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Back in February, SAP announced the release of Version 9.3 with a focus on new business processes and rounding out a number of the core engines areas such as the payments engine and authorisation management.


Release 9.3 Focus


The other areas of focus for this release include:


  • simple production routing,
  • return merchandise authorization management (RMA),
  • project management updates,
  • simplifying and streamlining CRM processes,,
  • GL account determination updates,

as well as price list enhancements.





Continuing the trend across all SAP products,the SAP HANA platform will be in the forefront and SAP will continue to enhance  the semantic layer (a way of describing the data in SAP Business One that simplifies integration and reporting) with additional cockpit templates and a new analytics portal that will enable users to schedule and view reports without the need to log into SAP Business One, although the licensing impact of this new model for consuming analytics from the solution is yet to be disclosed.

On the infrastructure front there are plans to simplify deployment and management of SAP Business One utilizing one console for on-premise and cloud offerings and more work has been done to extend Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities with apps for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA making partner add-ons easier to manage and consume.

As with all the new releases of SAP Business One (and most ERP solutions) performance is also planned to receive a boost with release 9.3, making the solution more stable and easier to support which is music to the ears of partners as well as customers managing larger deployments.


As mentioned by Mark Denny in this post there's an Early Adopter program that you can ask your partner to nominate you for that starts shortly so if you want to get on board sooner, make sure you discuss the opportunity with your partners as soon as possible

We'll keep you up to date with all the latest SAP Business One news as we get it so stay tuned!

Please Note: The standard disclaimer as with all pre-announcements of features and functions - all enhancements mentioned are of course, subject to change


A Business One Early Adopter Care opportunity is being offered by SAP


SAP Early Adopter Care connects customers with products and innovations to help them simplify, innovate, and digitize – fast. The service gives our customers a direct channel to SAP with the support of the Early Adopter Care project lead, enabling two-way communication, improving transparency, and allowing stakeholders to react to and minimize project risk. At the same time, Early Adopter Care can help improve SAP products, drive company strategy to increase adoption, and better serve all SAP customers.


Your benefits

Accelerate time to value with assistance from SAP to get the latest solutions implemented quickly:

  • Early Adopter Care Project lead to support successful project implementation, including Development interaction
  • Direct collaboration with SAP to safeguard your project and minimize risks
  • Product/Solution related insights and early lessons learned
  • Early Knowledge Transfer
  • An advocate for your project within SAP
Adopt Early - be among the first to use SAP's newest innovations productively!



For, more general information, visit Customer Influence: Home


To sign up for the project, visit the project's page.


Note: you must have a log-in on to access the links. If you need to create a new account, make sure to identify our User Group as "ASUG"


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Help - when you want it, you want it now and often tempers get frayed when you can't get it.


Thats why it's good to be able to let you know that access to all the SAP Business One documentation and guides are even easier to find now with a recent re-design of the portal where these documents are publicly available.


The portal located at has been in place for a number of years but was not the easiest or the most complete resource available.


You can now access the new SAP Business One area and it is based on each of the different "flavors" of Business One


For the core SAP Business One solution - you can visit - SAP Help Portal

For SAP Business One Cloud - SAP Help Portal


As you navigate the page you'll notice that the pages are version specific and you'll need to select the correct version that you are using in the top right corner so double check that as you search for your answers.


The other point I would make is that a lot of the best practice documents that you can access here can apply for multiple versions. As an example, if you are looking for guidance on what are best practices for year end processes, you'll find these on the 9.1 section as they were created back when that was the current release.


By the way, here's that document in case you need it - Year End Closing Best Practice for SAP Business One

Note: This topic was explored in an ASUG webcast on September 28, 2017. Slides and recording are available here: Reviewing the SAP Business One Product Road Map

iStock-614711200.jpgAs you think about the future of your business and how you are going to address the challenges that you are facing, a common concern is whether or not your business systems will give you the capability to manage the changes you are contemplating.


Let's face it, your ERP solution is one of the main systems that you need to consider and how you can use it effectively to manage those changes so it helps to know what is in the solution already and more importantly, whats coming.


Thats where a product roadmap can help and SAP publishes these for all their products on a regular basis.


So here's the very latest official SAP Business One Product Roadmap for you - and stay tuned as we will be scheduling a webinar shortly to explain the roadmap and how you can use it to your advantage when planning your IT strategy and contemplating potential business improvements.


As you are probably aware SAP release regular patches for SAP Business One and in those patches you'll find a combination of bug fixes as well as feature updates and enhancements for users running  SAP Business One and SAP Business One for HANA.

With each one of those patches they release a series of notes that explain each of the bugs that have been fixed as well as the enhancements that have been released in the patch.


The most recent one is 9.2 PL8 (Patch Level 8) and contains a couple of nice usability updates as well as resolutions for a couple of annoying bugs in the software.

Heres a PowerPoint Presentation that I have attached that explains at a high level what's new in the patch release and I'll be drilling down into some of these features for you over the next week or 2 with some new videos and blog posts.


  • Remember you'll need your S number from SAP to access the notes so if you don't have one, contact your partner and ask them to create one for you...if you are current on your SAP maintenance it's one of the entitlements and gives you access to all the SAP notes and some other goodies as well.

rdsmb.jpgWell, the short answer will very soon be, right here on the SAP Business One SIG Community.


For those of you that dont know me yet, my name is Richard Duffy and I have been working with SAP Business One for the last 14 years - 11 of which I spent at SAP launching SAP Business One in Australia, managing the product rollout and and Local product experts team in the Asia Pacific region and finally travelling the globe, physically and virtually as the Global SAP Business One Product Evangelist.


You may have seen some of my videos and blogs if you have ever been looking for information about SAP Business One on the web as I have been pretty active for a number of years.


Here's a recent one as an example


The good news is I have now officially joined the ASUG team to help steer and grow the SAP Business One Community with a focus on building the useful content shared here, with original content you'll only find here on the Community as well as ensuring that there's a feed in from the broader SAP Business One world so as I find useful information and content I'll curate a selection of the very best.


In addition, we have some big plans to help you, our ASUG members really leverage the value of your membership with regular sessions, webinars, training, Q and A's as well as providing a product expert (that's me) to help answer any questions you may have about your SAP Business One solution - that doesn't mean I am offering product support, but I'll certainly help answer your questions where I can in a way that benefits the entire community.


So say hi, ask a question and I'll be more than happy to see how I can assist and I look forward to meeting all of you, virtually and in person as we begin the next stage of our journey as a Community here at ASUG!