*but were too afraid to ask


Whilst it's not the most exciting topic to discuss, it's still an important one and warrants regular updating to make sure that you are keeping on top of your obligations and staying compliant with your software licensing requirements.



Many organisations that find themselves in violation of the licensing agreements don't do it deliberately, in most cases its a sin of omission, not commission. The responsible people inside the company aren't always up to date with what licenses they have, who is using them and what the rules are.


Thats one of the reasons why I like the new Licensing Guide that SAP have published for SAP Business One - it explains not only the basis of licensing (the named user concept) but also the process for auditing usage, acceptable use and the the license management process.



A common complaint in the past was that SAP Business One documentation wasnt always easy to understand nor was it complete...from what I have seen already SAP Business One 9.3 is definitely fixing that challenge.



Here's the 9.3 Licensing Guides for HANA and SQL - they do refer to earlier versions and when some changes were implemented to the licensing model but as always, if you have any doubts about the status of your licensing, check with your partner and if you have any questions, feel free to ask here on the SAP Business One Community area on the ASUG site...I'll be happy to help!




License Guide for SAP Business One 9.3, version for SAP HANA

License Guide for SAP Business One 9.3 (SQL)