At the upcoming BizONE Conference in Anaheim, I will be presenting a workshop entitled Taking your SAP Business One deployment to the Cloud - Why the discussion should not be if but when and how


We'll be covering a number of SAP Business One specific topics relating to utilising the cloud as part of your deployment as well as looking at various technology options but this session isn't a sales pitch.



It will be your opportunity to understand the different factors that will impact on your business and whether or not cloud computing will be a part of your IT mix.



As a hands on session, you should also come along prepared to do some work - I'll be leading you through a couple of exercises (mental not physical) that will help you build your business strategy and determined when you should move to the cloud, what components you'll put in the cloud and what cloud models are best for you.



To get you started - here's a nice little explainer video from the team at Common Craft on cloud computing that will help you get the basics straight in preparation to dive deeper at the Conference as well as a preview of what we'll cover at the Conference




A Cloud Computing Primer from Creative CommonsTaking your SAP Business One deployment to the Cloud - BizONE Conference Session Preview