For many small businesses, the deployment of an ERP system is done in response to a specific set of challenges that exist in the business at a given point in time.


With the problem solved, they then move on to other pressing issues but in my experience there is a big opportunity that is going begging and that is around the concept of what the Japanese call Kaizen - constant improvement.


A great approach is to stop and review what has been achieved as the result of deploying SAP Business One and what are the other ways that you can utilise the solution to help drive efficiency in your business.



Often times, it's an area that you may not want go to as there's a concern that there will be additional money that needs to be spent on licenses and consulting services and of course, thats an option and you'll do a cost-benefit analysis to determine if it makes sense but there are many ways that you can potentially utilise your existing investments to greater effect.



A big area is the under-utilisation of the CRM and sales force automation capabilities of the solution - quite a few organisations have gone out to market looking for a best of breed CRM solution to plug in to their SAP Business One solution because they may not have really mapped out what they are looking to achieve and end up focusing on the tools that are available and what they claim they can do.




Many times, particularly with organisations that deploy Salesforce as an example, they end up only using 25% of the available functionality - and apart from some of the benefits of the web and mobile UI of Salesforce, the functionality that gets deployed is already existent inside SAP Business One.


This coming November, we are going to have a focus month where we'll deliver a few sessions and a focused webinar designed to specifically help you build  your strategy and systems alignment plans for 2018 so mark your diary to attend the sessions and if you're heading to the upcoming Biz.ONE conference in Anaheim, make sure you plan to attend my 2 sessions on moving to the cloud and reporting as both of these sessions will align to this concept of mapping your systems, strategy, skills and staff to drive better business outcomes.



I am a big fan of the McKinsey 7S Model for business planning and alignment of strategy and tactics - we used it at Great Plains Software in the 90's and the approach helped to contribute to the exponential growth of the company and the team's ability to adapt to and drive that growth - so I would encourage you to take a look at this document that talks in more detail about the model - I'll be referring to this quite a lot as we discuss this process and its a good primer to focus your thoughts and start the 2018 planning process.