As you are probably aware SAP release regular patches for SAP Business One and in those patches you'll find a combination of bug fixes as well as feature updates and enhancements for users running  SAP Business One and SAP Business One for HANA.

With each one of those patches they release a series of notes that explain each of the bugs that have been fixed as well as the enhancements that have been released in the patch.


The most recent one is 9.2 PL8 (Patch Level 8) and contains a couple of nice usability updates as well as resolutions for a couple of annoying bugs in the software.

Heres a PowerPoint Presentation that I have attached that explains at a high level what's new in the patch release and I'll be drilling down into some of these features for you over the next week or 2 with some new videos and blog posts.


  • Remember you'll need your S number from SAP to access the notes so if you don't have one, contact your partner and ask them to create one for you...if you are current on your SAP maintenance it's one of the entitlements and gives you access to all the SAP notes and some other goodies as well.