Back in February, SAP announced the release of Version 9.3 with a focus on new business processes and rounding out a number of the core engines areas such as the payments engine and authorisation management.


Release 9.3 Focus


The other areas of focus for this release include:


  • simple production routing,
  • return merchandise authorization management (RMA),
  • project management updates,
  • simplifying and streamlining CRM processes,,
  • GL account determination updates,

as well as price list enhancements.





Continuing the trend across all SAP products,the SAP HANA platform will be in the forefront and SAP will continue to enhance  the semantic layer (a way of describing the data in SAP Business One that simplifies integration and reporting) with additional cockpit templates and a new analytics portal that will enable users to schedule and view reports without the need to log into SAP Business One, although the licensing impact of this new model for consuming analytics from the solution is yet to be disclosed.

On the infrastructure front there are plans to simplify deployment and management of SAP Business One utilizing one console for on-premise and cloud offerings and more work has been done to extend Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities with apps for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA making partner add-ons easier to manage and consume.

As with all the new releases of SAP Business One (and most ERP solutions) performance is also planned to receive a boost with release 9.3, making the solution more stable and easier to support which is music to the ears of partners as well as customers managing larger deployments.


As mentioned by Mark Denny in this post there's an Early Adopter program that you can ask your partner to nominate you for that starts shortly so if you want to get on board sooner, make sure you discuss the opportunity with your partners as soon as possible

We'll keep you up to date with all the latest SAP Business One news as we get it so stay tuned!

Please Note: The standard disclaimer as with all pre-announcements of features and functions - all enhancements mentioned are of course, subject to change