Between 2009 and 2013 I had the opportunity to build a lot of videos designed to introduce the various functional capabilities of SAP Business One - I started when Version 8.8 was the current release and continued through until Version 9.x.


In that time, I built quite a lot of content covering the majority of  functions in SAP Business One and over time, I got a lot of feedback that the videos were helpful not only for learning about B1 when deciding if the solution was the right one but partners and SAP Business One users all around the world used the videos to help them learn SAP Business One and deploy the solution.


So that's why in a lot of these videos, I refer to myself as a member of the SAP Business One Global team...



SAP Business One Video Content Central


So now that I am here helping out the ASUG team with the SAP Business One Community, we thought it would be a great idea to bring all these videos in and centralise them into a single access point - that's the purpose of this page - over time all of the various videos I have built will be indexed and catalogued here for you so that you can use them as a resource to find the answers you need and the guidance on using and deploying the solution.



A quick point to note, even though some of these videos go back as far as Version 8.8 they are all still relevant - in fact in many instances the functionality is exactly the same, only the look and feel of the Business One menus and cockpits have changed as well as some background plumbing that of course made the solution more robust and faster.


So there's a very strong chance that even though the "skin" of B1 may look different these videos will still apply - so we hope you enjoy having access to these and of course, give me your feedback if theres a topic that is missing - if its not on the drawing board to produce already i'll see what I can do to get it there for you!

Video TitleVideo Link
Quick Synopsis
Date Published
General Topics
SAP Business One IntroductionIntroducing SAP Business One

A quick introduction to the background of SAP Business One

and the overall solution

SAP Business One CloudSAP Business One CloudAn introduction to SAP Business One Cloud using Ericom Connect as the web client
SAP Business One Workflow and ApprovalsSAP Business One Solution - Workflow, Approvals, & AdministrationAn overview of the Workflow and Approvals features of SAP Business One
SAP Business One AlertsSAP Business One Alerts Functionality (Overview Video) Alerts are now standard in most solutions - here's how it works in B1
SAP Business One AuthorisationsSAP Business One Authorization Functionality (Overview Video) Limiting access to functionality is a key requirement for many businesses and this video explains how
CRM Topics
SAP Business One Campaign ManagementSAP Business One - Campaign Management An underappreciated area in SAP Business One - build marketing lists and execute campaigns via B1 or external tools
SAP Business One Service ManagementSAP Business One Solution Service Management Service management is about more than just servicing equipment - if you have customers you can use this module
SAP Business One Sales Opportunity ManagementSales Opportunity Management Why buy Salesforce when you have Sales Opportunity Management inside SAP Business One?
Logistics and Production Topics
SAP Business One MRPSAP Business One Solution - Material Requirements Planning (MRP)MRP can be complex and hard to understand - but in SAP Business One its straight forwards once you get the basics
SAP Business One InventorySAP Business One Solution Inventory Management More than 60% of all SAP Business One customers buy and/or sell inventory so its a key component of the solution - heres the basics

SAP Business One Light Manufacturing

SAP Business One Production Management A growing function in SAP Business One, this video looks at the basics of the manufacturing functions in B1
SAP Business One InvoicingSAP Business One Automated Invoice Management (Overview Video)
SAP Business One HANA
SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business One HANA: Interactive Analysis


SAP Business One HANA: Dashboard 1
SAP Business One HANA: Dashboard 2

SAP Business One HANA: Dashboard 3

Purchasing Topics
SAP Business One Purchasing Management
SAP Business One Purchase Request
Finance Topics
SAP Business One Finance OverviewSAP Business One Financials Module (Overview Video)Almost every transaction ends up in the Finance module - this overview video explains the components of the module
SAP Business One BankingSAP Business One Solution Banking Management (Overview Video)Managing and recording cash and banking transactions is critical for all businesses - we'll take a look at the functions in SAP Business One
Reporting Topics
An overview of SAP Business One ReportingSAP Business One Solution Reporting Management (Overview Video)Reporting is always a hot topic for any ERP solution. Here's the core of reporting in SAP Business One
SAP Lumira: BI for SAP Business OneSAP Lumira (Overview Video)SAP Lumira allows you to prepare and visualize your SAP Business One data

And more...


Here is a list of other videos that we will add into the matrix above with more details: