Help - when you want it, you want it now and often tempers get frayed when you can't get it.


Thats why it's good to be able to let you know that access to all the SAP Business One documentation and guides are even easier to find now with a recent re-design of the portal where these documents are publicly available.


The portal located at has been in place for a number of years but was not the easiest or the most complete resource available.


You can now access the new SAP Business One area and it is based on each of the different "flavors" of Business One


For the core SAP Business One solution - you can visit - SAP Help Portal

For SAP Business One Cloud - SAP Help Portal


As you navigate the page you'll notice that the pages are version specific and you'll need to select the correct version that you are using in the top right corner so double check that as you search for your answers.


The other point I would make is that a lot of the best practice documents that you can access here can apply for multiple versions. As an example, if you are looking for guidance on what are best practices for year end processes, you'll find these on the 9.1 section as they were created back when that was the current release.


By the way, here's that document in case you need it - Year End Closing Best Practice for SAP Business One