed from performing redundant manual tasks to efficient and measurable action items. See how easily management monitors important sales KPI's with SAP Business One, including pipeline, expiriing customer warranties, scheduled demos, and sales rep expenses. M. Cristina Ramirez, SAP Administrator, Gaumard ScientificMay 17, 2018
Ask the Expert: CRM

In this session, Richard explored the CRM features in SAP Business One, including features introduced with version 9.3 and campaign functionality.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

May 10, 2018
Project Accounting Month |  April 2018 Project-based businesses rely on timely and accurate information to keep projects running profitably. Administering and managing those projects is an important component of the profitability equation and SAP Business One can help you with both.
Project Accounting and Project Management - Insights from SAPIn this webcast, Mr. Love explains the project functionality available in various versions of SAP Business One. Learn about functionality introduced in version 9.2, as well as new features added in the new version 9.3 (now generally available).

Dan Love, SAP

April 26, 2018
Project Accounting - Ask the Expert SessionIn this session, Richard demonstrated some of the project functionality in SAP Business One, uses for project accounting, some newer functionality in version 9.3, as well as demo of the SAP Help Portal.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

April 12, 2018
Finance Month (focus on G/L, AP, and AR)  Month | March 2018 Almost every transaction ends up in the General Ledger module of an ERP solution but It’s often overlooked as a module that can help your business make better decisions and get greater visibility in to your operations. Getting paid on time and paying your accounts are also critical components of a healthy business. This month we will also look at how you can utilize functionality in SAP Business One to manage both these critical areas more efficiently.
Finance (AP, AR, GL, and more) with SAP Business One – Insights from SAP
  • Accounting for Operations/Entities
    • Advanced GL Determination
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Controlling the Business
    • Budgeting
    • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
    • Cash flow
    • Sales tax
  • Day to Day Operations

Michael Cardi, Solution Expert, SAP

March 22, 2018
Branching Out with SAP Business One

One of the features added to SAP Business One as part the 9.x releases is the ability to switch on Branch capabilities, allowing you to track and manage your business according to a branch structure. More than just a segmented chart of accounts, branches add additional controls and capabilities to the SAP Business One solution.

This webcast will give you an overview of what the Branch functionality does, how it works, when you should use it, and – importantly - when you should not.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

March 20, 2018
Deploying Purchasing and Inventory Control after Sales and Financials (Customer Story: Gaumard Scientific, Inc.)Learn about the challenges of deployment including migrating from excel, discontinuing manual purchasing, and incorporating purchasing and inventory control after sales and financials. Also learn how these issues were addressed and resolved so you can avoid making the same mistakes.M. Cristina Ramirez, SAP Administrator, Gaumard ScientificMarch 15, 2018
Financials Ask the Expert - Dunning Functionality & Credit Limits with Business Partners

This live session is an interactive opportunity to ask questions and discuss best practices with other attendees.

  • Primarily in this session, we looked at the Dunning Functionality/Wizard in the Sales - AR module (Minutes 25 - 45)
  • We also covered setting up Credit Limits via the Business Partners module, as well as general setup required to enable credit limits (minutes 45-51)
  • We also crowd-sourced a number of additional topics Richard intends to cover in depth via our "15-minute Fundamentals" series of tutorial videos. Stay tuned to our ONE.Source for those to come later in the month.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

March 8, 2018
Integration Month | February 2018Your ERP solution is the backbone of your business operations and SAP Business One is a fully featured solution to build your business on. However, there are scenarios where you need to use other applications, maybe for Marketing Automation, EDI, warehouse management, or just simple office productivity solutions like Office365, and so you need to integrate those systems together.
SAP Business One Integration without the Cost or Complication (Partner Showcase: Alluvia)

Tired of paying too much, and taking too much time, to integrate SAP Business One with e-commerce platforms and CRM systems? This webinar will showcase a new, cloud-based, streamlined way of integrating SAP Business One with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, CRMs, EDI, and custom files.

A real-life case study will be presented on how a cloud-based integration application, Alluvia, can be used to set up integrations between SAP Business One and a variety of e-commerce and CRM systems, in minutes rather than months, and for hundreds - rather than thousands - of dollars.

The key to this streamlined integration methodology is a set of pre-configured templates and mapping wizard.

The Alluvia approach is what one could call “disruptive” technology, created to simplify ERP integration, in an age when faster integration is critical to market share, competitive advantage, and revenue growth.

Joel Kalish, CEO, Alluvia


Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

February 27, 2018
Integration with SAP Business One – Insights from SAP
  • Introducing SAP Business One SDK
  • Data Interface API
  • User Interface API
  • SAP Business One Development Tools
  • Add-ons Packaging & Deployment
  • SAP Business One Integration Framework
  • SAP Business One on SAP HANA - Service Layer
  • SAP Business One Cloud

Eddy Neveux, SAP Business One Solution Architect, SAP

February 22, 2018
SAP Business One Live Coding: Service Layer and React: Customer Showcase - Heat Transfer Research, Inc.

Witness Heat Transfer Research, Inc.’s custom SAP Business One application come to life. This session is a follow up to a popular session from the Biz.ONE conference in October 2017.

HTRI leverages the Service Layer with React to quickly assemble an administrative workflow that manages the creation and searching of BusinessPartner records.  To save time, they start with a few React components in place that will display business partner data.  Their team fills in some Javascript and ties together UI events that enable login, logout, and oData operations on Business Partner records.  The concepts introduced in this session apply to any language and framework; neither React nor Javascript experience is necessary, but developers are the target audience.

Daniel Phelps, Applications Architect, Heat Transfer Research, Inc.

February 20, 2018
Integration with SAP Business One - Best Practices and Ask the Expert Session

Integration used to be the biggest consumer of ERP project budgets, however there are now new solutions available that make this process much more cost effective, easier to build and easier to deploy.

This interactive session will cover the SAP Integration tools that are at your disposal as well as a number of other tools to manage the flow of data and transactions between SAP Business one and other applications, and well as use cases for the various options. Bring your questions to the live session or ask them in advance via our ONE.Source community forum.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

February 8, 2018
Logistics Month | January 2018
Did you know more than 60% of SAP Business One customers buy and sell products that they need to manage inventory for? We'll focus on how you can utilize existing SAP Business One functionality to optimize your logistics processes.
Logistics Customer Spotlight - Business Transformation at OCuSOFT Inc.

Challenge: A warehouse distribution system which, due to tremendous organizational growth, was no longer able to meet the needs of current customers because of a heavy reliance on manual processes.


Strategy for Improvement: A complete overhaul of current processes with an emphasis on creating a system based on SAP Business One and running on web apps, which would eliminate specialists and increase productivity through distributive workflows.


Results: A reduction in order processing time which created the ability to process more than 10x the number of orders in an 8-hour workday. Increased order accuracy percentage to 99.8%.

Thomas Mason, VP of Corporate Strategy, OCuSOFT Inc.

George Haines, VP of Supply Chain Operations, OCuSOFT Inc.

February 14, 2018
Using SAP Business One with WiSys WMS - Business Process Improvements as you "Buy It, Make It and Ship It"

Learn how WiSys improves business processes and creates a real-time warehouse and reporting environment for SAP Business One customers.

This series walks you through warehouse planning, receiving an order, moving materials and filling and shipping that order. You will see how WiSys provides up-to-date information about what is happening within your warehouse.


As you begin to move your inventory, WiSys gives you the ability to look at information in real-time as well as perform transactions in Business One from a handheld / barcode scanner or desktop.

Michael Hollinger, Vice President, WiSys

Bob Hawk, Director of Sales, WiSys

January 30, 2018
Logistics with SAP Business One - Insights from SAP (including new features in version 9.3)

–How is gross profit calculated?

–How can I update my price lists?

–How do I handle returns?

–How can I recognize COGS in the Invoicing stage?

–How do I work with Alternative Items

–How do I manage RFQ’s?

Idit Saguey, SAPJanuary 25, 2018
The Amazon Factor: Are you ready for business and digital disruption? Partner Showcase: Produmex

Amazon’s 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods, and Walmart’s move into the online grocery business are good examples of business disruption, bucking traditional business models sending ripples across the supply chain impacting how distributors and manufacturers operate their businesses to stay competitive. Enterprises that have made the digital transition are more flexible and customer centric, thus keeping product margins and staying competitive.

In this session, we cover the topic of logistics and warehouse management by looking at two customer examples:

  • A Florida based manufacturer which implemented barcode scanning to support the automation and rapid flow of products through their manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • A Mexican food distributor who needed to implement GS1 industry standards, plus FEFO picking stock rotation, combined with customer based shelf life to ensure higher levels of customer service and to increase profits by reducing food waste.

Tyson McMurren, Business Development Manager, Produmex

Scott Frandsen, Director of Americas, Produmex

January 23, 2018
Ask the Expert and Best Practices - Logistics with SAP Business OneDid you know more than 60% of SAP Business One customers buy and sell products that they need to manage inventory for? We'll focus on how you can utilize existing SAP Business One functionality to optimize your logistics processes.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

January 11, 2018


Webcast Title/TopicDescriptionSpeaker(s)Live Session Date
SAP Business One - Partner Add-ons and YouLearn how to determine the need for specific functionality, assessing SAP Business One core functionality gaps and evaluating the various options available as it relates to certified solutions and custom development.

Darek Niton,


December 7, 2017
SAP Business One and Avalara AvaTax: Bringing Sales Tax Automation to ERP

Are you confident you’re registered to pay tax in all the States you should be? Join this ONE.Source webcast with Avalara to hear about the 7 most common sales tax mistakes and how you can avoid them (and an audit!) with the Avalara and SAP Business One integration.


SAP Business One and Avalara AvaTax have partnered to offer sales tax automation within the platform. Concise, geo-spatial mapping generates sales tax information with rooftop-level accuracy. In this webcast, you will learn more about Avalara AvaTax and “The Real Sales Tax Struggle for Retailers and their Resellers: 7 Deadly Sins.”

John Sallese, Engineer, AvalaraDecember 6, 2017
SAP Business One - ASUG 101New to the ONE.Source ASUG SAP Business One Community? Or interested in learning how you can better leverage your existing membership benefits? Tune in to learn about all your membership benefits, how to navigate the ASUG website to SAP Business One resources, and get answers to any questions you might have. ASUG member benefits are designed to help you realize the full potential of your Business One software, and shape the direction of future products and services.Danny Pancratz, Director of Education, ASUGDecember 5, 2017
SAP Business One CRM & Year-End Best Practices

An often misunderstood and under-utilized component of SAP Business One, CRM contains lots of additional usable components that can help you focus more on your most important asset - your customers.


Additionally, Year-end is a critical time for most finance departments and preparing correctly will make the process even easier. This session will share some best practices and discuss how you can make Year-End less taxing.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

November 30, 2017
SAP Business One 9.3 EnhancementsDiscover the latest and greatest enhancements introduced in SAP Business One version 9.3. Become familiar with new modules like RMA and production routing, as well as enhancements to existing modules such as approval procedure, project management and much more.Idit Saguey, SAPNovember 16, 2017
Aligning Strategy and Systems to Drive Results | Webcast Recording and Slides

When it comes to growing your business there are 3 key ingredients Strategy, Staff and Systems - actually there are 7 according to the McKinsey 7S Model that I have seen work effectively in a number of growing businesses. Your SAP Business One software forms the basis of your systems, your people are hired on the basis of their skills and cultural fit (or what you can afford to pay), but to get the two to mesh and drive the right outcomes you need the right strategy for your marketing supported with effective tactics. In this session we will set the pragmatic basis for building your marketing strategy and tactics. Next month, we will explore the "how to" using SAP Business One.

Follow-up blog post: The McKinsey 7S Model: Building an Integrated Small Business Planning Process and Executing Against It – Begin with the End in Mind

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

November 9, 2017
Upgrading SAP Business One - Best Practices from an Expert (Slides & Webcast Recording)Learn the reasons why you should be upgrading to current patch levels, how often you should be upgrading, what some of the recently enhancements that you might be missing out on are, and the best practices that you should be following with your partner through an upgrade.Michael Cardi, SAPNovember 2, 2017
Simple Reporting and Analytics with Microsoft ExcelDid you know that you can use Microsoft Excel for Interactive analysis as well as for everyday reporting? In this session we will cover 2 ways to explore and report on your company’s data using the built-in integration with MS Excel.Moty Moshin, SAPOctober 19, 2017
SAP Business One Database Platform Choices Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA - A User's Perspective (webcast recording)

In a recent two part blog post, Richard Duffy shared his view on where each solution for a good fit for SAP Business One deployments.

In this session, Richard will take you into the details and will open up each product to give you a hahngs on perspective of the choices and explain with examples why each platform is a good fit. At the end of the session you'll be able to explain the main dierences along with concrete business scenarios where each one is "the best fit."

Find Richard's blog posts on HANA vs Microsoft SQL here:

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

October 12, 2017
Biz.ONE Top Features - Get the Most out of Your Conference Experience Biz.ONE presents an entirely reimagined take on the ASUG SAP Business One User Conference. This year, you’ll have access to tons of new content and features like workshops, case studies, SAP feedback, Demo Theaters, and more. Join this webcast to hear from some of the designers of the conference on how you can get the most out of your time at Biz.ONE.

Erick Randolph, Eventful Conferences

Paul Killingsworth, SAP

Thomas Mason, OCuSOFT

Richard Duffy, ASUG

October 5, 2017
Reviewing the SAP Business One Product Road MapThe product road map for SAP Business One provides an overview of the SAP solution today, and gives comprehensive insight into the planned innovations. In this session, we’ll look at the details of what is included in the latest SAP Business One Roadmap covering 9.2, 9.3 and the longer term statement of direction so you can begin your own planning for how you will take advantage of the latest innovations from SAP.

Richard Duffy,

Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG

September 28, 2017
The Best New Features in SAP Business One 9.2 Maintenance ReleaseHave you ever wondered why SAP pushes you to upgrade your environment to the latest patch level? Come to this session and learn about all the best enhancements we have delivered in different patch levels for the latest SAP Business One version. Become familiar with the Tooltip Preview, Resource in Marketing Documents, Live Collaboration for Business Users and much more.Wesley Honorato, SAPSeptember 21, 2017
SAP Business One Analytics ToolsBecome familiar with the different analytical tools available with SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA. We will review the pervasive dashboards, KPI’s and Excel Reports, which are embedded within the SAP Business One application.Idit Saguey, SAPJune 8, 2017
Getting Most out of PartnershipLearn about various ways to maximize the effectiveness of your relationship with your Partner and also with SAP. We will discuss managing the relationship, evaluating options and planning for the future.Darek Niton, SAPApril 20, 2017
Connecting SAP Business One to EverythingThese days you can’t do business disconnected. Being connected is not only essential but can help take your business to the next level. By taking advantage of the SAP Business One Integration framework, you achieve high levels of connectivity without the need to invest in custom software development. In this session we will cover the fundamentals of B1iF, enabling the out of the box scenarios  and creating simple, basic scenarios from scratch.Moty Moshin, SAPMarch 16, 2017
Uncovering Project Management in SAP Business OneLearn how this new Project Management module works, which modules interact with it and how you can better control internal and external projects within SAP Business One.Wesley Honorato, SAPFebruary 16, 2017
Accessing SAP Business One, Anytime, Anywhere - Mobile Applications and Cloud DeploymentGone are the days when users access B1 only from desktop computers in a physical office. Learn about the ways to access Business One from anywhere, anytime, with just internet access. And lower your Total Cost of Ownership in the process!Michael Cardi, SAPJanuary 19, 2017



Webcast Title/TopicDescriptionSpeaker(s)Live Session Date
Take the Shortcut to Selling Online: E-commerce for SAP & SAP Business OneThis webcast will highlight the growth and key trends in B2B and B2C e-commerce, as well as the opportunities to add value for your clients.  We will also discuss the advantages of offering an SAP certified web store that leverages your ERP investment and comes with over 36 integration touch points, out of the box.Giuseppe Ianni, Sana CommerceApril 19, 2016
The Smarter Warehouse: Simply Do More!It is time to raise the bar associated with the technology available in the warehouse for Wholesale Distributors. Using tablets and smart phones designed for Apple iOS, Google Droid and Microsoft, warehouse personal can take advantage of a data rich, highly responsive, visually appealing, and technically secure platform that enables the warehouse worker to simply do more.  A few examples of doing more in the warehouse with SAP Business One using tablets and smart phones include: adding notes and pictures to a Goods Receipt transaction, sharing images and text about damaged goods, scaning a bin location and get a detailed listing of all of the items within that bin on a clear and easy-to-read tablet screen. In addition, the Warehouse Manager can tap into analytics to gain better visibility into order fill rates, transaction status and employee utilization, or open a secure Skype session with Customer Service to discuss a problem with an order being picked right now.

Neil Swanson, Achieve IT Solutions

Daryl Goodman, Achieve IT Solutions

March 31, 2016
SAP Business One Tips and Tricks

Get intimate with SAP Business One. Learn how to use some of the out of the box functionalities and avoid using complex customizations.

Oren Tabib, Founder & CEO, Pioneer B1

January 28, 2016
Integrated B2B eCommerce: Selling Online Isn't Just for RetailersOnline and mobile technologies have dramatically impacted the B2C world and now these changes are increasingly affecting B2B commerce in the wholesale distribution industry. B2B customers are demanding more self-service tools and 24/7 access, and distributors must embrace these online channels too in order to grow their bottom line and meet their customers’ needs. Join us for this webinar and learn how to sell online and meet the demands of the B2B buyer while building customer loyalty. You will also learn the benefits of using SAP Business One to power your web presence and connect pricing, payments, inventory, customers, orders and more. In less than an hour, we will cover: B2B eCommerce for wholesalers/distributors, B2B buyer demands in 2015 and beyond, how to improve customer service with an online order entry portal, the role of smartphones/tablets and mobility and the benefits of selling online with an integrated eCommerce solution.Ryan Burnham, k-eCommerceJanuary 26, 2016
How to Go from Paper to Barcoding to Mobile in Your WarehouseWe live in an increasingly mobile world. Real-time access to important business data, regardless of time or location, is no longer an exception, it’s the rule. With barcode and mobile data collection solutions specifically designed to integrate with your SAP Business One system, you can closely manage inventory in the warehouse, in the factory, or out in the field.  Attend this session to learn how to move from a paper-based data collection system to barcode scanners to mobile devices, like smartphones and tabletsStan Schoch, RFgen SoftwareJanuary 13, 2016



Webcast Title/TopicDescriptionSpeaker(s)Live Session Date
Don’t Stress Your Year End FinancialsBizNet can save your organization up to 80% of the time you spend creating, updating, and distributing your SAP Business One reports. BizNet creates a live real-time connection to your SAP Business One database allowing you to simply drag and drop your report for automated updating with accurate up to the minute data directly from your ERP. Eliminating the need to aggregate, copy, paste, and format the data you want. In addition, BizNet’s distribution module will allow you send customized reports in the format, order, and path you choose with 1-Click. No more creating emails and PDFs. 1-Click and the customized reports just fly off your desk! Attend this session to see how BizNet Software can help you prepare and distribute your year end financials without the stress.Ellen K. Martinez, BizNet Software, Inc.December 9, 2015
Mobile Applications for SAP Business One HANAUsing SAP Fiori combined with SAP Business One HANA, your workforce can quickly access business information securely, from anywhere, at any time.  Using your iPhone, iPad or Samsung tablet, SAP Business One HANA and Fiori enable mobile access to SAP Business One based on your users’ roles within your company.  This can include Sales Professionals that require mobile access to create new Sales Quotes & Orders, look up customer histories, display product catalogs, and manage Sales Opportunities; Executive Management that need to log into their personal SAP Business One home screen to browse critical Reports, Dashboards, KPI’s, respond to Alerts and Approvals and drill into business details while staying connected to your business; and Warehouse Workers that can use a Fiori enabled tablet to scan bar codes to Receive Goods, complete a Pick, do a Transfer, Cycle Count Inventory, issue materials for Production, and many other warehouse functions.Neil Swanson, Achieve IT SolutionsNovember 17, 2015
Supply Chain Metrics Using KPIs, Dashboards and Analytics in SAP Business One HANAYour management team needs a clear, accurate and timely image of your performance against defined goals, giving you the trusted data you need to make effective decision.  SAP Business One HANA gives you the real time KPIs, Dashboards and Pervasive Analytics that you need to analyze results and effect change in the organization.  Achieve IT Solutions, an SAP Business One Gold Partner, will demonstrate how to take advantage of the analytics features in SAP Business One HANA that are standard with the application as well as the development environment to build analytics specific to each department within your organizationNeil Swanson, Achieve IT SolutionsNovember 12, 2015
Textile Industry: Challenges and Value Add - Distribution and Inventory

SAP Business One textile industry solution is a specifically designed industry solution for fashion and textile companies, allowing you to manage your entire business in one integrated application. It is a low cost and easy to use solution that will allow you to:

  • Develop close customer connections with unified CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Greatly increase company efficiency by eliminating duplicate data and errors

The subjects covered include product life cycle management, Attribute Control and Product Segmentation, Product Data Management, Sourcing and address all major challenges and solutions.

Dilip Sadh, CEO, Kabeer Consulting, Inc.November 10, 2015